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  1. During my time playing on Pixel 5, i've noticed that there will be times where nothing or few things spawn. Can we possibly get the number of Pokémon spawned per tick increased? And maybe reduce the amount of underground pokes while we are at it.
  2. What Sever are you Applying for: Pixelmon 5 In-game name: live_box123 Teamspeak (Discord) name: Porvolt Timezone: ET Availability: Most times of the day, can get on at almost any point during the summer. What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends Weekends can be upwards of 6 hours, weekdays might be more around 3 or 4. But it is the summer, so hours will be lengthened In-game rank: Youngster (12 hours+) Minecraft Start Time: Started playing Minecraft during release 1.1, before 1.2.5 Modded Minecraft came maybe a year or so after that Started Pixelmon last year Previous Staffing Experience: No staffing experience to speak of, but always glad to help. Been a camp counselor before if that helps. I've worked with admins before on servers, but i've never been given a full title. Why be a helper: I'm always glad to help, and Pixel 5 is somewhat unreliable. It'd be great to pitch into to it's upkeep and growth. Who are you? I'm not exactly comfortable with using my real name on this, but I live in Washington DC, and I enjoy a good game. Age: 17 What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths Patient with Newbies Always ready to learn Always willing to help Weaknesses Quick to judge Occasional bout of apathy Additional Information: Oblivion should get off ESO.
  3. I'm personally feeling like a new modpack should be made all together, but thoughts?