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  1. Accepted

    What Server are you applying for? Voltz What is your In Game Name? St0bbZy What is your TeamSpeak Name? St0bbZy What is your time zone? 00:00 GMT When are you available? I have recently started college but would be available Mon-Wed anytime after 4pm, Thursday all day as I have the day off and Friday after 4pm. What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable) Titan When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth) All information will be checked As mentioned in my previous application that was accepted after it all went downhill, you may know that I started playing Minecraft in 2012 near the end, I bought it for a christmas present for 12 year old me, started to play a load of Survival Servers and eventually became staff on a server getting around 10-20 players a day, eventually that came to an end and I was then playing Mineplex in 2013, after me and my friend got bored he told me about the technic launcher and I started to play Voltz. We played on a server called Accretion Networks, once that eventually shut down I took my own time and started playing other modpacks such as Hexxit, Tekkit and even FTB Lanucher mods like skyfactory. I got bored of these and decided to return to Voltz on a server called Digital Hazard Voltz, I remember getting raided and I rage quit the server. I wanted to make my own server so in this case I did and decided to name it Voltz Electrified (Don't know if you heard of it but we were popular, around 20+ players at UK night time). It was really popular at night and I really enjoyed getting experience from it. I have had also my own servers on Vanilla and currently making one as we speak. So what happened after the whole Longo/Sto0bbZy fall out you ask? Well, I didn't return to Voltz for a while, I was really adamant to get playing again so I was speaking to DJ and eventually got back into Voltz after more than a year. However I have been mod on multiple servers in this time, many of which have shut down. I have gained experience as of which can hopefully help me, if I am successful. What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) I never really had any experience until I moved onto Hexxit/Tekkit where I made my first ever server which I was really pleased about. My server started getting popular over time. I had a few donations, eventually it died and that's when I decided to go back to Voltz. I wanted a Voltz server. So I made one called VoltzElectrified. I don't know if you would remember that server but I was the owner ;). Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill? I have also been a chat-mod on Accretion networks. Back in the old days of voltz when I played I applied for staff which after applying I got the role in 2 days. They said I was good enough and my experience was really good. I have great knowledge of plugins aswell as coding a few. After my role as chat-mod. I decided I wanted too be a helper instead. So I helped other with the technical side of this modpack and the players were really happy with what I did. I also had to monitor chat at the same time which I was happy too do, as long as it helped the server. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) Please answer thoroughly I have been mod on here before, wanting to get it back. I had to fulfill the expectations of being a friendly helper. Helping players out and making them feel welcome and part of the community we have. I want the best for players always as they help the server stay up. I would be more than happy to become a Helper again because I really do enjoy this Modpack and aswell as helping players out. I have my experience as a owner, chat-mod and a helper so I don't see why I shouldn't apply for such an enticing role. I really am the type of person to help other players. I would like to make any negative situation a positive one and make the server be a nice and friendly community. I want too be a helper on this server as it is popular and to show players what voltz is really made of. Oblivion is a really big server and for an under rated modpack it still gets more players. I would like to make players feel welcome and humble to this server as we want to build a community as big as possible. I am not the type of player who is bad or nasty to others, I am a friendly person and I hope others will see that If I was too get the chance to be staff on here once again. Who are you? Give us a little information on yourself My names Adam. Players St0bbZy. I was born in England in a city called Newcastle. I love to play games in my spare time especially CSGO and Voltz. I love to watch my football team, Newcastle United play and we also just got promoted and back where we belong, in the Premier League, Nice ;). I hate my college and can't wait too get out of that place. I am studying IT Level 3 and hoping to become a professional IT Technician or at least have a job in the IT department. What is your Age? 18 (19 in November) What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths: - Communication Skills - Funny Guy. I can have a laugh with others. - When it comes too it I can be serious if there is a serious matter. - Friendly guy in general. Weaknesses: - Can be immature at times but I would know when too stop. +============================================================+ Just want to say. I have loved being Helper here before. Love the server and the staff. I hope you see me worthy enough to once again be a Helper. Even If I am unsuccessful I still thank you for considering it.
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    Banned for this post being very innactive
  4. 1) Your in game name (IGN): St0bbZy 2) When were you banned?: Sometime back in 2017 (June, I believe) 3) Why were you banned?: Hacking/ X-Ray (I never actually used it to my advantage or to raid) 4) Who banned you (if known)?: Exiled, I think. 5) Why should we unban you?: I should be unbanned because I just want a second chance. Like I said in my other appeals, I have learnt my lesson. I have hardly played Minecraft ever since I got banned. You can even check my PC if you really must. Yes, I did use X-Ray but I did not use it for any advantage. I used it on a rare occasion and that was specifically for my base only. (so I could see where I was mining and avoid lava etc.) I honestly have no words. I admitted to using it to Exiled at the time and I hold my hands up, Im sorry. I won't be doing it again. You can search my PC, I can talk to anyone on Teamspeak, Discord, Whatever, that is totally fine. All I ask for is a second chance. You can keep an eye on me when on the server, do what you must. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: Oblivion Voltz
  5. Denied

    1) Your in game name (IGN): St0bbZy 2) When were you banned?: Sometime in June. 3) Why were you banned?: Hacking. 4) Who banned you (if known)?: Pretty sure it was Exiled. 5) Why should we unban you?: Because I am an idiot. I shouldn't have done what I did (X-Ray). Seriously I now regret what I did and I am paying the price. I know I cheated and I know it was wrong. I have learned my lesson and from my last appeal you can even check my PC when I start playing. I hope you can forgive me, we all make mistakes. Fair enough I didn't use it that often, literally only to build my base but yes I admitted to using it. I hope you can forgive me as I have learned my lesson. I would like to play again, you can do even monitor me when I play I don't care. I literally would like to just be back playing on the server because I ENJOY IT. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: Oblivion Voltz PS: I have a crappy laptop till about November/December as I sold my PC. I can't even launch up Minecraft, its that bad, seriously.
  6. Denied

    1) Your in game name (IGN): St0bbZy 2) When were you banned?: Last Month 3) Why were you banned?: I was banned because I admitted too X-Ray. 4) Who banned you (if known)?: Exiled 5) Why should we unban you?: So last month I got banned because of X-Ray. Yes I used X-Ray BUT It was only for building my base for 30x30 rooms. I did not intend to use it as an advantage in the Voltz Server as I did not raid anyone with it. I only used it for my own base. I got a player report last month with a screenshot from Longo. I have proof that it was for a different modpack and NOT for Voltz. I got X-Ray myself but like I said I did NOT use it towards my advantage for raiding, and I will never do that. I donated about 60-70USD and Im an idiot for using X-Ray, I know. I have learned from this experience, I will not do it again and you can even search my pc if you wish. :) 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: Oblivion Voltz
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    Lets burn
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    171! :D
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  10. Hello :) My names Stobbzy but other call me fr0st. My real names Adam and Im 17 from the UK. Players from the OBNW Voltz server will mostly know me as I am a Helper on that server. I'm a pretty chill guy you can ask me anything :). I started playing Voltz again a few weeks before the reset and I just got back into Voltz from there. After being tempted too apply for staff I eventually did 2 weeks after the reset. I got the Helper staff role and from there just played Voltz whenever I could . I have the occasional break or rest due to family or college stuff. I would say I am highly dedicated too this awesome server as I ahve donated for Titan. I donated because I was committed to playing Voltz again, and well, here I am. I have played Voltz for a number of years and have enjoyed every last second. Other than that I am 5'10 and love playing games. Especially CSGO. I am Supreme. :D
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    Banned for being a shark person. :D
  14. Well lower the chance a little more of them spawning at least. <3
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    It wasn't an admin having their say. It was the Owner. Oblivion said it was overuled. He is the owner. What says goes. <3