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  1. Again, I did not have access to the server after the ban. I made the forum post and a friend said he would use his other account to ask staff to check on it because he figured saying anything would get his main account in trouble. I don't know what behavior was deemed bannable. Not only did 123titanic treat me with respect, but I also respectfully responded to him, our communication stopped when he didn't respond and then banned me.
  2. Look, Im sorry, I just want to get out a quick notification that I was banned for a faction name. I understand this got way out of hand, this post can be deleted by tonight. Format was updated just as you responded. The 'alt' was a friend looking to solve the issue, he clearly made it worse and hes sorry. Just have mercy and understand that he had no reason to believe our faction name was offensive, it literally means nothing at all, just a funny word.
  3. Update: Senior admin came on and banned our faction. A faction made to have fun, named innocently GapeTown. The situation got taken out of proportions, it was just an innocent faction name and then one staff member decided to continue to pester us. Now, staff is all over the server. Banned for no reason other than a staff member asked to change name, name didn't violate any rules or offend anyone, he just banned without reason.
  4. My friends and I wanted to play some Voltz so we joined the old server we liked to play on. We made our new faction called GapeTown, the name seemed fun and is a joke among us. Our description was along the lines of "Gape or be Gaped". Understand though Gape may sound like Rape, it has no correlation, definition: Definition of Gape I was banned by titanic123 after he wanted us to change the name. The name broke no rules and meant no harm to anybody, but he pestered us until he banned us for refusing. I never made any harsh argument to him, I was polite and told him how it meant nothing offensive and was much better than some of the other faction names. My account name is JCaL_81, I am a donator and longtime player of Oblivion, and I was banned for following the rules and respectfully explaining to a moderator what our faction name meant and why it was acceptable. 1) Your in game name (IGN): JCaL_81 2) When were you banned?: 9/30 (~8:20 PST) 3) Why were you banned?: Staff member decided the faction name GapeTown was offesnive 4) Who banned you (if known)?: titanic123 5) Why should we unban you?: I broke no rules. Someone might say I argued, but if telling titanic what the name means is arguing then whats the point of playing? 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): non 7) Server: Voltz