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  1. Hey there, please DM me either on discord #Edgar4351 with your receipts. Also with your IGN including previous IGNs. Thanks Ed
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    Hi there, if you could please PM Oblivion with your log that would be the best option. If you're unsure PM me on the discord. Joining link is below. -Eddy
  4. Long ago I started to create underground bases which I'd sell to new players at a reasonable price. The base would contain basic defenses and machines as well as an aesthetically pleasing design. You could try this out!
  5. /home out of build world ❤️
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  8. excuse what is this, i must know
  9. Helper Mr kibbles 6/9
  10. 6.7
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  13. Hi @robloxin68 to transfer a rank from server to server there is a small fee. Please contact SrStaff on our discord! *link below in bio* -EdgarP01
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    Hi @Mrjackson please follow the proper reporting format and be sure to include evidence with it. The report template: Thanks -EdgarP01