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  1. Awaiting Response

    Unfortunately since you never logged on this wipe prior to your name change I cannot confirm whether you actually had General. If you have some sort of proof like a screenshot of your rank in game then I can transfer your rank. Please reply to this post with whatever you may have.
  2. Answered

    Issue Resolved, Your rank has been returned.
  3. Unfortunately I can only return your AR rank. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. Answered

    We require the following. - Proof of purchase (Your PayPal Receipt with transaction ID) - Your players IGN Please respond to this post with that information.
  5. Answered

    We are actively working on resolving your Issue. Sorry for the late reply and the long wait.
  6. Issue Resolved
  7. Can you please provide the server and your IGN
  8. Game

  9. You would have to provide the following. - Purchase transaction numbers. - Your old and current account IGN. Please reply to this post with all that information.
  10. Game

    Shortly after arrival at the camp, he realized that even the Avanafil couldn't help his little guy out.
  11. As Defuse stated in your previous post you need to reimburse Oblivion for the chargeback and any fees that may have been piled on top of that. You can contact him on discord at Oblivion#0537. The story that we've heard countless times STILL doesn't make sense to this day and the little brother tactic is old and overused at this point. Please refrain from making any further posts about this on the website since it won't help your situation get any better, Any further comments and concerns please contact Oblivion directly. Thank You.
  12. Game

    2 6 0
  13. Game

    Banned for being an absolute savage
  14. Game

    Banned for banning twice, you're worse at this game than defuse is.
  15. Accepted

    Application Accepted. Please check your discord DM's.