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  1. What about running a program. Within a program?
  2. I was actually thinking about that after I put up this post. Thanks for the reply
  3. Can we turn on the config for the internet card in open computers as the mod is very limited without it. I understand that this may open up a few exploits here and there that may lag the server but with heavy punishments I’m sure all that can be avoided
  4. My only suggestion would be to disable the digital miners effect on all blocks except ores
  5. Hi everybody, with the launch of the new server everyone had been delighted. This was a great step for the community. However, the modpack doesn’t come perfect I’m afraid. There is still a missing element of voltz and that is the defense systems. Defenses are practically useless and that takes a lot of the fun from raiding. Me and my friends used to throw explosives and Emps at a forcefield looking for weaknesses for sometimes hours. It gave us a lot of joy back then. Now raiding is too easy and to top that the digital miner can destsroy/mine any defenses remotely. The server is still fairly young and it’s not too late to add one more addition. I understand that mffs wasn’t what it used to be but I’m sure there is a good defense mod out there. thanks, galactic
  6. Hi everyone, me and my friends are returning to voltz after a few years break when we saw the new Phoenix server. We think this is a great server and would like to join it however all your links are not working. We tried the technic launcher link and we tried installing oblivion launcher. Can someone help us and send us a link