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  1. I see, oke let me adjust my suggestion. Suggestion before: Allow everyone to use /baltop Suggestion adjusted: Allow a lower rank to use /baltop
  2. Suggestion: Allow everyone to use /baltop Reason: I don't see why only a 400$ donator rank is allowed to view other people's money.
  3. Ok I see, well I might suggest that you fix this issue as I used /tprandom which killed me by tp'ing me to a place within interdiction matrix range.
  4. I've been killed by an Interdiction Matrix within the 1000m of /warp wild1 As to my knowledge and proof, it's not allowed and I would like to have my items returned. I can provide exact coordinates of my deathpoint for any staff member who is able to help. Btw: I had no idea in what section of the forum to post this, so here it is.
  5. Game

    Banned for posting the titanic emote twice .... staph
  6. Game

    Swallow a razor blade (I'd tape it up like the prisoners do to get out of jail) Would you rather "french kiss Donald Trump" or "die a death by 1000 cuts"
  7. Game

  8. Game

    Edgar became so depressed after being banned, he spoke to nobody who tried to cheer him up :'(
  9. Game

    Banned for responding within 2 hours to a forum post
  10. Game

    Banned for trash talking faction recruitment post