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  1. Game

    Then out of no where, it started raining candy.
  2. Game

    Sin Pie
  3. Game

    Banned, because I needed an entrance to my return to the forums.
  4. Game

    Only to realize that he broke his water bed. (I got you exiled!) Than out of the blue, his bed was floating down the Nile river.
  5. Keep tuned; you never know when a major update might come through! :#
  6. Game

  7. It is not a gamble when there's a 25% chance to obtain something that is worth more than the five bucks you spent.
  8. Game

    Banned, because it's a .gif.
  9. Game

    Banned for not even having a profile image at the time of this banishment.
  10. I dislike immature human beings, which is why I may seem emotionless toward others.

    How about getting to know me, before judging me - much like the cover of a book.

  11. Perhaps mixing some of the donor features with the current high-tier crates could work. However, I don't see why Oblivion would enable such a feature when a lot of these kits and perks would cost more than the actual crate key. For 5$, you're getting something that's worth more than your five bucks.
  12. That will be a neat feature if they do implement that into the launcher!
  13. Game

    Banned, because you also banned me!