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    ROUND 2: (24th November 2018) @ 22:00 GMT/ 16:00 CST / 17:00 EST / 00:00 EET Do you think you're the best pvper on the server? This is your opportunity to prove that! Every saturday(hopefully), I (and other staff) will be holding a giant server-wide battle. The battle will last 30 minutes and the last player alive wins the jackpot of money! This week the battle is being held at our new CUSTOM MADE ARENA!! "Ring of fire" made by @Mrkibbles and @Edgar The current jackpot total is: $3,400,000.00 (subject to increase) ~Please do /pay EdgarP01 <donation> to add to the pot!~ Of course to make things fair there will be a couple of rules: Always do what the staff tell you to do, their decision is final. Don't argue. Listen to the the broadcasts! It will be updating you on new rules and who's in or out. If you die, you are out. No lives ~ unless specified. If you keep coming back to the arena to kill people expect to be barred from the competition/prize. Leaving the arena/logging out will mean you're disqualified. Keep checking this post for updates. Where will this be? This event will be held at /warp arenas then at the "Custom arena 1". KeepInventory is enabled for this arena. Who can take part? Anyone!! However, we are not separating out skill levels. Therefore you will be up against the strongest people. Make a faction and team up to take the stronger players down! I don't want to fight, I just wanna watch! Sure, come along and watch. PM whoever is running the match to let them know ~ however that staff member will not ensure your safety. You can still die. RESULTS: Battle date Winner Winnings 16/11/2018 UnraidablebaseXD $3,400,000 24/11/2018 ? ? This post may be updated at any time. Last update 13:50 GMT 23/11/2018
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    Appeal Denied. Please don't apply for staff if you're going to decide to hack. You not only ruined your chances at staff you also ruined your opportunity to play on our server. Sorry, not sorry. You're now banned. You may not re-apply.
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    Oblivion Networks Update 19/01/2019 Hello, Well this is going to be a fairly long post so here is what i'm going to be talking about: Operation Phoenix Reveal Voltz Update Tekkit Legends Update Celebratory Sale Giveaways! Staff team changes Special staff requests Operation Phoenix Reveal: Voltz 2.0 View the trailer here Voltz 2.0 is an updated version of Voltz using the same core mods such as ICBM and Atomic Science (Now called Nuclear Physics). It also uses updated versions of mods like Mekanism and Applied Energistics 2.It also introduces some new mods such as Big Reactors, Thermal Expansion, Open Modular Turrets, Extra Cells 2 and Extra Utilities. How do I get Voltz 2.0? Install the Technic Launcher Go to Modpacks Search Voltz 2.0 and install it or use https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/volts-updated-20.1367370 There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. There are also new Donor perks on Voltz 2.0. Master+ Now has access to /warp DonorRoom which includes exclusive perks such as the ability to play slots. Noble+ now has access to /warp Noble which is an extended shop. Voltz 2.0 is a seperate server and Voltz will be staying open thus the ranks will not transfer. However if you wish to transfer your rank and perks you can for a fee. To Transfer your rank is costs $25, additionally you can transfer any extra eligible perks you have too for an extra $10. You can’t just transfer perks by themselves, the perk addon is only available as an addon to the rank transfer. Perks not eligible for transfer are: Basic God Tools Advanced God Tools Basic God Armour Advanced God Armour Basic ME Kit Advanced ME Kit Unlimited Homes We have patched many issues with 1.7.10 mods (i.e. trackers and quantum assemblers); However, there are still some issues, most notably with Nuclear Physics power generation. If you find an issue, please contact a staff member and we will start working on a patch for it. With respect to Nuclear Physics - In the meantime try out Big Reactors, they produce more power anyway. Voltz Update The PvP mine recently encountered some issues but these have been resolved and it has now been re-opened There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord anyone with OverLord+ will automatically inherit Brute’s kits and perks. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. Tekkit Legends Update On Tekkit Legends numerous items have recently been unbanned such as all items that bypass claims have been unbanned in the mine world only. The rainmaker has also been unbanned on both servers. Quarries limited to 4 per person, refer to pinned forum post. For more information on Legends bans please refer too https://oblivion-networks.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1180-item-bans-on-tekkit-legends/ Random TP has also been re enabled on Legends with a cooldown of 10 minutes, the ward wild builds have also been updated and there are now 4 warp wilds. Staff are needed! Tekkit legends is slightly short-staffed and we would love some new applicants. Apply on our forums to help the network, make friends in the staff team and learn more about Legends etc. There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord anyone with OverLord+ will automatically inherit Brute’s kits and perks. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. Celebratory Sale! To celebrate the all new updates and the release of Voltz 2.0 we will be putting a sale on all servers across the network so you can gear up to explore the new lands brought by the update. The sale won't last for long so act fast. Giveaway! We are giving 3 sets of 10 Event Keys to be eligible for this giveaway all you have to do is fulfill the following criteria: Sign up to our website which can be found at https://oblivion-networks.com/ Like and follow our modpack which can be found here After you have done the above please comment below with your, Website and Technic username and you will be entered into the draw! The winner will be picked at random in a week from now! If you are reading this on discord please go to the website and comment your details in the comments section for the news post Staff Team Changes In this update we have also had changes to our staff team, some of the most noticeable changes are: Defuse has returned as an Operations Manager KillfalconGames has returned as an Operations Manager Exiled is now a Voltz 2.0 JrAdmin Fish1062 is now a Voltz 2.0 Moderator KvbUnited is now a Voltz Moderator The_Scout_999 is now a Tekkit Legends Moderator Congratulations to all of you on your promotions! Special Staff Requests The network is in need of the following type of staff members which will have a special role that is not in the general staff area: Builders - We are in need of builders to create amazing spawns and monuments for the ever growing network, as a builder you will work as part of a team creating any required buildings for all the servers. Event Coordinator - This rank involves creating events for the server in the build world, these events can be whatever you design. Developer - Whether it be web development or plugin development both are very important roles and as the network grows larger more will be required to create custom content to create enjoyable experiences for the players. If you are applying for Builder please follow the build application template and submit your application. Please do the same if you are applying for Developer, however if you are applying for Event Coordinator please DM Defuse#2618 on Discord. We are always looking for general staff roles on all our servers, apply on our website here.
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    SOVIET RUSSIA Welcome COMRADE to the recruitment page of Soviet Russia. I have strict orders from the Kremlin to recruit fresh meat for our beloved faction. You're ready to become an agent of Soviet Russia and defeat the enemies of our State. REQUIREMENTS 1 - You must be minimum 14 years old. 2 - You must have a discord account. 3 - You must have basic knowledge of Voltz. 4 - You must at least be online for 1 hour a day. HOW TO APPLY What is your In-game name: What is your Discord name: How old are you: How often can you be online: What timezone do you live in:
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    So let's vote on the winner! Check out this post to see the entries
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    Legends build competition! We are having a competition as to the best-looking "castle-themed" build on either Tekkit-Legends server! The winner will be picked by public vote, and will win a platinum rank (or an upgrade on their current donor rank) + $3000 ingame cash, on the Legends server of their choice To enter: Post a couple of screenshots of your build (all in one post) in this thread, below PM me your coordinates, or make sure they're in the post Include your in-game name in the post You can submit multiple builds (up to 5) if you like - but all builds that appear to have not had any real effort put into them, or are smaller than 1 chunk will be discounted The builds do not necessarily have to be castle-themed but these will earn you extra favour To be eligible to win you must follow these rules: The build must be on one of our 2 servers It must be your own original build, not someone else's, and not schematica It must be claimed under your name (GriefPrevention if on pve, /f claim if on pvp) No cheating of any kind You can vote for your own build if you like, but ONE ACCOUNT. Any form of vote rigging with alts or other people will mean disqualification and punishment. If you have been a serious rule-breaker on legends in the past, you may be disqualified After 1 week from now, a vote will be opened on the website and you can all vote on the best build. I hope we can see some cool builds! If you have any questions feel free to contact me or any legends staff
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    Got my castle done for the contest! https://imgur.com/a/JFkPWQ2 (minimap W' coords) (youtube video of the castle)
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    Posting a few of a build i had done. The first picture is an extra.
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    Server: Oblivion Voltz Player you are reporting's IGN: "camando92" Your IGN: "Kerbalnaut" Infraction Committed: "abusive in chat" Date of Infraction: "1/1/2019" Summary: "Player camando92 is repeatedly and consistently abusive to others in chat, particularly to new players (scouts)." Evidence of Infraction: "see attached images"
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    Server:Voltz Player you are reporting's IGN: Wolfie572 Your IGN: Palagonna (TheBetrayedOne) Infraction Committed: player esp Date of Infraction:12-29 2018 Summary:he killed and raided me sevral times in the same day wile i was doing delog relog. he saies that he used tracker. proof: Console (pls take the time to look) +============================================================+
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    Hello people of Voltz Oblivion. I can not say this enough, this server is awesome. But every medal has two sides. Downside to our market and economy system is that players can have so much money that they dont know what to do with it. I think its great to be able to buy a complete Base when u have nothing exept money, but when does that happen? Players with much money (like 100k and more) tend to have multiple bases and they just never use their money when they can produce it for nothing else than strange matter. Another downside is that you can generate money if you know how it works. So the only players that use and need the money are the newbies or everyone else after a reset. Money flows from the newbies to the ones that sell items, and doesnt go back to the ones that could use it way more than the ones that have it I think we should have kind of a more realistic economy system. One where money equals power and where you can buy special services with money like an garantueed Op enchantment. Or a serverwide contest of the players who have the most money. The richest players should get privilegues the others dont have like controllong something. Players should feel like their money is working for them. Exept for the newer players the economy is just not practical in my humble opinion
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    Report Denied He is right, the staff have determined small things like that are not report-able
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    Accepted This player has already been banned for hacking
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    Application Accepted! Check your PM's shortly
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    Titanic's way of saying "Welcome to the community" ;) Nice to meet you blu3j3lly EdgarP01
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    1) Your in-game name (IGN): Nipolean 2) When were you banned?: 4 Months ago 3) Why were you banned?: Bullying, disrespecting, and arguing with a staff member 4) Who banned you (if known)?: 123Titanic 5) Why should we unban you?: I want to play VoltZ again and the only good server there is available is Oblivion. Id like to ask for a second chance, as I realized that what I did wasn't particularly nice, making fun of a staff members sexual orientation and calling them a "furry". I had also falsified information to poke fun at Titanic and tried to report him for racist slurs but never did it publicly, only to oblivion himself. If there would be a better chance of being unbanned buying the $50 unban item on the store, lmk because I want to start playing again on a clean slate. I'm sorry Titanic, I truly am, if you want me to I could say it over discord and it won't be like last time. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: VoltZ
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    1) Your in game name (IGN): iSupernova 2) When were you banned?: Today 14/03/18 3) Why were you banned?: I was banned for saying 'Let's all smoke some weed' in chat, and I was muted for 10 minutes, but then, when I sent titanic a mail to show him what I was talking about on Discord, I was banned. 4) Who banned you (if known)?: 123titanic OR casseve 5) Why should we unban you?: As far as I know, /mail is not bypassing in the staff guidelines as I have been told so by multiple staff, so why should I be exempt from these guidelines. All I did was send a /mail to one person, and apparently that's bypassing. When I get muted, or have been muted before, I have not been been banned, even when I mail the person who muted me. It seems titanic has made a rule by himself, which if I'm correct, only Oblivion can do. I find this highly unprofessional, and this was purely an emotional response, as I know titanic doesn't like me a lot. Doing a /mail when muted, as I've been informed is NOT breaking any rules. Furthermore, in the screenshots below you will see proof that he seemingly created a rule out of nothing, simply to find an excuse to ban me. There is another side, that this simply might have been a misunderstanding, and they haven't really read the guidelines for such a situation, in which case, I totally understand, but I would really like to have some closure on this situation. Another staff has said and I quote 'What Titanic is claiming isn't in the staff sheets.' In which case, this ban should be nullified in my opinion. I find no reason or logic in being banned for something that technically doesn't exist. While a punishment should be respected in any case, I see no point in this ban as I have not done anything wrong to deserve it. Thank you for reading :D EDIT: Casseve was the one who tbanned me, not titanic. https://gyazo.com/be1fe5ed2938b3896b935918603c6cc4 https://gyazo.com/ce131be25feaf37b96bb2c2d96e9b37f https://gyazo.com/dfeea1f9ce43192e735de0a79145d4c5 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): https://imgur.com/a/K6CDh 7) Server: Oblivion Voltz Additonal Information: You saw nothing here.
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    Heya everyone, My name is Supreme Leader Admiral General iSupernova the III, or Nova for short. For those who want to know my real name. It's Boris :>. I'm not exactly new here <spoilers :p> but I'd thought I'd write this because I'm bored and alone :D. I think sharing some informational data with everyone might help you guys understand me more lol. Ok, Begin! A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... well not really, just a long time ago, I joined as BokoyotheGreat, if you guys remember that account post below lol, I highly doubt anybody WOULD remember me, but there's a chance. This was while Defuse was O-Manager, and Killfalcon was still around. I was not liked, I shall confess. I hope I'm liked *a bit* more now rofl. All I remember was that I teamed this player called fyrefriendlyfox and some kid called Striker. Turns out Striker betrayed us, and it was annoying, I mean, you don't know how much a fully functioning base was to me, as a StoneGuard. Then fyrefriendlyfox (Ben) disappeared without a trace, I only saw him once again, when I was unbanned, but we'll get onto that. With no Ben, I thought I was going to leave. One thing kept me from it, I met covans09 :D, my second teammate, (P.S. This was long before he was staff), I remember he was a BloodGuard then he got Titan rank. Anyways, we teamed and made this nice ff base. Then, I became a Helper, I was a Helper for a week before I raided this Supreme guy's base. The Supreme was good friends with Defuse, and then I was demoted because 'too many people filed a report' which was obviously the Supreme. Anyways after that, I created a Discord server called DDoS Party (now nonexistent) and the server thought I was directing it toward them. I was perm-banned. About a year later, I was unbanned and everything was different. Everybody I knew was gone, and replaced with new people. A new staff team. Everything was different. I decided to have a New Start (~n: To forget everything about your old life on the server). But I never really got rid of the annoying factor. I joined SinkingShipInc, and a few weeks later, I really annoyed 123titanic and I was kicked from the faction. After then everybody kind of hated me, and it was then I learnt humility and left for 3-4 months. I came back as iSupernova (improved model :P). Since then I have rebuilt trust with many people. Then I joined casseve, on her ventures, and joined Kemono Industries, and this is where I am now. :P Sorry if this was a bit of a sad story, it certainly seemed like that. Anyways, onwards to happier things. Personal Life (filtered alot but the real thing) Hey, my name is Boris Petkov, and I'm a sixth-former who is studying Biology and Anatomy. People have asked me about hobbies: Snowboarding! I love snowboarding, doing 1080s, double flips and cheat gainers. In fact, any extreme sport: I'm an adrenaline junkie, which probably explains why I never left after getting raided. I feed on the rush. I have skydived, and I want to BASE jump once I'm 18 :D, I parkour (freerun) and have surfed some bigass waves. I also act, in all sorts of plays. I act everywhere and anywhere. I have quite politically incorrect humor, and tend to offend people who aren't used to me irl. :P Also, I DO have friends *ahem* rofl. There really isn't much else to say really. Friends on the server: Ah yes, friends on the server. Let's list 'em 1. KvbUnited (IsaNova) 2. KhanTheDestroyer 3. MAHJINKA 4. Anarchy 5. DJT183 although he's never on anymore *sad face* 6. DeadStarNova ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok, so we've done the story, the personal life. What else? Ah yes. If you want to ask me any questions? Post below, I'll try reply. ~Nova
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    Really. Wow, Okay. I'm assuming that I'm #7
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    Application Denied. Your application was denied due to the following reasons: - Immaturity in game. You may reapply in 1 weeks time
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    What is your In-game name: G3arH3ad What is your Discord name: Draconblade#1617 How old are you: 19 How often can you be online: 3hrs a day due to work What timezone do you live in: Central
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    1) Your in game name (IGN): oakiepal 2) When were you banned?: Sometime during the course of 2015-2016, I cannot seem to find the exact date. 3) Why were you banned?: I honestly have no clue, possibly duping? 4) Who banned you (if known)?: FluffyDefuse 5) Why should we unban you?: Well, it has been quite a while and I don't remember exactly how I was banned. I tried asking FluffyDefuse when he came on a server I manage and he said possibly duplicating items. However, I am kindly requesting that you give me another chance to play on this server. I would really enjoy the ability to play on this server again with some friends at times. Oblivion-Voltz was extremely fun server looking back. I promise I will play legitimately this time and not violate any rules that I may have in the past or any that exist now. I am requesting that you please consider my appeal. Hope whichever staff member is reviewing this ban appeal has a good day (or night). Thank you for your consideration, Oakiepal. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): Image attached below. 7) Server: Oblivion-Voltz.
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    What is your In-game name: Cartermark What is your Discord name: Blobfish#7629 How old are you: 16 How often can you be online: Whenever What timezone do you live in: EST
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    This application has been Denied For the following reasons. Arctic Wolves is the batter faction.
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    What is your In-game name: Nipolean What is your Discord name: Ben Shapiro#8524 How old are you: 15 How often can you be online: At least an hour a day What timezone do you live in: EST
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    Appeal accepted. You should now be unbanned. I also unbanned your discord, if there are any problems message me on there. https://discord.gg/KrqgTDb
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    1) Your in-game name (IGN): Nipolean 2) When were you banned?: Last January 3) Why were you banned?: Disrespecting staff, Falsifying evidence 4) Who banned you (if known)?: 123Titanic 5) Why should we unban you?: My friends keep wanting me to play Voltz with them on Oblivion and I was banned early last year. When I heard that Oblivion was going to be more lenient with unban appeals I decided to hop right on because I really want to get back into Voltz. I personally apologized to Titanic on discord and I have matured since last year and not but heads with staff. Sorry to who ever I harmed with what I did and I am hoping you forgive me and give me a second chance. It would make my holidays if I could fulfill one of my resolutions and be able to play on what was once my favorite server, thank you. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: VoltZ
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    It hurts to know how much time and effort I put into my recruitment just to see ones like this which will probs get just as many people
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    What Server are you applying for? Voltz What is your In Game Name? Mjhutto2012 What is your TeamSpeak Name? Mjhutto2012 (Downloading and will make it asap) What is your time zone? Central Time Zone When are you available? im available during all week during the day. I work at night What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends What is your In Game Rank? Elite When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth) All information will be checked I started playing Minecraft 7 years ago i start playing modpacks and voltz around 6 1/2 year ago What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill? yes and i had to moderate the chat while other staff wasnt on and while staff were on. i had to keep the chats clean and punish any rule breakers that if there were any. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) I should be help because of my experience. I have owned 1 server with ruffly 5-10 players on it is now shutdown cause i couldnt keep paying for it while being in school. I am out of school now and have more time to dedicate to this server. I have been helper on 3 server and moderator on 4. I am a decent player and i can make a good impression on my self and the server. I will work to the best of my abilities to be online and active as much as my personal life will let me. I will dedicate as much time as i possibly can to this server as i already have. I know ill make a good helper. I will prove myself worthy of the rank. If i get the rank ill prove myself by doing what im supposed to do enforce the server rules and not break them myself! Please answer thoroughly Who are you? I am M.J. i am a High School graduate I am 18 years old and preparing to start working next week at my first job! What is your Age? 18 What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is nothing to do with what mods / plugins you know and don't know or how good of a builder you are. We are asking what intellectual attributes you have and if you have any flaws in your personality (trust me, we all do) - you can list them via bullet points or write a paragraph or two My weaknesses are My attiitude when it comes to disrespectful players Building and keeping a good base without getting raided My Strengths are I am a cheerful player i am a good sport when it comes to getting raided. i have been telling myself its just a game for when i get made to cope Additional Information (optional) N/a
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    Report Accepted It has been dealt with
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    Another thing is that the money system works, it is how the world is run, rich people have lots of it and pay the poorer people to get/do stuff for them. I do agree though that there should be more that you could do with money, like gain access to private areas of the map or something, or like an end goal that you need lots of money to get to.
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    First, the Faction balance/wallet has been removed due to people being to go over the /bal cap and also, good luck trying to find a stock market plugin for 1.5.2 on Voltz
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    Server:Voltz Player you are reporting's IGN: Mowtain Dew Your IGN: Palagonna (TheBetrayedOne) Infraction Committed: Troll(Rule number 4) And matrix in safe zone Date of Infraction:12-27 2018 Summary:He said that first to go to wild get 50k $. I went, ther wer a matrix at safe zone, and he didnt give me the 50 k. Evidence of Infraction: the photos plus the report after me He is clealy saiing that he said it but he wont respect< hHere is wild 1 safe zoned
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    Wouldnt it be nice if we actually had a stock market for resources with changing prices and stuff, depending on how many players tend to buy... Just an unfinished idea. Or if we had a money account for factions. This way we could produce money for our faction and have it distributed by a manager or other authorized role.
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    What Server are you applying for? Voltz What is your In Game Name? ExiledEdits my /nick is Exiled What is your TeamSpeak Name? Exiled (However the TeamSpeak has been closed). My Discord ID is Exiled#1337 What is your time zone? UTC- 05:00 also know as Eastern Time Zone When are you available? I'm available 24/7 via discord. What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends Weekdays- 2:00 pm to 2:00 am. Weekends- Most of the time. What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable) I'm currently a Optimus with 76 days and 20 hours of this post. When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth) I started playing Minecraft when it was released on Xbox 360 in 2012. I went to my friends house and he showed me the game. When I got home I begged my mom to buy it for me and she did. I played it for about a year and a half straight then took a break because I got bored. Around this time it was Christmas and I asked for a laptop.Being the spoiled brat that I was I got it. I also got Minecraft for it. This was when I discovered YouTube and saw YouTubers playing with mods. I was very intrigued so I decided to try it out myself. I found Technic Launcher and proceeded to download various mods (I'm sorry I cant quite remember them off the top of my head) I was looking for missile mods and stumbled across Voltz. I fell in love and mostly played creative. I then ventured into a server where a group of people welcomed in and taught me the basics of the game. From there I continued to learn and study the wiki. I then took a break then came back stronger then ever. I've been playing on Oblivion Networks for quite some time, Since September of 2016 to be exact so I know how to server runs and have a fairly good understanding of the modpack. Except rednet... I'm very lost when it comes to that. What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill? I've been Manager on the Voltz Server, This pretty much entailed dealing with server issues, applications, staff, buycraft, etc. Along with this I have also staffed on both Tekkit Legends servers reaching JrAdmin on one and ChatMod on the other. These just entailed to dealing with chat situations and lag. I wasn't a abusive manager despite what things may have been said about me. Of course I have regrets and made mistakes but that just made me learn more from said mistakes. My entire outlook on what a staff member does/means has completely changed from 2016 when I first applied. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) Where to start with this one... My main reason would be because when I'm online I often see players breaking rules while staff are either offline, AFK, or just not paying attention. While making a player report on the forums and notifying staff on discord is a immediate option, It can take time to get a reply and or the person being punished. If I was staff I could strike swiftly and deal Justice. Some players often have questions and need assistance with their base. As a player they don't trust me since I can just go to their base and raid them. As staff there are rules which prevent this from happening. I guess you could say that another reason for me wanting to rejoin is it's quite sad to see the network in its current state. I often enjoyed the process of dealing with punishments/punishing people. Along with this could be meeting and talking to other staff. I've met and made friends with many staff from the past and still play/talk to them today. I've also noticed that the server is clearly lacking the staffing power with either inactive staff or some staff not understanding the punishment system in play. (this is not meant as an attack to the staff team its just a common fact.) I truly believe that the staff team could use some more experienced staff members. Its no secret that the players clearly aren't satisfied with the current roster. (I'm not trying to point blame at the management since Fish was just handed the shit stick.) Who are you? My named is Dylan, I'm High School student. I enjoy playing video games of all kinds. Overall I'm a pretty chill guy who has a good sense of humor. I'm currently aiming to go into the IT industry after high school since this I enjoy working with all types of tech in my free time. I also have been enjoying modelling and editing so maybe I will dive into that direction once I hit college which I do intend on attending. What is your Age? 16 What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths • I have a very charming personality and laugh (That's what everyone tells me). • I can calmly assess a situation and find a outcome that can benefit both parties. • I'm a experienced staff member having staffed for over 1 and a half years on the server. • I'm a player who isn't very toxic on the network. (Even though my reputation may be tarnished due to a certain boat or my faction.) Weaknesses • I type fast so I often make grammar mistakes. • Somewhat shy when getting to know new people. However this doesn't last for long. • Some people may think badly of me, Once again this is due to false rumors and accusations being spread. • I'm not very organizer friendly. My desk is usually a mess with papers and important documents spread out everywhere. Additional Information (optional) I have a alt named Equinoxes which has the ar rank of King. If I am accepted I would like my rank on him. I'm aware I may be on the "No Warnings List" but that's only because I was fooling around with Fish and he took me seriously when I said "I'm going to get on the no warning s list." I cannot stress enough that what may have been said about me cannot be anymore false. I don't like to point names or fingers but mine along with many others reputations were tarnished by none other than 123titanic. When it comes to staffing I'm very level headed and respectful to all. However, I will not lie in saying I haven't made mistakes. I have made many mistakes while being staff but I have since learned from them. I'm also responsible for many of the high quality edits you may have seen.
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    If you wish to report staff member for abusive behavior please make a formal report in the correct section, with relevant evidence. When raiding someone's base it is not against the rules to place a matrix in the remains, and in fact this is a fairly common practice. The fact that Bunny is staff is totally irrelevant as he is just doing something that any player can do if they wish. Other than matrices not being allowed to kill people in the spawn location, they are totally allowed in space stations, regardless of who owns them. Voltz can be a tough modpack, and getting raided or killed is basically the whole point of it. Its rough for beginning players in a server but that's what makes it work.
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    Report Accepted. The player has been dealt with. Thank you for the report. -EdgarP01
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    @Woolyshep Be sure to keep up to date with all our server events on our discord! Join link: https://discord.gg/mcMaVXp EdgarP01
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    True to a point... but as always time is money. -You can spend all day AA'ing resources if you have the time and no money -Or if you have no time, you could just buy what you are looking for. lol Honestly, once players accumulate enough money the market becomes null and void regardless... at that point, its just to see which player can generate the highest in-game income for arbitrary "ranking" purposes. But if players with the most money were able to purchase say "end game" items or services, that would completely throw the balance of the game out of wack! Just my opinion though! Fraz
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    First of all: Money isn't that simple to generate, atleast not in large amounts (millions). Generating those amounts of money takes time, resources, technical knowledge and a good deal of work. Second: The people who have loads of money still use it. I've seen people pay others multiple millions to build them bases or donate for them. I think the economy is fine as it is, and i think the server needs the donations it gets and we shouldn't lower that amount by making donor perks purchasable with ingame cash.
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    Updated and commonly-broken rules on Tekkit Legends This is a list of new/updated rules, and a reminder of some rules that are often forgotten or ignored on the Legends servers: This is only a small selection of the rules that apply. For a full list of rules please visit /Warp Rules ingame, and take a look at this forum article. 1. Bypassing item-bans will result in a permanent ban. This includes but isn't limited to Chunkloaders, World Anchors and the like. Please note that some normally banned items can be used in the Mineworld on the PvE server. 2. On PvE: Griefing a base/building that you do not own is not allowed, EVEN IF IT IS UNCLAIMED. Additionally claiming someone else's buildings is also considered griefing and will result in a large tempban 3. No excessively large or laggy EMC farms. This includes (but is not limited to) farms with a huge number of Energy Collectors or Macerators, or incorrectly built farms which cause items to drop onto the ground. Whether a base or farm is too large/laggy will be determined by a JrAdmin or higher. Any base found to be excessively laggy etc, can be removed, downsized or disabled at staff's discretion. 4. In addition to the above it is now required that any one base should have less than 40 Macerators 30 'EMC Power-Flowers' 30 of any Teleport Pipes There will a 'grace period' of sorts after the update of these rules, to allow you time to remove any excessive numbers of these items. This is necessary to reduce lag 5. The use of Steam Turbines is prohibited 6. On PvP: No inappropriate or offensive faction names or descriptions. This is something we've been seeing more often, and will result in the faction being disbanded, or tempbans for repeat offenders. 7. The rules still apply when no staff are online - trolling etc when staff aren't around won't be tolerated. 8. Do not intentionally lag or crash the servers. This is completely unacceptable and if caught will result in a large tempban, or permban for repeat offenders. 9. On PvP; Gem Armour and Red Katars are not allowed to be used in the PvP Arenas 10. A $5000 reward (ingame cash, obviously) is now given for information about anyone using banned items (eg; chunk loaders) 11. If the server is crashing everything you log in please STOP logging in and let staff know so we can fix it. 12. On pvp, max of 4 quarries per person. They must be correctlt built and not spilling/dropping items. Thankyou for taking a moment to read this notice, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of our Tekkit-Legends staff. Staff can be contacted ingame, on Discord or TS, or through the forums. UPDATED 15/01/2019
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    The list above has been updated with important new rules/info. If you play Tekkit Legends on either server please read it. Please note that the normal rules still apply
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    Frostbyte, at the making of this post, you WERE a stoneguard. I saw you as a StoneGuard yesterday babes.
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    Here are our requirements: You must have Skype and Teamspeak. You must also have been active in our teamspeak for more than a week before applying. Note: You must interact on teamspeak you can't just sit in the AFK channel. You must be In your 14 years old at least. If you are under 13 it will be unlikely that your application is accepted. We need mature individuals in our staff and sometimes you just need to be a little older. If you meet the requirements, fill in the application form below. Please take your time. The more details the better. +============================================================+ What is your In Game Name? What is your time zone? When are you available? What time can you dedicate to building on week-days and week-ends When did you first start playing Minecraft? (Answer in depth) All information will be checked What experiences do you have building, What styles do you like to build? (Answer in depth) Why should you be a Builder? Why do you want to be a Builder? (Answer in depth) Please answer thoroughly Who are you? Give us a little information on yourself What is your Age? What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is nothing to do with what mods / plugins you know and don't know or how good of a builder you are. We are asking what intellectual attributes you have and if you have any flaws in your personality (trust me, we all do) - you can list them via bullet points or write a paragraph or two Attach pictures of previous builds Additional Information (optional) +============================================================+ Please take time to fill in a decent application. Your application can take up to 2 weeks to be reviewed. Please be patient, If you ask other Moderators to review your application it will be denied.