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  1. Denied

    Application denied
  2. Answered

    Everything has been moved except in-game inventory, home, and enderchest. I will move the enderchest and inventory when I get home in a few hours. The sethomes will have to be done when we are both online later in the next day or so. PM me on discord or on the forums when you are online next.
  3. Answered

    I am sorry, the server has a no refund policy, even when the fault is on the server. I will personally take full responsibility for this specific crash as PEX is poorly optimized and I was changing the rank of one of our staff members.
  4. Accepted

    Appeal accepted. However, next time DO NOT message me about your appeal. I see everything that gets posted on here but do not always have the time to respond to it right away.
  5. Accepted

    Appeal accepted You are now unbanned, if it still disconnects you than you are IP banned. You will need to PM me to get that fixed, fastest way to find me is on discord.
  6. Application denied. Abuse. Messaging staff about application process. Knowingly allowing banned players on the server. Applying after being told that it was a waste of your time. Not posting in the proper section. Not following the proper format. Not being on in almost 5 days.
  7. Denied

    Appeal denied. You were caught using fly-hacks. We do not unban hackers via traditional appeal.
  8. Accepted

    Appeal accepted. You should now be unbanned. I also unbanned your discord, if there are any problems message me on there.
  9. Denied

    Application Denied Unfortunately your past actions still resonate to this day and we do not think that you would be appropriate to select you... You may not reapply
  10. Denied

    Application denied - Your Application, especially your Minecraft experience section lacks detail, add some more too it. This can include what other packs you have played / tried, how long you played before moving to another pack, etc. - PS, We shut down our TS server so you can just leave that part out now. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused. You may reapply in one weeks time if the above flaws are corrected.
  11. Denied

    Report Denied. Nothing here shows any proof of him hacking, just you and others accusing him. Also, @doctornoahdaniel DO NOT reply to forum reports unless you are adding relevant information.
  12. Denied

    Truly, I do not see enough disrespect here to warrant much punishment.
  13. Accepted

    Player has been taken care of.
  14. Accepted

    Another player already reported this, and the player was taken care of. Thank you for the report. (Side note, the trolling here is not that big of a deal the problem is the matrix, and also please use /realname (nick) and report them with their true IGN)
  15. Accepted

    Player has been dealt with.