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    I need my old paid rank and ingame rankup ranks, as I lost them after I changed my name. Old username was ShadowFlame999, changed it to Shiftend about a year ago. Had a paid rank and maxed out timer ranks.
  2. What Server are you applying for? I am applying for the Voltz server. What is your In Game Name? ShadowFlame999 What is your TeamSpeak Name? Shiftend What is your time zone? Eastern Time Zone When are you available? As of now through August, I am available just about everyday from 0800 - 2000 Eastern Time Zone, weekdays included. After August, however, I will only be able to get on Friday - Sunday from 0800 - 0000 (12:00 PM) Eastern Time. What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable) My game rank is Elite When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Tekkit Legends? (Answer in depth) Hard to remember, it's been so long. I've been playing Minecraft since update 1.2.5 and started playing modpacks at around update 1.4.2 What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) Thing is, one of my main staff roles was on this server. I believe I got up to Moderator (that or ChatMod). This might sound odd, considering most of the community doesn't remember me, however I was a Moderator (or ChatMod) back in 2016. I was actually a part of the staff for quite a long time, until I became too busy to continue playing and became inactive. I was there when Defuse and Pat were my managers, Varlith getting Jr. Admin, HugeBob getting Mod and then Jr.Admin, unfortunately that is all I can remember about my time of staff at this server. I was Admin for an old server called SkyCraft (no longer exists), getting positive feedback from the players. There were a couple others servers out there, but that is all I can remember. (I feel that I excelled at being staff) Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) I believe that I can truly make a difference to this server, making the players a little more comfortable with staff members online. I believe that the players should feel comfortable on the server, but not too comfortable to the point where they will break the rules and expect to not be punished. Who are you? I'm Nick, or Shadow, or ShadowFlame999, or whatever you want to call me. I was staff on this server about a year ago and I believe I was Moderator at a certain point. I have always loved Voltz, and still do, and I got sick of playing singleplayer, as I thought no servers even existed anymore, then I checked on that one day and I found this server. It was populated, friendly staff (still friendly staff, don't get confused), and I started playing it. Other than Voltz, I am interested in computer technology and I feel that I am great at helping ease the stress of running a server. What is your Age? 15 years of age What are your strengths and weaknesses? Always good to start positive. My strengths are enforcing the rules without going over the edge, interacting with the community, computer-related stuff, things like that. I'm there to talk to if you need it, and I'm great at helping others and solving conflicts. (as I have done many times in 2016 as a staff member) As for my weaknesses, I can be short tempered when I'm tired, or too lazy to get up and out of bed. Nothing that can stop my from doing my job, though. Additional Information As I have mentioned before, I was a staff member on this server back in 2016 and I believe that I excelled at my job. I already have the gameplay time (12h+) and the TS time (1 week+ back in 2016) I would be honored to join your staff team again, and as always, I thank you very much for this opportunity, and I thank you for taking your time and reading this application, regardless if I get accepted or not. Thanks again, Nick