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  1. Accepted

    Application Accepted Please DM me on Discord.
  2. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Please DM me on Discord Edgar#4351
  3. Accepted

    Application accepted. You have been unbanned.
  4. Accepted

    Appeal Accepted! You have been unbanned.
  5. Accepted

    Application Accepted! Please DM me on discord. Edgar#4351
  6. All servers are offline for updates and upgrades. Join our discord for live updates. https://discord.gg/uYYRP6q
  7. Original Voltz is currently shut for maintenance, because of security concerns. We'll announce when we're opening and we do not have an ETA currently.
  8. Denied

    Application Denied. Your application is very good! If you rejoin our updated server and reapply we would reconsider this application. Apologies for not responding sooner, it was buried!
  9. Voltz 1.12.2 is now open! The giant update is FINALLY out. ip: voltz2.oblivion-networks.com Download the pack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/volts-1122-reloaded.1526410
  10. I'll fix this when the servers go live. Thanks.
  11. Currently all of our servers are shut for maintenance. A major overhaul of the network is currently underway. For all updates and latest info please join our discord: https://discord.gg/e4aeYfE Our servers: Voltz: voltz.oblivion-networks.com Voltz 1.12.2: voltz2.oblivion-networks.com <- Major update soon!
  12. Accepted

    Application Accepted. You will be able to re-join once the servers are back online.
  13. Accepted

    Appeal Accepted. You have been un-banned. You will be able to re-join the server once they are back up after maintenance.
  14. Hey there, Our servers are currently down for maintenance! Join our discord for updates: https://discord.gg/uYYRP6q
  15. Denied

    Application Denied. - Your application lacks detail throughout. Please read successful applications to get a "feel" for how detailed they should be. - You appear to be inexperienced at the modpack after watching you play for an extended period of time. You may re-apply in 2-3 weeks time if these flaws are corrected.