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  2. Hi, the correct command is /ev Sorry for any confusion :)
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  4. Hey Edgar I was wondering about applying for a helper position on the tekkit Legends server and wondered if I could send it to you because the forum is down. If so let me know thank you.

    1. Edgar


      Hi there patrickbauman11

      Please read this page very carefully, then go ahead and create an application in the correct area.

      Our main site, which is never usually down: https://oblivion-networks.com/forum/



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    They didn't have any Prozac but they did have Avanafil. Which he kindly donated to poor Mr @Fish1062
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  8. Application Accepted. Please check your DM's.
  9. Fixed.
  10. You have been jailed.
  11. Appeal Accepted. You're now unbanned.
  12. Resolved.
  13. Hi could you please PM me the receipts of your transactions. Either through website PM OR via discord. Thanks
  14. Hi @Red08sand Absolutely everything is deleted - including your enderchest. There is no way of keeping items through this wipe. However, you in game rank will remain. EdgarP01
  15. Hi which link were you trying to use (we can update it then)