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  1. Pssst. Menu>Controls>Opencomputers>clipboard pasting There are plenty of really good guides on how to code; However here are some basics install -> First time of running the software edit <new> -> writing software. ctrl + S = save ctrl + w = close df -> shows storage mount -> mounts disks Label -> configures names Rename -> renames the program
  2. Thanks for reporting, this has now been dealt with. EdgarP01
  3. A quick guide on how to install Voltz 2.0! Voltz 2.0, code name: Operation Phoenix, has finally been released! Here's how to download & install it! 1. Download the modpack (click here) Noted bug: Just go to your downloads file and it should be ready (compiling error). #blamebill 2. Open it Select the file and then click extract all. 3. Press Windows key + R and enter %appdata% 4. Open .technic 5. Open "modpacks" 6. Drag the file across. 7. Open Technic and click on the new modpack! 8. EDIT: YOU MUST THEN SEARCH FOR IT BY TYPING IT INTO THE LAUNCHER To be noted: - You must have the most recent version of Java installed to ensure maximum performance! (1.8.0_201) - Report ALL bugs that you find to us on our discord! /discord See you all ingame! ~EdgarP01
  4. Hi, PM about this, I won't be able to refund your items however. EdgarP01
  5. Game

    Banned for accusing my friend djt of lying >:( also on an O-LED screen you can't see "Manager" #blameoblivion
  6. Game

  7. Accepted

    Report Accepted. The player has been dealt with. Thank you for the report. -EdgarP01
  8. @Woolyshep Be sure to keep up to date with all our server events on our discord! Join link: https://discord.gg/mcMaVXp EdgarP01
  9. Here is a list of ALL of our current servers: Discord: https://discord.gg/mcMaVXp Tekkit Legends (PVP): legendspvp.oblivion-networks.com Tekkit Legends (PVE): legendspve.oblivion-networks.com Voltz: voltz.oblivion-networks.com Further details: Technic pack for voltz (2.0.4): https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/voltz.552677 Technic pack for legends (1.1.1): https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkit-legends.735902 made just to make life extra easier for anyone who can't find a link to the discord.
  10. Added to the forever growing list of things to do. Thanks @Mrkibbles EdgarP01
  11. They tracked you here. You must have not relogged before going home? Therefore they can INSTANTLY find your base coordinates as soon as you arrive at your base. Learn more about trackers here -> https://www.voltzwiki.com/wiki/Tracker EdgarP01
  12. Report accepted. Only one of the players required actions taken against them however. Thank you for reporting. EdgarP01
  13. Nice thinking but its what @williamnorge said.
  14. If you are rank Master or higher - contact staff and they will set you up with your own private discord voice channel. EdgarP01