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  2. Join FUSION! One of OBNW's most active and upcoming factions! We're open to inviting people into the faction!!! To join simply fill out this form! Fusion is currently 11 members strong. We have a unique role system, including a towny and city system (under development). We also have a discord server which is used for planning, communication and general fun. To join you do not require experience! Just love, ideas, creativity and dedication. To learn more, PM me or LightVelocity on discord or on the website. Good luck!
  3. Hey everyone, here is a quick guide to colours you can use ingame! OBNW has the "Essentials" bukkit plugin therefore allowing players to use many fancy colours in Minecraft! You can use these in /f title or to add colour to signs! By using this symbol "ยง" you can apply the same colours to books. Here is a list of codes for available colours: &0 BLACK &1 DARK BLUE &2 DARK GREEN &3 DARK AQUA &4 DARK RED &5 DARK PURPLE &6 GOLD &7 GRAY &8 DARK GRAY &9 INDIGO &A GREEN &B AQUA &C RED &D PINK &E YELLOW &F WHITE &M STRIKE THROUGH &N UNDERLINED &L BOLD &K RANDOM &O ITALIC Take note: Some signs will become blank if placed on certain tiles - prevents duping glitches etc The use of "&k" in /f title isn't a great idea, can be horrid for faction members to look at. If you try to use these in chat, nothing will happen. All players have the same colour, apart from Staff. These colours will work with /nick (however only JrAdmins+ can apply colours) You cannot admin colours however (&0 and &4) All of the codes can be used like brackets eg /f title EdgarP01 &d&kdj&k&e&lLeader&l&d&kdj&k&e How to change the colour in books: Hope this helps! Enjoy. EdgarP01
  4. Mojang does not support the version of minecraft that Voltz uses (1.5.2). Therefore, everyone is set to the default "Steve" skin. This will rectify the issue. This method has been approved by the OBNW, therefore it does not violate any of our server rules. Here is how: 1. Download this skins mod, it was specifically made to combat this issue: Skin Patch 2. Open the technic launcher (make sure Voltz is not running) 3. Click on "Modpack Options" . 4. Click on "open" 5. Open "Coremods" 6. Move the "LumySkinPatch" to folder "coremods". Opening "LumySkinPatch" won't do anything. 7. Close the Technic Launcher. Then reopen it. Load Voltz. All skins should load as normal (not steve!) Any questions please reply below or PM me. Cheers. -Edgar
  5. What Server are you applying for? Voltz What is your In Game Name? EdgarP01 What is your TeamSpeak Name? Edgar What is your time zone? UK - BST When are you available? I work on my PC 24/7 so technically I'm always around; I've always got discord open and I can be ingame in around 2 mins after being notified. What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends Around 4 hours every morning and 2 later into the evenings. I usually log on at weekends for longer. Especially as its now summer break. The homework/coursework load is not too high so I do have quite a bit of spare time. What is your In Game Rank? I am a Sergeant, I've donated in the past, about a year ago, for a couple perks (fly/god/homes) When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth) I've played Minecraft almost since it came out (so around 2010). Playing on faction servers and hosting servers for my friends to play though adventure maps is basically part of my childhood now. After I watched the Yogscast play voltz I was inspired to give it a try and ever since I've been gripped!! So I've played Voltz for around four years now, I'm very experienced with almost everything, I have hundred of tips to give out about bases, their designs, how to use stuff etc. I find voltz to be one of the better technic modpacks, the version of minecraft it uses is one of the best (in my opinion the newer ones are kinda tacky) I think that blowing stuff up is very satisfying too, for me ti has all the right mods that you'd want in a modpack to have a fun and affordable time in Minecraft! I do understand RedNet to an extent, I am less experienced at Galacticraft (but do know most things about it) What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill? This is not the first time of me applying for staff on this network, about two years ago I applied and earned the rank of "Moderator" (Voltz). Therefore I am familiar with how this network runs. In my opinion the rules of this network are excellent, clear and effective. The community as a whole is excellent. In my time away from OBNW I've been staff in a couple TF2 servers which hasn't been any serious moderating (just lots of mutes and rare bans). I am very reliable at enforcing rules as seen previously by being entrusted with moderator in which i was responsible for dealing with in game issues such as players breaking the rules including: scamming, lying to staff, killing grunts/scouts etc. I have previously administered my own server (wasn't popular but had to organise lots and learnt a lot too). Overall, I have a clear understanding of the rules and understand how to and how to implement them correctly and log them correctly too (software has probably changed since last). I ended up leaving my moderator role because the amount of work i had was too much for me to fulfill my role effectively. After I left my rank of Moderator i did join the OBNW build team for a while and help build the Hexxit spawn (think it was hexxit however cannot remember if it was used). Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) I'd love to get re-involved with the OBNW community and start to share my knowledge, hand out tips and improve the quality of gameplay within the servers. I do genuinely enjoy teaching new players new tricks and showing some of the more experienced players little tips to improve. I can help with almost all aspects of gameplay and it is a lot of fun to watch players develop and learn new things! I enjoy having fun teaching whilst also making sure that players do stick to the rules and do not try to get around them either. Who are you? Give us a little information on yourself My IRL name is Edgar, many people call me "Ed". Live in Surrey,UK (Its coming home! EDIT: It's not, oh well.) Going into year 13 which absolutely sucks but that's life. I'm into my sailing, am a qualified instructor who sailing for most of my saturday (minus the evening). Love a bit of CSGO or Vanilla or TF2. Did thoroughly enjoy playing Firewatch. What is your Age? 17 (19.01) What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths Weaknesses Helpful. Obsessive over details. Funny and nice, chatty. Can be too nice over raiding (only raiding though rule breakers don't deserve sympathy) Productive. Can sometimes get some spelling wrong especially if typing in a hurry. Enjoys taking time to make things look good (and they do) Can get bored quickly. Easily finds solutions (that work) Will always stand my ground and stick to my word. Speedy typing. Strict. Additional Information (optional) Cannot stand people who lie, honestly they're the worst sort of people! About 7 months ago I went through the voltz spawn and reported every single spelling mistake to Pat who paid me for doing so - attention to detail coming through! Cheers for taking the time to read! I hope I'm accepted! -Edgar