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  1. Game

    Never speak again. Would you rather Hillary or Trump as president?
  2. Accepted

    Report accepted. The player will be dealt with, and the land-claim overridden as soon as possible. Note: When issuing a player report, please be specific as to which Tekkit-Legends server you are referring to (PvE or PvP).
  3. Epics is right, this happens when you are low enough to bedrock that the field tries to generate in the void. Try making it smaller or using translation modules to get it above bedrock, or add a dome module to the upgrades slots to cut off the lower half of the field.
  4. Accepted

    You were already unbanned a few minutes ago. You're being given the benefit of a doubt, given that you may have been experiencing a glitch from your unequipped Power Armour.
  5. Dynamic Tanks Its seems that many players still have trouble avoiding Dynamic-Tank crash-loops on Voltz, so I'm posting this to try and help you avoid them. When building Dynamic tanks, please build them so that they are larger than a MINIMUM of 3x3x3 blocks on the inside (5x5x5 on the outside). Preferably build them even much larger than this - the bigger the better to an extent. This, while not making you immune to Dynamic Tank crashes, will greatly help you avoid them. If you DO experience a Dynamic Tank crash loop, please report it on the forums under the correct topic, for staff to help you out. DO NOT go back to the base where the tank is located unless senior-staff tell you it is safe to do so. By following these steps you will usually avoid any problems, making life easier for yourself and for the staff If you have any questions feel free to reply to this topic below, and I or someone else will help you out. Thanks - DJ
  6. Denied

    You also need to specify which Tekkit-Legends server you are applying for (PvP or PvE)
  7. I know this is the case in Voltz, and I'm fairly sure it applies to Tekkit-Legends too; you'll need to wait for a JnrAdmin+ from that server to change it for you, as players don't have access to the colour-codes.
  8. Thats alright. I was referring to the Voltz server, In regards to Legends-PvP, you'll have to wait for one of the staff from that server to reply.
  9. Usually all you need to do is log out of Technic Launcher and back in again.
  10. Wait a second, I just realized that while this is posted in the Voltz section, it has a Tekkit Legends tag. Which server are you referring to?
  11. Since you've been gone, the entire server's reset. Everything except ranks and donations was reset. Your ingame donor money will be refunded when staff can get around to it.
  12. The Legends-PvP server has been having some issues on and off. Just wait for a while and it should come back on. Also, please post in the correct forum topic. Thanks
  13. Np, I can't really help with the launcher though.
  14. Our Currently active servers: Voltz: Tekkit Legends PvP: PvE: Pixelmon:
  15. Game

    170! Titanic are you unable to count? xD