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  1. Ah, thank you fren! Good to know :D
  2. i came back from a long old break to find every server offline, What the heck happened here? :P
  3. i had a guy i was showing off my castle to come in and claim some of the unclaimed part of my castle and begin destroying a small hill there and built a house on the land that he had destroyed. i aslso suspect the same guy used my unclaimed chunks to make a tunnel bore to bore into my jabba barrels and diamond chests, this can be seen from the track on the floor and the 3x3 holes in everything. coords are as follows -5783 1245, and the tunnel bore area is under that in my basement that can be acessed via the towers Note: he did not have permission from me to do any of this stuff Note2: since this is PVE it is stated in the rules that you are not allowed to mess withe peoples buildings, claimed or not
  4. Hi, i overflowed my inventory on voltz 2 using drives n stuff a while ago, i was told to post this here :D
  5. Game

    Banned for having a boat
  6. Got my castle done for the contest! (minimap W' coords) (youtube video of the castle)
  7. i like the idea, a better one would to get a tprandom that actually worked