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  1. Hey Community, I have had multiple people ask me about rank transfers and if you can actually do them or not. To clear this up, rank transfers are available and if you are thinking about transferring your rank across servers you can do so by messaging oblivion first for the payment and then by contacting an OP manager to confirm the transfer. But please take note that rank transfers are NOT FREE there will be a small price of $20 and an extra $10 for your perks, and perks are only included if you purchase the rank transfer for $20. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks.
  2. Accepted

    Thank you for letting us know about the situation, We are sorry you did not get your warning and we will look into it. Remember to read the rules, spamming is not tolerated.
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    Banned for ShipWreked
  4. Bugs and errors are appointed to the devs, but safezone and spawn will be fixed soon. And yes there is a manager.
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    Application accepted.
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    Application is denied for the following reasons. - You do not have a week in TeamSpeak. You may reapply in a weeks time if the flaws above has been fixed.
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    stop bully
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    Ape stop
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    running Monkey