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    Ban Appeal: 1) Your in game name (IGN): Kelsofighter , ALT account: _Anti_Matter_ (also banned) 2) When were you banned?: 27.6.2017 3) Why were you banned?: Because of using an X-Ray client. 4) Who banned you (if known)?: DJT183 5) Why should we unban you?: After this punishment, i would like a second chance on oblivion voltz. It was stupid to use hacks, because that takes away the fun part of the game and doesn't need skill at all. Since i got banned, i played on other voltz servers here and there. Noticed that they had many limitations like smaller shops, tracking at spawn is not allowed or the nice big missiles beeing banned. Its been quite a while since then, lived a life in exile at the other servers, which were never the #1 at voltz server list. I don't feel statisfied with that. Therefore...I apologize for doing something stupid. I am not going to do that again. I will obey the rules. I want to clear my reputation of beeing a hacker from last year. Having a fresh new start is a chance to change things. And learn from the mistakes that had been done. Sincerely yours, Kelsofighter 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): see below. 7) Server:
  2. Denied

    Ban Appeal: 1) Your in game name (IGN): Kelsofighter 2) When were you banned?: Yesterday 3) Why were you banned?: X-Ray 4) Who banned you (if known)?: DJT183 5) Why should we unban you?: Because i am not using xray mods at all. Below is a small example, cuz i think that some staff might stalked me in the nether. I have to say, that i am a very experienced voltz player and many other players can confirm that. Though i use techniques which may look like x-ray from an admin perspective, cuz i dig in random directions, 'not really knowing where the place is...". If you did watch me, then you can tell that the one base had slimes, which caused fps lag and you can hear them from far away...the other base had that laggy fulm and another one had a laggy fulm too. Since i dont where the source is, i press F3 to bring up the fps-counter and walk towards directions. When the fps goes higher, then i am walking away, when it gets lower, i am getting closer to the base. Also when you look to the laggy chunk, your fps goes down. So it often doesnt take long. And if some admins never saw that before or are not experienced in base finding...dont blame me for xray. My playtime proves that i had enough playtime to fly around the maps and find stuff. I got homes set at the half distances of the dimensions to reach every place quick. I have been on almost every day. Its fun to play on this server. I put some effort in this to be one of the best players. I dont mind to support this nice place. - Kelsofighter signing out 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: Oblivion Voltz