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  1. Hi which link were you trying to use (we can update it then)
  2. Sorted ✔️
  3. Game

  4. You could use them in claimed land, but there are easier methods... Mind sharing your method?
  5. We saw it, we deleted it. Thanks.
  6. Yes, nukes have that effect on bedrock. You cannot go through the bedrock as you are instantly teleported back. Going under bedrock is against our rules too. Also, you placed this under Tekkit Legends not Voltz. We are aware of all the bugs in voltz as well. If you find any further "bugs" please let us know in our discord.
  7. Hi, this only happens is space. Besides, you don't really need it in space? Also, this is a bug (we're aware).
  8. Game

  9. Game

  10. Thank you Isa, very cool! Does look and read very well though. Good job! Salty :P
  11. Game

    Banned for forgetting that ITS A DLC
  12. Hi everyone, As seen above, there are a couple ?'s over the name of the pack, finding it etc. I have purposely been very vague over the name of the pack due to issues over it being taken down by technic. If you want the link to it. Join our discord or PM Edgar#4351 on discord or though the website. ~EdgarP01
  13. Resolved.
  14. @_sanguinius You have been jailed. Please log on immediately to be unjailed or PM me on Discord Edgar#4351 ~EdgarP01
  15. Pssst. Menu>Controls>Opencomputers>clipboard pasting There are plenty of really good guides on how to code; However here are some basics install -> First time of running the software edit <new> -> writing software. ctrl + S = save ctrl + w = close df -> shows storage mount -> mounts disks Label -> configures names Rename -> renames the program