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  1. Game

    They didn't have any Prozac but they did have Avanafil. Which he kindly donated to poor Mr @Fish1062
  2. Game

  3. Application Accepted. Please check your DM's.
  4. Fixed.
  5. You have been jailed.
  6. Appeal Accepted. You're now unbanned.
  7. Resolved.
  8. Hi could you please PM me the receipts of your transactions. Either through website PM OR via discord. Thanks
  9. Hi @Red08sand Absolutely everything is deleted - including your enderchest. There is no way of keeping items through this wipe. However, you in game rank will remain. EdgarP01
  10. Hi which link were you trying to use (we can update it then)
  11. Sorted ✔️
  12. Game

  13. You could use them in claimed land, but there are easier methods... Mind sharing your method?
  14. We saw it, we deleted it. Thanks.
  15. Yes, nukes have that effect on bedrock. You cannot go through the bedrock as you are instantly teleported back. Going under bedrock is against our rules too. Also, you placed this under Tekkit Legends not Voltz. We are aware of all the bugs in voltz as well. If you find any further "bugs" please let us know in our discord.