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  1. Accepted

    Report Accepted. The Player will be dealt with. Thank you for the report.
  2. Denied

    Report Denied This report has been denied for the following reasons: Invalid form of Evidence Evidence for chat offences must be in the form of in game screenshots. Please fix the evidence presentation if possible and report him once again, thanks you.
  3. Game

  4. Game

    bad man
  5. Game

    scary man
  6. Game

    long game
  7. Game

    charming boy
  8. Game

    Gold Coin
  9. Game

    Silver Fish
  10. Game

    food fight!
  11. Game

    sticky web
  12. Game

    After Exiled's revival DJT ran some funky experiments such as the Reverse Michael Jackson skin therapy experiment and burned Exiled's skin chalk black!
  13. Game

    After the funeral Exileds parents sold his corpse to a mad scientist called DJT for 8 cents.
  14. Game

    Then Exiled remembered that he had his phone with him so he started Calling Oblivion!
  15. Game

    "PROMTE ME PLEASE DADDY, I'm also really in to Bornies", Exiled and Raiden then swam away as fast as they could from the titanic sharks as their bites would turn them in to Bronies too.