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  1. Denied

    Player report denied. Your player report has been denied for the following reason(s): Please include a player's full username, or Discord handle in this case, in your player report in the future. (example#0001) At most this is a negative comment. I don't see how this message is clear harassment or an attack against you. The ToS states that negative comments may cross the line. This comment does not do that. Furthermore, It feels like you intentionally left out context. You have been trying to attack and tempt staff into taking actions against you in our unmoderated chat, so that you could make these reports. Your player report has been denied, and any new player reports you make will be taken with a grain of salt in the future due to your behaviour. Tucker1183 will not be punished.
  2. Accepted

    Application accepted. Please message me on Discord. Thank you!
  3. Denied

    Player report denied. Your player report has been denied for the following reason(s): It should be common sense that you follow the Discord ToS. For your convenience, you may click here to read them again. Even in our unmoderated channels, we reserve the right to delete or punish as we see fit. Especially if you are trying to pathetically mock people on our team, for whatever reason. On top of that, I personally authorized the mute. Harvest did their job. Wait out your mute. Harvest will not be punished.
  4. Denied

    Application denied. Your application has been denied for the following reason(s): Your application was posted in the wrong forum; you posted this to the Tekkit Legends forum, but you are applying for a position on our Volts 1.12.2 Reloaded server. Your application seems a little bit lacking, rushed. It's very short. We feel like you do not have enough playtime on the server you are applying for. For this reason your application will be denied. You may re-apply in three weeks time. Thank you for your interest!
  5. Denied

    Appeal Denied. Your appeal has been denied for the follow reasons: - We have been keeping a close eye on your activity and behaviour in-game, and after personally reviewing video footage of said behaviour, I have come to the conclusion that this ban was justified. - There's pretty clear evidence of you finding bases 'surprisingly easy', to put it lightly. Digging down next to them or entering caves leading up to bases, to then dig in and raid them. - Additionally, we think you have been using speed hacks on top of x-ray. - Timestamps on folders, logs, and whatever are not concrete proof of you not cheating. My team recording you clearly cheating, however, is very adequate proof. Your ban will not be lifted. You may submit a new appeal in four weeks time. ~Isa
  6. Denied

    Application denied. Your application has been denied for the following reason(s): We currently have mixed opinions on your (previous) behaviour, and for that reason I am denying your application. You may re-apply in three weeks time. Thank you for your interest!
  7. Accepted

    Application accepted. Please message me on Discord. Thank you!
  8. Answered

    Dealt with.
  9. Accepted

    @DrEdwardRichtofe Please do not reply to ban appeals, including your own, unless you are adding valuable information and can not edit your own post. I especially advise you to not comment with the assumption we're going to deny your appeal. ~Isa
  10. Answered

    Resolved. Closing this thread now. ~Isa
  11. Accepted

    Report accepted! Thank you for your time. The player will be warned. @awsea, you have received a 48-hour warning for being racist. If you continue to break rules you will be punished accordingly. In the future, please also refrain from posting on reports. Thank you. ~Isa
  12. Denied

    Appeal Denied. Your appeal has been denied for the follow reasons: - There's ~30 minutes worth of footage of you going trough the Mars dimension, looking down at a suspicious angle, and replicating the exact behaviour of people who X-Ray. You didn't just get lucky a few times, you were deliberately using X-Ray. - Even if you were not using an X-Ray hack, you were still looking through the world to find locations of interest. This still classifies as cheating with us, therefor your appeal will be denied. You may submit a new appeal in three weeks time. ~Isa
  13. Relatable. 10/10 introduction.
  14. What Server are you applying for? Tekkit Legends PvE. What is your In Game Name? KvbUnited, IsaNova, and my common nickname on this network is IsaTheFloofyCat. What is your Discord Name and ID? ~Isa Nova (KvbUnited)#5708. What is your time zone? UTC +2, CEST (Central European Summer Time) When are you available? Every day, on Telegram, almost 18 hours/day. My username there is @KvbUnitedTheFloofyFelinekoHybrid. In-game, anywhere from two hours to six hours a day. I usually work in the weekends. What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends? Almost every day, for multiple hours a day. Probably four hours/day on average, if I'm not busy working, or studying for classes. Keep in mind I share this time with the two servers I already staff here. What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable) My AR rank is Sergeant. I have played for sixteen hours, and 5 minutes as of writing this. I got another 1800+ hours (Emperor) on Voltz 1.0. I know that I don't have a whole lot of hours on Tekkit Legends PvE as of yet. I hope I still get accepted though, as I am well familiar with the pack and the plugins. That, and I have a lot of staff experience. When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth) I started playing Minecraft a couple years ago, when Tekkit (classic) was still a huge thing. I remember the old Technic launcher, the original first, and I also remember the update that brought ender chests, beacons, and the inventory makeover. I've originally bought my account to play modded Minecraft, and have sticked to doing so for 89% of all my playtime. If I had a playtime counter, it'd be in the thousands of hours. Probably passing 10.000 hours (I currently have over 1.800 alone on Oblivion Voltz 1.0, on just my main account). I've been staff before as well. Trial-mod, Moderator, Admin, Head-admin, ChatMod, Helper & JrAdmin. I've also been on a specialized team in finding dupes. So I'd say, I have the staff-experience to join a team! Besides, most staff here is already familiar with me. I shouldn't have to explain that. <3 I've played more modpacks than I can keep track of. And despite playing mainly modded, I know my share of Vanilla. Less of modern Vanilla all the mechanics, I've mastered. All information will be checked. That's fine with me. :) What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) As you can read above, I've been staff before. To be more specific, I've been a Trial-mod, Moderator, Admin, Head-admin, ChatMod, Helper & JrAdmin. I've also been on a specialized team in finding dupes. I have been staff on this network, on this server before. I resigned by my own decision. I know how to work Trello, I know my way around the modpack, and I know my commands. To add to this, I currently staff the Voltz 1.0 and Project Phoenix server as a JrAdmin. Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill? Mostly monitoring chat for offenders, but I've also been on a specialized team for finding dupes (as mentioned before), and I've kept my eye on players looking for potential dupers/x-rayers when I was a Admin for a different server. (TPPI). I am currently a JrAdminfor Voltz 1.0 and Project Phoenix. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) I love helping people, and I feel like I could prove to be a valuable asset for the new Manager! I don't think I 'should' be a Helper; this should be decided by the team. One of the most important things in a staff team IMO is communication and toleration, and if someone would rather not have me on their well-functioning team, then I'd rather stick to reporting players and helping players on my own account. I also know a lot about the mods used for Tekkit Legends, and about the server (network). I already often answer people's questions and try to help them on the other servers. A staff position would allow me to mean more for these people, and help our new Tekkit Legends manager with some things when he cannot be on. Who are you? Please read my introduction! It's ever so slightly outdated, but it will tell you just about everything you need to know about me. <3 What is your Age? I am over eighteen years of age. If the exact number is required, I will tell you in private. Thank you for understanding. <3 What are your strengths and weaknesses? My strengths would include: My vast knowledge on Minecraft mods My desire to help people; especially if they are feeling bad. Putting a smile on someone's face really brightens my day. My dedication to projects, and games. I tend to stick to one thing rather than switching around. (been playing Minecraft for nearly every day since the first day I bought it) My tolerance is also pretty high on criticism and (negative) comments If something interests me, I'm a fast learner. Overall I'd consider myself a nice person, but only if you are as well. I'm decent with IT I speak multiple languages Pixelart Perfectionist. No block will be off. My weaknesses would include: I'll get on a short fuse if you'll talk negatively about LGBT matters. This is serious. I can't stand it when people talk (beep) about me or my friends relating this topic. I will argue with you. And you won't be on my good list. My desire to help people. I might get too personal. I care about good people. Time. I am literally the worst when it comes to time, estimating when something is done, or being on time (for meetings). I can be stubborn. Perfectionist. May take it too far. Additional Information (optional) Thank you for your time. I hope I can join the Tekkit Legends staff team next to my role on the Voltz 1.0 and Project Phoenix servers! Kind regards, ~Isa
  15. As @Edgar's guide unfortunately has gone outdated, I'm writing a new one for everybody that has interest in playing on our Voltz 2.0 / Project Phoenix server. In this guide I will refer to this modpack as 'Project Phoenix', to simplify things. What is Voltz 2.0 / Project Phoenix? Project Phoenix is Oblivion Networks' custom modpack. It is a improved, and much more updated version of our most popular server; Voltz. The modpack comes pre-configured with our server in server list, so you can quickly, and easily join the fun! How do I play/install Voltz 2.0 / Project Phoenix? Please follow the instructions below. You will need to have the Technic Launcher installed already. Step 1. Download the files here. Step 2. Locate the files you just downloaded. If you're on Windows, you will likely find the files under your 'Downloads' folder. Step 3. We now need to install any modpack, so we can replace the files with the files for Project Phoenix. Open the Technic Launcher and log in. Click on the 'Modpacks' tab, and type in the name of any random modpack in the searchbar. It does not matter what pack you install. Step 4. Press and hold the 'Windows' key on your keyboard, together with the 'R' key. A little window should now pop up, called 'Run'. Type '%appdata%' in it (without the quotation marks). Press 'ENTER' on your keyboard, or click on 'OK'. Step 5. You should now be looking at a long list of folders. Open the '.technic' folder, followed by the 'modpacks' folder. You now get a list of folders with the modpacks you've installed on the Technic Launcher. Step 6. Open the folder of the modpack you just installed in step 3. Delete all it's content, so that it's an empty folder. Step 7. Open '', the file that you downloaded in step 1. You may need a program like WinRAR to extract the files. Step 8. Drag the contents of '' to your modpack folder. And that's it! IMPORTANT NOTICE: You can now launch Project Phoenix by selecting- and launching the modpack that you chose. When you press 'Launch', it will ask you if you want to update the modpack. Always choose for NO. Forgot/deleted the IP? Still can't quite figure it out? Feel free to join our Discord, where staff is ready to assist you! I hope this helped. See you in-game! Kind regards, ~Isa