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    Server: Voltz 2 Player you are reporting's IGN: Ry1003 Your IGN: superdude914 Infraction Committed: Muted me without warning Date of Infraction: February 19, 2019 Summary: So I was spamming in the chat because I needed someone to understand something which was very difficult for him to accomplish so I needed to help the person. And then I get muted out of nowhere, without a warning by Ry1003 and I don't recall being on the No-Warnings list. Evidence of Infraction:
  2. bye sweetheart x
  3. my old ign was wolfie572
  4. Hi I changed my name to superdude914 can i get my rank back and my /home base
  5. Answered

    hi I tried to upgrade my rank from Legend to Titan on the voltz shop but It says if I bought it before 04/04/2016 then I needed to post on the thread, but the thread is down a error page just shows up my name is Wolfie572 in the oblivion voltz server, can anyone help me, thx