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  1. Couldn't find if there was a forum for this already, I understand there was a reset recently. Arnt the donors s posed to get there cash after every reset? im Talorj11 and im rank legend.
  2. prolly work one a fusion reactor base and an me system
  3. Accepted

    Server: Player you are reporting's IGN: VisionZ_US Your IGN: talorj11 Infraction Committed: Xraying Date of Infraction: Unclear Summary: I bought base coords and asked who they were from. Vision told me he did not know and only saw a reactor when he used the xray glitch Evidence of Infraction: screen shot of chat where he admits to using the xray glitch. the photo is cropped so the base coords are not revealed. the full photo can be provided if necessary.
  4. Denied

    Hey y'all, Today i made the grim discovery that VisionZ_US uses Xray glitches to find bases. i came upon this revelation when i bought base coords, and when asking who it was he said he did not know he only saw a reactor while xraying. i asked Minecrafter if using the xray glitch just as illegal as xray texture packs and he confirmed that it was. under the advise of both Minecrafter and Mr.Bunny i sustained from raiding said base. Due to suggestions by both Mr.Bunny and Zander i am making this forum post to inform everyone of this. Provided is a screen shot of my conversation with him where he admits to using the glitch and when i checked with Minecrafter about the glitch. Note: Yes the Base coords are in the picture, Please do not raid the base until cleared by staff, i have no intention of raiding this base because the way it was found was with the use of unfair cheats, if the coords are yours i suggest you move Also sorry Vision but xraying is not cool and i couldn't let this slide
  5. thanks it wont be for a few weeks but i just wanted to get this out of the way
  6. Hey ive been thinking about upgrading to elite soon but i need to fix the thing in the store where it says im not eligible for this purchase. this is for a platinum to elite rank upgrade on the voltz server. IGN is talorj11 Nick is eternal nightmare current rank is platinum.
  7. How do i connect my minecraft account to this current site