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  1. I changed my name from sparkyjake to HakayG and I would like my rank back, i was elite and i had unlimited set home. attached is my receipt from the purchases under sparkyjake
  2. What Is Your In Game Name? Spakyjake What Is Your Discord User Name? Sparky#6001 What Is Your Team Speak User Name? (Optional) n/a What Is your Ar Rank and Time? Elite. 6 days 13 hours 20 min How Old Are You? 18 How Long and What Times Can You Commit To The Faction? its fickle but definitely more than twice a week for a few hours at a time What Time Zone are You In? EST What Are You Good At In Voltz? I can do just about anything. I excel in creating bases and automation. What Do You Want To Do In Our Faction? whatever y'all need What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses? I'd say that I'm dedicated and can understand the more complex facets of the fame. Weaknesses include being too confident sometimes and I make mistakes cuz I'm human but I try my hardest to fix them quickly and efficiently. I'm also horrible at spelling so theres that...