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  1. Suggestion: Allow everyone to use /baltop Reason: I don't see why only a 400$ donator rank is allowed to view other people's money.
  2. Ok I see, well I might suggest that you fix this issue as I used /tprandom which killed me by tp'ing me to a place within interdiction matrix range.
  3. I've been killed by an Interdiction Matrix within the 1000m of /warp wild1 As to my knowledge and proof, it's not allowed and I would like to have my items returned. I can provide exact coordinates of my deathpoint for any staff member who is able to help. Btw: I had no idea in what section of the forum to post this, so here it is.
  4. Game

    Banned for posting the titanic emote twice .... staph
  5. Game

    Swallow a razor blade (I'd tape it up like the prisoners do to get out of jail) Would you rather "french kiss Donald Trump" or "die a death by 1000 cuts"
  6. Game

  7. Game

    Edgar became so depressed after being banned, he spoke to nobody who tried to cheer him up :'(
  8. Game

    Banned for responding within 2 hours to a forum post
  9. Game

    Banned for trash talking faction recruitment post
  10. SOVIET RUSSIA Welcome COMRADE to the recruitment page of Soviet Russia. I have strict orders from the Kremlin to recruit fresh meat for our beloved faction. You're ready to become an agent of Soviet Russia and defeat the enemies of our State. REQUIREMENTS 1 - You must be minimum 14 years old. 2 - You must have a discord account. 3 - You must have basic knowledge of Voltz. 4 - You must at least be online for 1 hour a day. HOW TO APPLY What is your In-game name: What is your Discord name: How old are you: How often can you be online: What timezone do you live in: