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  1. Resolved.
  2. Awaiting Response

    Hi, please post your crash report. you can delete all the sensitive info like co ords, dim etc
  3. No, the only way to be unbanned would be to refund the $202.50 you charged back plus pay any fees paypal imposed due to the chargeback
  4. Upon reembursing the money you charged back/any fees that paypal added on top of that you can be unbanned
  5. Answered

  6. Answered

  7. Accepted

    Application Accepted
  8. Denied

    Application Denied. I did not realise it was 2021 How was time travel invented? Please indulge me
  9. Sorted.
  10. Hi, I don't see any record of a purchase under your old ID, Can you provide proof of transaction
  11. Accepted

    Resolved. Sorry about that.
  12. Answered

    Hi, What is your old IGN