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  2. i had a guy i was showing off my castle to come in and claim some of the unclaimed part of my castle and begin destroying a small hill there and built a house on the land that he had destroyed. i aslso suspect the same guy used my unclaimed chunks to make a tunnel bore to bore into my jabba barrels and diamond chests, this can be seen from the track on the floor and the 3x3 holes in everything. coords are as follows -5783 1245, and the tunnel bore area is under that in my basement that can be acessed via the towers Note: he did not have permission from me to do any of this stuff Note2: since this is PVE it is stated in the rules that you are not allowed to mess withe peoples buildings, claimed or not
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  4. I was banned like a year ago now I'm not just wondering if I'm unbanned should I still be banned on discord?
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  6. Awaiting Response

    Unfortunately since you never logged on this wipe prior to your name change I cannot confirm whether you actually had General. If you have some sort of proof like a screenshot of your rank in game then I can transfer your rank. Please reply to this post with whatever you may have.
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    I changed my Minecraft user name from Shadow_Does_VG to TotallyTachanka I earned the general rank from time played and was about 5 days away from AR ranking up again.
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    Issue Resolved, Your rank has been returned.
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    Transaction ID (From Oblivion Networks email): 45T79819M8531521C Transaction ID (From Paypal): 4JS27081VE100945J, the total was $28 for the Legend rank and was paid out to IGN: mxrecords, formally FortEnderEgg This rank was on the Voltz server, I apologize for posting this in the wrong forum, my other post seemed to have been deleted.
  11. Unfortunately I can only return your AR rank. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    We require the following. - Proof of purchase (Your PayPal Receipt with transaction ID) - Your players IGN Please respond to this post with that information.
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    We are actively working on resolving your Issue. Sorry for the late reply and the long wait.
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    I've lost my old rank from before the reset, I believe I had either Platinum, Elite or Legend. I should be able to produce some sort of a Paypal receipt if needed.
  15. I changed my name from Liamweed To CenturionA1 without realizing it would break stuff on the server I think its Voltz 1? If anyone could help that would be awesome. Thanks
  16. Hi, i overflowed my inventory on voltz 2 using drives n stuff a while ago, i was told to post this here :D
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  18. Hi, the correct command is /ev Sorry for any confusion :)
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  20. Okay, here we go. I am currently rank "Noble" and trying to use the /vanish command. However, using it causes the message "[Vanish] Access denied." in chat. Is this a permissions issue or am I doing this wrong?
  21. Issue Resolved
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  23. IGN: tehsosterone server: voltz
  24. Can you please provide the server and your IGN
  25. My game crashes whenever i join the server about 30 seconds after i join. anyone have any ideas?
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  27. Resolved.
  28. Awaiting Response

    Hi, please post your crash report. you can delete all the sensitive info like co ords, dim etc
  29. Dealing with a crash loop when I do /sshome. This is the third time its happened and I've already been jailed and unjailed. I was told by senior staff to make a forum post here.
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