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  1. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Sorry for the wait. I've been VERY busy these past few weeks. Check your forum PMs asap.
  2. Both have been resolved. Do /ar check when you get in game several times to receive your rank ups.
  3. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Check PMs ASAP.
  4. Accepted

    Application Accepted. Check PMs asap.
  5. Denied

    Application Denied. Unfortunately I will have to deny this application due to you never logging onto our TeamSpeak server. This is one of the staff requirements! You may re-apply in 1 weeks time.
  6. Hi, I'm 123titanic. I'm kind of your boss right now. Nice to meet you, kinda.
  7. The rank does no longer exist but if you dedicate your channel to OBNW related content it will allow us to give you permission to advertise your channel.
  8. Denied

    Appeal Denied. Your ban has not expired yet. You were already asked to wait our your temp ban when your other appeal was denied. I will be adding a day to your temp ban for wasting my time.
  9. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Check your forums private messages asap!
  10. Appeal Denied Your ban appeal has been denied for the following reasons: You were banned for hacking. We do not unban hackers via traditional appeal. You evaded your ban, multiple times. You lied to staff in the past, constantly. We do not take kindly to lying. You caused several problems to staff in the past and current. You were previously banned for advertising. You used "false" evidence to get a staff member banned and demoted. I'm all about second chances but you decided to take yours through non legitimate means and on top of all your other offenses it will lead to my response of: You may not re-appeal You may take your chance with Oblivion with a unban package purchase.
  11. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Check your forums PMs as soon as possible
  12. Rank returned
  13. Denied

    Appeal Denied Your appeal has been denied for the following reason: You used an autoclicker which is against the rules because it's not in our approved mods list. Please wait our your ban. P.S we can see your reflection in that one picture, I know I really don't want to see your person and I don't think you want yourself on the internet so I removed it for you.
  14. Accepted

    You're now unbanned.
  15. Denied

    Application Denied Your application has been denied for the following reasons: The entirety of your application lacks detail. You have about 1 sentence for each question, we're looking for a paragraph. You've never logged onto our TeamSpeak. Your weaknesses lacks detail more than most, you must have more than 1 weakness. Lying? You may have overestimated but Minecraft itself has not been out for 10 years, you've said you've been playing for 10. You may re-appeal in 1 weeks time if the above flaws are corrected.