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  1. Denied

    Appeal Denied Your appeal has been denied for the following reasons: Lying on your appeal, you specifically told me that you had these texture packs and "tested them". You also deleted all of your messages in our private conversations to try and cover your lie, nice try. We do not appreciate liars as a staff team, you may not re-appeal.
  2. It’s common sense not to go into any area that’s closed off and using a “glitch” to go to it is not acceptable no matter where you’re going. Your ban is staying and will not be discussed any further.
  3. Accepted

    Appeal Accepted! Welcome back.
  4. Fixed.
  5. Denied

    Application Denied Your application has been denied for the following reasons: You do not have a weeks worth of time in our TeamSpeak. You recently within the past week or two have caused a problem for staff and were argumentative about our staff team and our system we have. You may re-apply in 1 weeks time if the above flaws are corrected. Sorry for the late response.
  6. All applications are open and you're welcome to send in an application at any time!
  7. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Welcome back! Contact me on Discord as soon as possible.
  8. Jailed. Contact staff to spawn you and then unjail you.
  9. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Check your PMs on the forums please.
  10. Denied

    Report Denied This report has been denied for the following reasons: I can not even read the evidence. You did not follow the correct format. Please fix your evidence presentation and follow the correct format and then report him once again, thank you.
  11. Answered

  12. Accepted

    Appeal Accepted!
  13. There is no way to become unraidable. It's part of the game to be raided and to rebuild, sorry. Jacwest filled you in with some basic defenses you can have but they have downsides to them.
  14. Answered

    Please message me the name of the space station.
  15. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Check your PMs shortly.