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  1. Important

    LongDaPong https://gyazo.com/fa2ea8a39a023a3842be2e77d3c39b73
  2. Accepted

    Server: VOLTZ Player you are reporting's IGN: LongDaPongs Your IGN: LongDaPong Infraction Committed: IMPERSONATION Date of Infraction: 12/21/18 Summary: I was minding my own business playing a wonderful game of Voltz when a player by the name LongDaPongs (With an "S") Joined the game. I have a strong suspicion MySnek or LightVelocity is behind this tomfoolery. This is slanderous on the name I have built for myself. In the Duration of me writing this report, another player by the name of KillfaIconGames joined the server. Evidence of Infraction: https://gyazo.com/dc8be6f51ecd075cee9116a4e890d225 https://gyazo.com/177ffd6eb8a11529fe01c5a02826d374
  3. Game

    Exiled then Allahu Akbar his local illegal sweat shop to better the U.S Economy (Trump!) and to kill himself since no one likes talking to him.
  4. I do not agree with the extension of the war zone to the door. HOWEVER: I would like to see a plugin or something that does not allow players to leave the mine once in combat. This happens very often and is extremely annoying. If you go into the mine, you should expect combat meaning you should not be allowed to leave once combat tagged. In most cases, a player is tagged and immediately fly towards the door via power armor. They then proceed to fly around the lobby dodging anymore hits so the combat timer times out. Would really improve the mine.
  5. Game

  6. Not sure why you compared playing a game to getting a life sentence in prison. If you think of it that way, I believe you have other things to consider than just getting unbanned (Therapy maybe?) Like said above, its stupid to be raided by a hacker that has little to no experience of the game when you are very confident in your own Voltz abilities. Ruins the experience. It all comes back to accepting the terms when you first joined the game. You HAD to accept them in order to play. Once again, if you really really really can't stay off the game, buy the unban package.
  7. Denied

    Report Denied, You were muted in the first place for an inappropriate comment about priests. More comments continued to the 30min mute after the 10min mute expired. You then started changing your faction names (Mute Support group, Afghanistan, Staff abuse, and Coords) which was completely unnecessary. Please wait out the 2 day temp ban.
  8. Accepted

    Report Accepted, Staff member will be talked to about the situation.
  9. As Zander said, the wall had inappropriate pixel art on it. With your previous staff experience, Im sure you can figure out why we don't want players seeing that kind of stuff around an official building.
  10. No need to keep this thread alive if its just going to be a "I raided you" competition.
  11. If the ban was a mistake (If it wasn't you ect) we would look over your ban and examine the evidence then make our decision off of that. Unfortunately, WE HAVE SCREENSHOTS OF YOU BLOWING IT UP. I guess thats why you griefed the buildings in the first place since the server is bullshit. Buying the unban is an option.... No one is pressuring you to buy it. Please take your server comments somewhere else. Thank you.
  12. Answered

    You did not have a home set, I assumed you were with Milkman in the same chunk.
  13. Answered

    Issue Resolved.
  14. Answered

    What is your in game name?
  15. Denied

    Appeal Denied. Your appeal has been denied for the follow reasons: -Hacking You may submit a new appeal in 3 months time or you may buy the Unban package.