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  1. Accepted

    Report Accepted. Refer to this post: Additionally, please take reports seriously.
  2. Accepted

    Report Accepted. I will speak to him to make sure he knows that when he gives a warning it's official. But, in the screenshot it appears he's asking you to not say that instead of officially warning you and in his second message he did clarify that was your official warning.
  3. Denied

    Report Denied. I can see why it could be confused with an official warning and Mas should've been more clear on it or not even have said it but Mas knew his mute would've been 2 hours because he muted him himself earlier that day. Defuse is on the no warnings list and no 'official' warnings should be given to him. I will make sure staff are more clear of this.
  4. Accepted

    Report Accepted. I will be sure to speak to him about this.
  5. Just looked into death messages appearing in chat. This will not be enabled because there's lots of weird killing items in Voltz and having it enabled will make some weird and long kill items. For example overheating with power armor leaves a very weird death message that doesn't even include the player's name and in order for all kills to appear in chat all deaths would also have to appear in chat. Another example is explosions, if a player dies from an explosion it won't just say they died from an antimatter explosion but instead of a long, unclear name to the death. I actually liked this idea but it could result in more ways to spam chat and can cause confusion to random things popping up in chat.
  6. I do like the idea of adding all kills to chat. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do the faction tag idea because it will simply clutter chat too much despite the name being long or not. Most servers that have this enabled do not have rank prefixes as we do from what I've seen.
  7. The dropper thing can happen when you don't have water all the way up to the dropper. You need to have your water source block all the way to touch the dropper. If it's just a source block on the bottom it can sometimes get caught on the edges and don't reach the water. The SM gen thing is unpreventable. It will happen from time to time no matter what like William said but easiest way to prevent it is to have a proximity detector near your AFK belt so your SM gens only activate when your AFK because they most commonly break when you unload the chuck. Multiple breakings can also be caused by having your SM gen in more then one chunk.
  8. Denied

    Application Denied Your application has been denied for the following reasons: We're currently not looking for staff at this moment. Our staff team is abundant with people at this point in time and I let your application sit in hopes an opening might appear but unfortunately this did not happen. Your application is strong and I feel you have potential but please wait a week or two then re-apply.
  9. I wish I was Ew, Black Ops 4 Sure
  10. Denied

    Application Denied Your appeal has been denied for the following reasons: You have not logged onto our TeamSpeak server even once. You may re-appeal in 1 weeks time if the above flaws have been fixed.
  11. Answered

    Resolved via in-game messages.
  12. Denied

    Appeal Denied Your ban appeal has been denied for the following reasons: You were seen at the mine at the scene of the grief. You were found with a matter cannon in your inventory at the time. You were also found with many random blocks from the mine grief and that's what sold us that it was you who griefed the mine. You may re-appeal in 3 months time or buy the unban package.
  13. Accepted

    Appeal Accepted Your appeal has been accepted; however, nothing will be done to DJ as I agree with his punishment. Although, I feel you served your time with your day you've been banned. Enjoy.
  14. We do produce our own fixes; however, this one is taking especially long due to Oblivion's "busy" schedule with school and his ESO addiction. I do believe a fix will be made somewhere in the future but until that day comes it will be disabled. Sorry.