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  1. Why was he un-banned out of curiosity? To my knowledge dupers don't get unbanned as evident from numerous other appeals. It just seems weird because if i remember correctly he was "on good terms" with 123titanic and it seems like this was a heavily biased response.
  2. Good idea, but out of curiosity, when would you ever run out of power? I'm assuming you're using a fulmination generator and are AA'ing antimatter.
  3. I support, but I dont really see how it can be enforced.
  4. Even though I agree with WERKVERKEER about it being normal for the wild to be a mess, that doesn't change the fact that this worlds pushing 7 months at least, I know they're not scheduled and I'm not demanding a reset, but I wouldn't mind it if it were to happen.
  5. Honestly, you'd probably be better off with laser drills than iron golem farms, just a suggestion.
  6. Saw something similar where a guy was changing his faction to racist/supremacist names, next to nothing was done about it.
  7. That is quite devious, you'll probably get something along the lines of "It made /warp wild look bad" or something similar. I dont think there's any rules about building a massive wall though, so abuse perhaps?
  8. It's an okay idea, but it would honestly reduce the number of people donating for Unlimited Homes, lets assume that you use /f home (I do) and that everyone started with 2 homes, that equals 3. Why would you ever need more homes than that? In my entire time playing this server I haven't needed more. Also, the idea of being able to buy homes with in-game cash is really overpowered, it's so easy to get money on this server, would take me less than 5 mins to the get 45k you suggested and my wither farm is awful. I know people are going to disagree because they want more homes, but by a profit standpoint, the server shouldn't do it. Pimps idea with the Enjin points is good, in a sense the server still gains something, you're forced to vote = more players = more possible future donators. #Edit Why should it only be for NON-donors? That hardly seems fair, most of the ranks give no benefit to how much money you make, yeah you start with extra but anyone can build a wither farm. Being donor doesn't make that easier.
  9. Answered

    Still unable to join ;-;
  10. Answered

    Sure, I messaged you it on the forums. Can you jail me in-game please?
  11. Keep crashing as I join the server, isn't due to a dynamic tank.