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  1. PvP mine: I believe the war-zone in /warp mine needs to be altered for the PvP mine as the area inside just after the door is a safe-zone and this gives players a feeling of safety. The PvPmine is meant to be a high risk, high reward area and this problem just seems to kill the idea and I have a few suggestion. The war-zone / PvP-zone is extended to the door so as soon as players enter they can be attacked. My next suggestion may be a bit controversial but I think once you enter the PvPmine you should only be able to leave by warping out so you cannot run from PvP as you've chosen the be in a combat area, so need to accept the consequences, or rewards (if you win the fight) and just running from the PvP further kills the idea of the PvPmine as that means the biggest risk to some people is just the silverfish which is a pitiful excuse for a risk. Atomic Assembler list: I think a cool idea for something that would be handy for the people on the server would be a warp for example /warp AA which would provide an area that would show example of how to set up Atomic Assemblers and SM gens to help new players learn about Voltz. Another suggestion I have adding an in-depth list like the unbanned items area of items that be duplicated in the Atomic Assemblers so people know what they can produce on mass instead of looking for resources that don't seem to exist online because Voltz is a good but under-rated mod-pack.
  2. I've got to admit the shop is in a fairly good condition in the first place but I think a couple more thing are needed in my opinions. These are: Food items: Fish, steak, pork and apples. (Buy only) Reasoning: Fish, steak and pork obviously is used as food which is good for newer players if they run out of food and they do not currently have access to their kits. Apples, often tedious to obtain can also be used as food or to make golden apples which are essential for a Faction PvP experience. Adding more to the ME section as crafting for it is often tedious: ME Import and Export Buses. (Buy only) Reasoning: These are tedious to make and are essential to getting decent automation in Voltz and adding these to the shops would help. Farming: Cactus. (Buy and sell) Sugar cane. (Sell) Reasoning: Ever been to a desert on the server? They have been picked clean and it would be nice if you was able to buy and sell cactus which would help new players who don't have items to sell to make a little money as they begin on the server and are able to make a small farm to generate some income they can use to buy other items they will need to set themselves up. Just some ideas, leave your opinions or any further ideas for the shop in the discussion below. Regards, Finley.
  3. I understand it's not meant to be a free walk in the park, but the annoyance of having to kill the silverfish is just overwhelming sometimes, also the challenge provided is from the other players trying to kill you, not some Magikarp wannabes.
  4. It's seems like an good idea but it seems over complicated they're either there or not, if this gets listened to, of course.
  5. I've realised that the silverfish in the PvP mine pose no real threat to players and are just an inconvenience. I mean the only real threat to sergeants and above in the mine are the other players trying to gather resources from it. Maybe new players would have some trouble which is understandable and this restricts the access of the mine but I believe that this defeats the point of it as new players can get a real boost from the PvP mine if they take the risk which is fairly minimal loss for them if they die as they have another kit starter but giving them another thing to worry about which are players just seems a little excessive, and in my opinion and some others they should be removed and replace with normal stone. From the screenshot which to be honest isn't a wide view of the community on the Voltz server as a whole seems to show a general trend to removing the silverfish so people can focus on the real danger of other players. Feel free to leave opinions below.
  6. What Server are you applying for? I am applying for the Voltz server. What is your In Game Name? My in-game name is Fiinley. I would have preferred my actual name Finley but it was taken so I had to make an exception. What is your TeamSpeak Name? My teamspeak name is Finley so just without the extra “i”. What is your time zone? GMT ((+0) Fun fact I live in Greenwich, London where Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) was originated.)) When are you available? On week days I can dedicate at least two hours plus, from around 4-5pm onwards which I believe is some decent hours for still being in my final year of secondary school which I have a week left of before I’m out of education and then I can dedicate more hours if needed. On the weekends, I can play on each individual day if I’m at home (as I play rugby sometimes on Sundays for my local team) at least 4-6+ hours a day on the weekends. What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable) I am currently a StoneGuard soon to be BloodGuard in the next 8 hours as I’ve played 1 day 16 hours on the server. When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth) I started playing Minecraft back in the beginning of 2012 and I’ve been in love with the game ever since. I originally had the name FlameDragon16 which I instantly changed when name changes became available because it is a god-awful cringe worthy name I made when I was 12. Anyway, back to the point. I’m sure when but one of the first mod packs I played was the Aether mod pack, I then began to watch YogsCast and I fell in love with Voltz through their series. I started playing the mod pack shortly after (in 2013) and I wasn’t that good (I’m still not now to be honest) but I’ve always loved the features of the pack especially power armour, I played the pack for around a year before I quit the game for a while. I then began playing again a couple months ago and I am back to the same old me but just with more knowledge of the pack. What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) I’ve had plenty of experience moderating and managing communities on multiple games. I’ve owned a PvP faction server before that had a medium following of around 30-40 players, which is shut down now, so I have knowledge on how running a server works and player relations. I was a moderator on a KitPvP server responsible for training helpers, moderating chat and banning hackers (with recorded evidence) I was then promoted to admin on that server and then community manager, and I was responsible for taking player feedback to improve the server, training community based moderators to moderate chat and help others with their issues and recording and storing evidence on the server data base which linked to the ban panel. I resigned from the server due to mock exams. When I returned to the game I joined another server and worked my way up to Head Moderator before resigning again for my second set of mocks exams a couple months later however this time I returned to my position and worked my way up to senior admin before the server shut down as the owners were going to host a Garry’s Mod DarkRP server which I was also an admin of, so I have mutli-game moderating experience. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) As seen above throughout my time moderating and helping other communities I have learnt what it takes to help a player base grow and still stay cared for. I have much experience working in teams and taking orders which makes me a good member of a team, yet I have the capability to make decisions on my feet so I can deal with problems on my own if/when they arise. Since I’ve been on the server I’ve come to fall in love with it and the constant no stop action it provides but I’ve realised when I come on around 4-5pm there is no staff online and I would like to fill this gap so at no time the server isn’t unstaffed. In general I am a friendly and approachable person I would be delighted to help other on the server, and this position offers that opportunity to me. Who are you? I’m Fiinley in-game. My real name is Finley, and I’m 16 years old. I’m a week away from finishing secondary school (high school for the Americans) I enjoy gaming, an obvious statement. I play Rugby on the weekends and I won player of the year last in 2016, one of my proudest achievements. I’m interested in computer science and I’m fluent the BASIC coding language (which my school made me learn) and I’m quite savvy in JavaScript as well as that was also part of my module for my course work. What is your Age? I’m 16 years old. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths: · I work well in a team. · I’m good at presenting to and listening to others. · I can take a joke, and crack a joke. · I’m a dedicated and driven person who like to achieve goals they have set for themselves. · I stick to rules and guidelines. Weaknesses: · I’m stubborn, so if I decide to do something, I stick to it to the bitter end. I sometimes jokes too far an offend people but I realise most of the time and apologise.