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  1. Denied

    That's a strong accusation and you've provided absolutely no evidence. Please provide some, if you are unable to then this report is denied.
  2. Denied

    Report Denied
  3. Accepted

    I believe it's settled, to confirm properly can you contact me on Discord (Oblivion#0537) as some details are best not posted publically.
  4. Application Accepted, sorry for the slow reply! Please contact me directly on Discord, Oblivion#0537
  5. Denied

    Appeal overruled. Hackers are not unbanned.
  6. Denied

    Appeal denied. Your appeal has been denied for the following reason: - Requesting a manual review You may re-appeal in one week.
  7. Contact me on Discord, Oblivion#0537 and we can resolve this there.
  8. Accepted

    Application Accepted!
  9. Defuse is easily replaced, he didn't do anything technical.
  10. The patch is client side and is only released to staff at the moment as it would provide an unfair advantage to some players (Whop a tank down, put some oil in there, anyone without the fix cant raid you). We do plan on releasing it in the future when we have the power to distribute it to the user base fairly.
  11. I can throw more servers up but the issue is they require maintenance - which takes time. Unfortunately, I'm the only developer here and my hands are full. As far as new servers go not many are planned.
  12. Which server?
  13. Answered

    Could you provide a crash report please
  14. Hi, Your issue should be resolved, the commands have been re queue'd @ThorinSwamofoot That would not be the case, you were NOT banned for posting multiple times, that's not what we do. It's most likely due to the offence you committed (Which again... we don't ban for posting questions.)