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  1. Game

    Banned for not saying it
  2. Game

    I raided
  3. Game

    Banned for being nowhere to be found when im on
  4. Game

    but then he realized tragic forgot to connect up the interfaces to the main ME and while kamil AFK'ed he all night and got nothing. which added to the fact that he wanted to kill him self
  5. Game

    then made another forum account to roast people with
  6. whos oblivion??
  7. Game

    banned for still being banned
  8. Game

    afterwards he joined the forums to comment on things
  9. Game

    banned for making garbage jokes again
  10. Game

    Get Unbanned
  11. Game

  12. Game

    Demoted with a bang XD would you rather kill yourself or be killed
  13. Game

    get hard
  14. Game

    robbed cause you never said for what they robbed my water bottle would you rather be a hated furry or be know as anime lover
  15. Game

    Then he questioned the ban