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  1. Never heard of this problem on legends before, I'll look into it
  2. Important

    So thatd be -0.00001 rep? Not bad, I'll take it. If you just have a screenshot of yourself talking in chat, that will be enough
  3. Denied

    Application Denied Your application had been denied for the following reasons: - You have proven yourself to be immature. You have caused problems ingame, broken rules on the forums, then used alts to do it again. This is not the sort of person we want on our staff team. You may reapply in 1 Months time of your attitude has changed and you've proven yourself to be mature and trustworthy.
  4. It is with deep regret that we must announce the closure of our OBNW Legends-PvP Server The Legends-PvE server will remain open This closure has been forced by a lack of players on the server, and the transfer of the server website to the box. I would like to personally thank anyone who was a part of our legends pvp community, apologise for the inconvenience, and invite you to continue the fun on our PvE server ( In due time, the lobby sever will be closed as well FAQ What if I still want to fight people? You will be able to! Construction is under way on brand new pvp arenas on pve! What about my donor stuff? If you owned a donor rank or perk on PvP, you can have it transferred to our PvE server. Simply reply below with your In-Game name, Rank/Perk, and (if you have it) any proof. Reply to this topic with your In-game name and your donor rank/kit/perk What about my ranks and AR time? We are also willing to transfer AutoRank times and ranks BUT you must supply unedited proof of your rank (such as a screenshot of your "/ar check" or you talking ingame). We apologise for this being necessary, but I no longer have the ability to check our records for your AR times. Screenshots must be UN-EDITED, UN-CROPPED Attempted forgery may get you banned Reply to this topic with your In-game name, your rank & time, your evidence, and the date the screenshot was taken (look at the image file's name) Do I get to keep my money (/bal)? The exact same thing applies to your balance: if you are able to prove what you had on PvP with a screenshot, we can transfer your balance. Screenshots must be UN-EDITED, UN-CROPPED Attempted forgery may get you banned Reply to this topic with your In-game name, your balance, your evidence and the date the screenshot was taken (look at the image file's name) Will I get my items and EMC back? Unfortunately no, we will not be transferring any player data, items, emc amounts, transmutation tables, sethomes or the like Can I become staff? Go for it! Apply in our Staff Applications section here on the forums ENQUIRIES If you have any questions or concerns, you can reply to this topic below and either myself or an Op Manager will respond Alternatively you can PM me on the forums or chat on our discord server If I am unavailable and you need urgent help, contact any Legends PvE staff or Op Managers
  5. Which server did this happen on; PvP or PvE?
  6. The vote is over. Congrats to the winner @brandonlk and runner-up @Fraz1919 !
  7. Nice work! The voting has now begun over at Good luck
  8. So let's vote on the winner! Check out this post to see the entries
  9. Accepted

    Application Accepted!
  10. Legends build competition! We are having a competition as to the best-looking "castle-themed" build on either Tekkit-Legends server! The winner will be picked by public vote, and will win a platinum rank (or an upgrade on their current donor rank) + $3000 ingame cash, on the Legends server of their choice To enter: Post a couple of screenshots of your build (all in one post) in this thread, below PM me your coordinates, or make sure they're in the post Include your in-game name in the post You can submit multiple builds (up to 5) if you like - but all builds that appear to have not had any real effort put into them, or are smaller than 1 chunk will be discounted The builds do not necessarily have to be castle-themed but these will earn you extra favour To be eligible to win you must follow these rules: The build must be on one of our 2 servers It must be your own original build, not someone else's, and not schematica It must be claimed under your name (GriefPrevention if on pve, /f claim if on pvp) No cheating of any kind You can vote for your own build if you like, but ONE ACCOUNT. Any form of vote rigging with alts or other people will mean disqualification and punishment. If you have been a serious rule-breaker on legends in the past, you may be disqualified After 1 week from now, a vote will be opened on the website and you can all vote on the best build. I hope we can see some cool builds! If you have any questions feel free to contact me or any legends staff
  11. Accepted

    Report Accepted It has been dealt with
  12. Accepted

    Accepted This player has already been banned for hacking
  13. If you wish to report staff member for abusive behavior please make a formal report in the correct section, with relevant evidence. When raiding someone's base it is not against the rules to place a matrix in the remains, and in fact this is a fairly common practice. The fact that Bunny is staff is totally irrelevant as he is just doing something that any player can do if they wish. Other than matrices not being allowed to kill people in the spawn location, they are totally allowed in space stations, regardless of who owns them. Voltz can be a tough modpack, and getting raided or killed is basically the whole point of it. Its rough for beginning players in a server but that's what makes it work.
  14. Accepted

    Accepted: This had already been resolved.
  15. Denied

    Appeal Denied You were not tempbanned for "homophobia" & "racism", you were tempbanned for bypassing your mute you earned from chat violations, with a faction name - the punishment for which is a tempban.