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  1. Game

    Banned for not realising I wasn't trying to take shots, you just broke my heart by allowing Pi to auto-correct to "pie".
  2. Game

    Complex Number (e.g. 2i+3)
  3. Game

    Banned for being blinded by ignorance shrouding around auto-correct.
  4. Game

    Transcendental number
  5. No, I was just curious. I was thinking like FTB, Skyfactory and things a long that line. I am already aware of the other modpacks as well as the RustMC, I was more interested in the eventual development.
  6. Game

    Pan-digital Formula
  7. Game

    Banned for believing in auto-correct even so it has already proved to be an utter failure.
  8. Game

    Friends, easy Nuclear physics or Classical Physics?
  9. Game

    Eulers Formula
  10. Game

    Banned for allowing auto-correct make such a heart-breaking mistake.
  11. Game

    ln(π^62.0233654) ≈ x
  12. Game

    Easy rice. (I wanted to say something else but I didn't know what else, I was thinking Guitar or Violin) Physics or Chemistry?
  13. Really, where did you find this out?!
  14. Game

    Maths Formula
  15. Game

    Banned for spelling the constant pi as "pie".