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  1. Denied

    Appeal Denied. Your appeal has been denied for the follow reasons: - In chat you admitted that you "dropped a grenade last night in warp trade to kill someone". This is directly against the warp trade rules and warrants a 2 day tempban. However, due to lack of a claim from the other party I'm willing to drop the ban down to a 6 hour tempban. Please don't lie again about claiming to never going to warp trade thanks. You may wait out your remaining time of 6 hours.
  2. We don't typically take requests to put items into the shop. There are 30 saplings within the modpack, The shop doesn't even have the room for 5. I have the confidence that you can find the saplings that you are looking for somewhere in the world.
  3. Accepted

    Application Accepted. Please check your discord DM's.
  4. Accepted

    Application Accepted. Please check your discord DM's. Also, Welcome back ;)
  5. 10/10 introduction. Best one I've seen on the website yet
  6. Accepted

    Application Accepted. Please check your discord DM's.
  7. Game

    Death.exe failed
  8. Game

    French kiss the Donald. I've been dying to do it for awhile now Would you rather die by drowning or burning to death
  9. Game

    Banned for discussing a closed server
  10. Game

  11. Please contact Oblivion via discord (Oblivion#0537). I've also removed your images since they provided your personal information.
  12. Also if you had ranks/perks on the Voltz 1.7.10 server for the short time it was up you are eligible for a FREE transfer. Just contact a OP Manager. You are also elegible for a free $5 Store Coupon.
  13. The voltz server is still active, If you are interested about a rank transfer you can contact either defuse or me
  14. Volts 1.12.2 Reloaded The classic Voltz you love but better! We've released an unofficial update to Voltz. Volts 1.12.2 Reloaded! A brand new voltz pack with the classic mods you love plus much more. All included with our very own Official PvP Raid/Grief Server! Some new mods include. ICBM Classic Tinkers Construct Extreme Reactors Applied Energistics 2 Open Computers All of this comes with a brand spanking new 1.12.2 server. BUT WAIT. We know what you’re thinking. 1.12.2 is a buggy mess with that horrible combat. BUT NOT OUR SERVER. We’ve gone out of our way to patch many of the bugs/glitches associated with 1.12.2 in addition to this we’ve also added Classic Combat for that rich minecraft experience that everyone misses. Download the modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/volts-1122-reloaded.1526410 Server Address: voltz1122.oblivion-networks.com Check out the trailer!: Feel free to ask any questions below!