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  1. Sounds great! See you there!
  2. Fixed. Next time please put this in the proper section.
  3. Denied

    Appeal Denied Your appeal has been denied for the following reasons: You and a group of friends were banned for the use of hacked clients. Lying on your appeal, you were not "just playing" and got banned. We do not unban people who use hacked clients via traditional forum appeal. You may re-appeal in 3 months time or buy our unban package.
  4. Accepted

    Report Accepted!
  5. 1. The OBNW Launcher is out of our hands as staff and up to Oblivion himself, he has it there in case he does ever finish it. 2. You should know as a former staff member that website ranks take a while longer to remove due to them not giving much permissions here unless you are senior staff and Anarchy is quite busy and has better things to do than remove a rank that gives you no permissions immediately. 3. There are currently issues with the BanItem plugin that's not allowing us to ban the custom module which we're trying to find a solution for. 4 and 5. When Oblivion reset the server he placed the wilds too close to each other and you can not mass unclaim chunks so I had to manually unclaim many of them when I attempted to move the wilds, unfortunately, this was too much work and we decided to make /warp wild3 for another location. 6. The MFFS isn't much of an issue due to there never being problems with it in the past, the plugin for the MFFS and explosives with 1k 1k are something us Managers can't edit and Oblivion needs to do himself, it's not just WorldGuard. 7. The item from space stations is "banned" because it's not actually a "real" item. I'd also like to clear up that Oxygen sealers ARE NOT banned, our plugin is not preventing them what-so-ever. In the Gyazo below the only banned items are the infinite battery and the "not real" block from space stations. https://gyazo.com/f80fb005d3d2fab961667e1b2212bbd5 8. I looked at the config for the broadcast and the giveaway announcement already appears to be gone, I don't remember removing it but it's gone and not sure why you're reporting it. 9. The faction enemy timer seems very unnecessary and seems to be an ulterior motive to you so you can lose your faction enemies and be more liked. 10. The sell shop has been a task on my list for a while that I've been meaning to get to it, it will be changed, trust me. 11. The prefix for the ar ranks will not be changed, I once had the same opinion but not realized they're just fine as they are currently. 12. I personally have no idea what the issue is with the Admiral bracket and it's not a very game-breaking issue so I'm not too concerned with it. 13. Portal is now fixed, thank you for reporting. 14. Spawn's biome is also changed back to a forest, I was not aware of the issue, thank you for reporting. 15. "Gay" will not be removed off the filter because it is used to insult people quite frequently and I also know a few LGBT IRL and they do get offended when being called "gay" as an insult. Here are a few of our many examples of why I will not be removing the filter. https://gyazo.com/a81031d3db7976ddfbb3f08f4f035f26 https://gyazo.com/eb015146cdd312f08801745e0723e98d https://gyazo.com/ab5122df93ebfdb0dbaae5740337f843 https://gyazo.com/f7c9cabfc550e092dd4f342b87e0a347 https://gyazo.com/33742fdb2ae16754330dcf47f3185d89 https://gyazo.com/015d5d7697879126808c353334bcb8a3 https://gyazo.com/7ff3b1afeae2324efc58075c094d62de https://gyazo.com/aa2d27bfffab44f85e9ee9d30b30d30c I'm not sure if this post was meant to make our server and staff look bad but I would like to say I'm extremely disappointed in you if that is the reasoning behind this, you were staff and could've brought these up at any point during your time with us but chose to keep most of it to yourself. All this post really shows is that we have missed a few small details in our network and not everything can be perfect, if everything worked out how we wanted it we would probably still have you with us on the staff team.
  6. Answered

  7. Fixed
  8. Fixed
  9. Denied

    Appeal Denied Your ban appeal has been denied for the following reasons: You bypassed your mute with the use of /f name. You were warned for excessive caps, initially muted for spam and bypass, then you were muted for not using English in main chat. You then bypassed your mute with /f name which we take seriously and temp ban for. If you thought Casseve's actions were unjust or questionable you should have screenshotted it and brought it to a report here on the forums instead of arguing it while breaking more rules. Wait out your ban please.
  10. Denied

    Application Denied Your application has been denied for the following reasons: Your application seems rushed, please take your time. "Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper?" your response to the question lacks detail. You may re-apply in 1 weeks time.
  11. Fixed
  12. Denied

    Appeal Denied. Your appeal has been denied for the following reasons: The entirety of your appeal lacks detail. You left a question unanswered. We have reason to believe this appeal is suspicious and you may be trying to evade a ban. You may re-appeal in 3 months time or buy the unban package from our network store.
  13. Resolved
  14. You do not get unbanned for apologizing. You get a chance at being unbanned for appealing like everyone else. Refer to Fish's reply above.
  15. The money site (buycraft) is perfectly fine and working.