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  1. On the voltz 2 server is there anyway to craft the Digital miner or is it only purchasable. I was able to craft all the items I needed but could not move the robit out of my inv since it is banned. I saw a post from a week or so ago where a guy said he was able to get it into his me system and craft it, but he never explained how.
  2. I dont know where it is... So I cant quite fly back. There is no way to see where my last home was set or my last location? I have tons of hours into my base and didn't foresee my home teleport getting reset so I never saved the cords.
  3. What if I dont have screenshots of my coordinates? Do I just lose my base?
  4. Hi, I logged in today and my home got reset. Now i have no clue as to where my base is. Can someone help.