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  1. Answered

    Not a CTD but just a freeze something in my inventory I believe IGN: sonicv6 any chance someone could just wipe my inventory?
  2. An entire ME drives worth of storage cells just vanished it just ate them for no reason
  3. I'm less annoyed about the items themselves than how I lost them I lose stuff all the time
  4. Having a risk and just having an invisible instant death field are different things
  5. Just seems unfair especially for newbies to make so much progress only to drop dread like a bird
  6. I realise but surely having something that is invisble takes your gear and kills you is somewhat insane and I have been playing voltz for years and always thought it was a problem most old servers banned it
  7. I realise one of your things is no banned items but force fields are just mad twice in one day yesterday I was just flying around only to drop out of the sky and lose all my gear and I'm fairly fresh so that's a lot of time gone for me I'm merely asking that some kind of adjustment be made to force fields be it reducing the range or at least making it visible if it's going to kill you