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  1. Wow quick reply! Hey turns out that whatever you tried did not work; I'm still in a crash loop. Is it possible you messed with the wrong dynamic tank? I have two. Thanks, TAYman1200
  2. Answered

    Sigh. Another day another crash. I made sure to make the dynamic tank 5x5x5 and all within the same chunk. I am not sure what went wrong IGN: TAYman1200
  3. Voltz community: The Oblivion Voltz community has some players who have played Voltz for a very long time (5+ years). I am one of those people approaching 5 years. Playing Voltz about once or twice a year, during school breaks, me and many other players have realized the importance of the /home command or being able to teleport to locations. To the players with unlimited sethomes, is this not one of the most useful commands? It enables us to travel between multiple bases, allows for us to make a tracking base, save raids, and even find a new place to put a base. Now you might be thinking, /f home and /home make 2 locations, that's enough. But it simply isn't. The /home command is one of the most useful ---yet not too valuable--- tools that we can utilize in voltz. The /f home is pointless and requires claimed land. The /back command is also very useful, but sometimes you need to travel to a third location, like spawn, the trading rooms, or the mines, and that ruins your /back location. My suggestion is not to make free unlimited homes, that would be a very poor decision, making the game overpowered. I am suggesting that people start off with TWO /sethomes instead of 1. I have seen this on another server,Thunderbite -- no advertisement intended-- (it's dead anyway), and needless to say, it went quite well. My second suggestion is to make set homes more accessible to those unable to pay to the server. I think that those prospered enough to pay 15-45k per set home should be allowed an additional set home. I realize that this could ruin the donor privilege, therefore, this opportunity should only be for NON-DONORs because it is much harder for them to get such massive sums of money. This can be like a reward for their time dedicated to their own economic prosperity on the server and their increased votes to the oblivion server on websites. But why give stuff to people who don't donate? Because we make up the Voltz Oblivion community too. There are many of players that are unable to donate for whatever reason even if they desire to. So for this reason, let's take a poll: Is suggestion 1 a good idea? Yay/nay Is suggestion 2 a good idea? yay/nay I admit that #2 is pushing it, so I would suggest #1 as the better idea. Thanks, TAYman1200
  4. Hey, I was wondering if you have set up the shop for voting points yet, and if so, where would I find it? To be clear, I'm talking about the 5-10 points that you get when you vote. Thanks, TAYman1200