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  1. Accepted

    Issue Resolved.
  2. Denied

    Application denied. Your application was denied for the following reason(s): - Immaturity and disrespectful demeanor in game You may reapply in 2 weeks.
  3. Already on it @antimatter18
  4. We would need proof of your purchases along with your new IGN.
  5. Accepted

    Ban Appeal Accepted. Welcome Back!
  6. The launcher currently isn't active for public usage at this time. It is still under development and we will announce when it is available on our Discord. Thank you for your patience.
  7. Hello, everyone. My (user)name is ZandermanX or Zander for short. I am currently one of the Voltz SrAdmins alongside @DJT183. I've been with Oblivion Networks for a very long time, joining the server only one month after it's initial release. I eventually gained staff about 1 or 2 months into playing casually after Defuse had asked me to apply, and eventually worked my way up to becoming the SrAdmin on Voltz, as well as the Global Pixelmon Manager for Pixelmon 1, 2 and 3 servers, due to Pixel 4 and 5 not existing yet during my tenure of staff. I was eventually demoted due to inactivity without notification while I was going through multiple moves and other life-changing events, but now I am back for good. A little bit about my personal life: - I am 21 years old, born in January during a blizzard in 1996. My father had to follow a snowplow in order to get my mother to the hospital in adequate time so I wasn't born in the car. - My real name is Alexander, which should have been extremely easy to guess considering my username. - I am a father of 2 boys, Jaxsen, born in April of 2016 and Kayden, who was just born in early May of this year. - I've studied in both the medical and criminal justice fields while attending a local college, and look forward to going back once the time is right. - I served in the United States Army for a little over a year as a 31B, Military Police Officer, and was eventually generally discharged which isn't dishonorable, honorable, or medical. - I currently work at a specialty wiring plant that makes wiring for almost anything and everyone from Comcast to the military. I look forward to meeting, talking to, and helping those on our servers, mainly Voltz, but I'm not shy of Pixelmon related issues as well. And don't be shy to chat with me as well!
  8. Oblivion is currently working on the Oblivion-Launcher, which will be compatible and (I might be wrong, so don't quote me on this) come stock with it, as well as the legacy Voltz modpack.
  9. Wow, suddenly it got MORE interesting.
  10. ...alright I'm interested...
  11. I suppose I will start on an actual base this time around.
  12. Administrators, for subtle advertising.
  13. Welcome back J-Webz.
  14. Accepted

    Player Report Accepted. Thank you.
  15. Denied

    Player Report Denied. Your player report was denied for the following reason(s): - Not following correct report format (Find it here)