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  2. Here is a list of ALL of our current servers: Discord: Tekkit Legends (PVP): Tekkit Legends (PVE): Voltz: Further details: Technic pack for voltz (2.0.4): Technic pack for legends (1.1.1): made just to make life extra easier for anyone who can't find a link to the discord.
  3. Yes, the server is resetting. This will happen sometime within the next week as we finish pre-generating the world. For more information join our discord and look in #announcements.
  4. There are rumors of an incoming server reset, many players said its true. Is that for real? When is it gonna happen?
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    So, according to your username was changed on October 28, 2018. If you did not do this you will want to secure your account fast. Other than that I have moved your permissions from coreyboy1820 to RealDima. You were rank bloodguard, but not a donor. To get promoted just do /ar check until it tells you that you have reached bloodguard.
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    i dont know what happened or if i got hacked but i got on to my regular account and my name was changed and my skin was changed and my rank was taken away and it made me restart, i was bloodguard and my name was coreyboy1820 and i cant remember if i donated or not but i thought i did. please help, i got on last night and thought it was the server restart and went with it for a little while till i realized my name was RealDima which was very very off, please help :/ fast.
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    Banned because I dont pick the colour. And also banned for showing me what I can already see.
  9. Game

    Banned for your manager rank being almost impossible to read :P
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    Application Denied.
  11. I like your idea this could bring in a few people into the server
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    Application Denied. Have not been active enough recently.
  13. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Check your forum PMs shortly.
  14. Well then you are doing something wrong cuz that has never happened to me
  15. Thanks for the info, So i wasnt quite sure if the dropper just turns around or if the error was somewhere else, okay knowing that makes building fulms in the nether absolutety inconsistent because of water randomly vanishing even when i placed ice and melted it with a vibration catalyst.
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    Banned for banning yourself
  17. Accepted

    The staff members will be talked to.
  18. Added to the forever growing list of things to do. Thanks @Mrkibbles EdgarP01
  19. I think it would be a nice idea to have a Help box at the top of the website next to all the Home Forum News ect... The page could just be full of videos to help new people get to grips on how to play the game and how to start of. It could also contain videos that show people how to create items or structures in the game. This would be good as many new people come on, don't really know how to play the game and get raided very easily, this would mean that they have quite a high chance of just leaving the server and not coming back if they lose their entire base. The videos could be created by anyone and sent to the Manager or Oblivion to be checked to make sure they are alright to put on the website.
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    Wait a sec, how is there 230 comments and yet we are on number 238
  21. I think that we should advertise a Twitter, Facebook or any kind of social media that let's us share what we have done as a community and what is going on in the server. I think it would be a good idea to have a social media page as it would expand the community by showing people what our server is about, the events that are going on and could encourage people to come on if they see that build competitions and that if your build is in the top 3, it could be shared on that page or the website. This would allow for us to advertise more, get a stronger and more active community and also attract other people's attention to us. It could also allow for people to get in contact with us easier about ideas they have. These pages could be possibly run by either Jr or Sr Admins to ensure that they are kept up to date.
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    Banned for mini modding
  23. Game

    Banned for non-PG in chat!
  24. It is now December and on the websites News page it only has the monthly top voters from February. Might make it better if you let more people know that if they get top voter of the month, they get $15 store coupon and keep on top of updating the website.
  25. The Ar Leader board in spawn is out of date and the names on it need changing, see attachments below.
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