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  1. Answered

    I have made another corrupted chunk, at /home nukefactory. It is a 7x7x7 tank and i have no idea why it crashed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks ~Myth.
  2. Answered

    I am aware, I was giving it to be helpful incase you needed it.
  3. Answered

    Here is the crash report, it is reporting that the dynamic tank caused the crash.
  4. Answered

    My /home mainbase has a dynamic tank that keeps my game from logging back online. I just added it to test different grinder types for mob essence! Please help!
  5. Answered

  6. Please check my recent post. I need help!

  7. Answered

    Every time I try to join it says that I failed to log in and it gives me response code 503! please help! Im a donor on this server and I want to play! Idk if its a server problem or a me problem?!?!?!?!?!?