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  1. Denied

    1) Your in game name (IGN): X_Longo_X/Zuam 2) When were you banned?: Originally 3ish years ago for xray Then last year 3) Why were you banned?: First for xraying then got unbanned and rebanned after falsifying evidence on Stobbzy xraying and also after being told xraying is perm ban with no chance of unban and that my unban was a mistake in the first place. 4) Who banned you (if known)?: Can't remember. 5) Why should we unban you?: I've noticed a couple other people who have previously hacked have been unbanned and wanted to test my luck one final time in hope I'll have some mercy thrown my way since its been so long since my original ban and I have already been very apologetic about the falsifying of a report on stobbzy. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: Voltz
  2. Accepted

    Also. Stobbzy I will throw a quote back at you just as you did to me. "I don't want to throw away a friendship it is only a game. Deal with it and play csgo" And I recomend you do the same. Because I didn't do this to break a friendship I did this to prove a point that I can be just as much a evil prick as you when I want to be. Just don't deny it and take it like a man. They may even take it easy on you since you are staff and you stopped hacking as soon as you got staff almost.
  3. Accepted

    Server: Oblivion-Networks.com Player you are reporting's IGN: Stobbzy Your IGN: X_Longo_X - Banned and don't want unbanning. Infraction Committed: Hacking Date of Infraction: From about 25th of april til about a week after he got helper. Summary: He hacked along side with me. I hacked for the first 2 weeks and I don't mind admitting this for the simple matter of I don't wana play anymore. However stobbzy/unknown69/frost hacked too now I know this just seems like I'm trying to throw blame around to just ruin a reputation and I could see how that would seem the case however I have proof. I did show this proof to exiled but I don't feel he took me seriously as I was obviously insided by him and also banned recently. I don't see the point in lying to you all over a staff member of yours hacking. I will give you one thing stobbzy. You don't hack anymore since you are staff and decided to take it seriously but don't try deny the evidence because I have more than just this proof to back up that this is your skype and that this is you that hacked and stuff like that. If the staff would like that proof please contact me directly but the proof I'll post here is the important part. Evidence of Infraction: *BMP files can't be uploaded here so I posted them on imgur so I could post them here. I just hope this post is taken seriously instead of taken as a joke. +============================================================+
  4. Denied

    I was just more annoied at first but now I see this as more of a learning curve for the staff. As in it would be really useful to take my suggestion for the ban appeal spreadsheet so this sort of thing doesn't happen again. Because trust me nothing worse than being banned after 2 months of playing even though you did nothing wrong lol. I'm understandably annoied but at the same time I'm not ranting or being aggressive or not intentally anyway. Either way I'm tired so I'm going to get going. I'll pop back into forums tomorrow and see whats going on and if required I'll post a less "Ranty and agressive" post. I am sorry if you feel it was agressive though.
  5. Denied

    I'm not ranting :) I clearly state I'm being calm about it and I am only posting that I did nothing wrong as of when I was unbanned. If the admins would like I can reword any part of this I didn't mean any of this to seem like a rant or even agressive in anyway and if staff feel like it is then I'm sorry and I'll be willing to repost.
  6. Denied

    I know that never said it wasn't. I'm classing him as an admin as they all have the same role minus the owner has more responsibility and has to pay for the server. I grant them that. But when you owned your server stobbzy I classted you as admin not owner. So same thing here.
  7. Denied

    This is going to be a fun one.. So, I was banned again. I wouldn't have been supprised if it was 2-3 days or even a week after I was unbanned but almost 2 months down the line and I was overruled on my ban. Personally I don't think this was fair. I was granted a second chance and I took that chance with pride and I took that chance and used it to the maximum potential by not hacking, being toxic or even breaking any rules. I tried everything to stay clear of being banned again. Then the invis in pvp happend. Which was an accident as the rule was only just introduced about an hour or so erlier. I guess what I am trying to say is that durin my chance to show I was playing legit with no hacks or xray did I not prove that enough? Did I not show I did nothing by using hacks? Did I not show I wasn't toxic? Did I not even show I was calm in the one situation that normally breaks players, when I was banned I was really calm about it since I knew I would be perm banned if I did anything wrong. I didn't do anything durin the time I was unbanned and I guess what I'm saying is just please unban me I mean I did waste 2 months of my own time thanx to this situation. SUGGESTION: For the love of god do not do this again with the whole overruled thing. It really is annoying. I recomend instead of doing the whole overruled thing 2 months after the unban you should make a spreadsheet with a bunch of ban appeal links on it and next to each link there is a section for each admin to say yes or no the the unban and then from that all the admins have a say instead of one admin having a say and then the other select few having a different opinion such as with my ban appeal. Because trust me. There is nothing more fustrating than being banned 2 months after an unban even though you did nothing wrong but still you got banned because of an overruled. I genuinely can't belive I'm calm about this. Normally by this point I've flipped my *CENSORED* and am banned from a forum. I guess you're the lucky ones. Just please unban me.
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