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  1. Game

    Banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned for being banned... broke your game
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    215 owo
  3. Game

    Banned for opening up a Manager rank.
  4. dies from fatal injuries
  5. Denied

    1) Your in game name (IGN): iSupernova 2) When were you banned?: Like literally just now. 4th January 2018 3) Why were you banned?: For exploiting a visual bug that let's you move your camera under spawn. (Was using it to take a glance at staff lounge welp) 4) Who banned you (if known)?: 123titanic (probably) 5) Why should we unban you?: I'm not saying what I did was right, now I realize that. In all honesty, I thought the rule was meant for raiding or taking advantage of other players using a bug, which I wouldn't do. I was simply playing around, and with the reset near I have turned off my base and have nothing to do other than fly around spawn. I also wanted to see the lounge before reset so I decided to see if I could break a block and momentarily see it. For some reason I just fell through. Must have been a glitch. This was where I faulted and should have tpa'd back to spawn, but curiosity got the better of me and I decided to look around for the staff lounge. When I found it, I took some screenies and looked around the staff app. I think I should be unbanned because I really didn't know that it accounted for non-player matters, although I will admit that it was probably not the right thing to do. I simply wanted to look at the staff lounge, because I was, to be honest, bored and had nothing better to do. And if I'm banned, I'm even more bored lol. I just want a second chance, or a commuted ban, so I can be *less* bored and find something to do, like turning my base back on lol. 6) Picture ofscreen when logging in (required): 7) Server: Oblivion Voltz On an extra note, I was told there was cake in the staff lounge so :p
  6. Because you're still at X:312. 1k by 1k means 1000 by 1000, but one of your coordinates are at 312. (I think)
  7. Then this 'newbie' guide is perfect for you!
  8. Welcome! You're probably here because you're a scouty newbie who's never played Voltz and thinks that using chests, furnaces and TNT cannons are the way to go in Voltz. Please no. Today I'm gonna be showing all you scouts how to set up a basic base, and maybe even go onto fulm gens, strange matter gens, and auto atomic assemblers! Right let me start this off by saying, this is NOT vanilla, and therefore you shouldn't start the vanilla way. What I mean is, don't build a house at 1k, 1k coords with a nice porch and garden, because some people might not take too kindly to your lovely house, and carpet bomb it. Also, don't faction claim. If you faction claim, that doesn't mean your lovely house is impenetrable and unraidable, as I can just matter cannon everything in there and again, carpet bomb it. But don't worry! The rules protect you from being raided, piked, beheaded and abused, so you can roam freely knowing that whoever kills you, will probably get a tempban. However, as soon as you turn into a Sergeant, any average kid flying past you or your house will probably muder you. Just a heads up. Ok let's begin: You're a scout and have just /tprandom'ed for the first time. Where do you go? As far away from 0,0 or that tprandom as possible, for beginners I would recommend 5k, 5k out, but as you get better you might wanna move out further, such as 10k, 10k or 15k,15k, to be extra sure. So, you've reached 5k out and you don't know what to do so you build the house I mentioned above. DON'T! You need to mine down a lot, and make your base underground. For big bases you can MFFS mine, but for small bases like yours, a simple atomic disassembler or paxel will do. Don't forget to patch where you dug down up! Now what? You begin setting up your base, but you realize you don't know what to put in it. I would recommend an ME system. It's kind of like a chest but you can put as much stuff in as you want - provided you have enough data. You can ask a helper how to set an ME system up, and use NEI to look at the recipes. Then you realize you don't have materials. /warp mine is a great place to go, but be warned, although the PvP mine has super sweet loot for you, there's a chance you'll get killed by - probably - me. It's ok though! Regular Mine has decent ores to smelt and start off with. So now you have the materials and the ME system. You need power! There are lots of power generators to choose from, but for a newbie like you, the easiest generator to set up and use is the heat generator. Simply pour some lava in a hole and place your heat generator down over it. For maximum usage, put lava all around the heat generator(s), and attach a universal cable to it. There! you have enough power, but be warned, heat generators are not a great source of power, so if you feel like you can do it, set up hydrogen generators, as they are much better. In the meantime if you need to power your base, buy a full energy cube off of someone. Protection and Cable Management Now that you have your ME and power source set up, start thinking about making your base so that there aren't wires everywhere. Just stick them under your base and out of the way. You will also need protection. Don't listen to StoneGuards and BloodGuards who say 'Matrixes are the best! Nobody will ever get into my base! I'm unraidable!' They're dumb and should know that matrixes get you raided. How, you ask? Imagine me, flying around as I usually do and I suddenly get killed by a matrix. Now I know that there might be a base there. I raid it relatively quickly and take all of your precious ME drives and other toys you might have, and you are left saying 'OMG WTF HOW NEVA PLAYIN ON DIS SEVER AGIN' and leave. Matrixes are like a McDonalds Big Mac, they look nice on the advertising, but all you really get is a flat piece of crap. Trust me, I know. So how do you protect your base? Easy. Stay hidden, relog all the time, don't TPA random people into your base. Ah and one other thing - reinforced concrete, these might look like your base is blast proof but tbh, they only stop some T1 explosives, it really is just a personal choice, do you like the look? then go for it. NOTE: In Voltz, do NOT use batboxes, use energy cubes. Batboxes are unreliable and will not help you. Stay clear of them. Teammates and Mob Farms You might have heard many experienced players say 'Don't trust anyone'. Don't listen to them. Trust whoever you want, but be cautious because betrayal is a big thing among the newbie community. Scouts, Grunts, and Sergeants constantly betraying each other and running away with the loot. You might hear other people say 'I always go solo'. Unless you're an experienced player, solo gets you raided. I would recommend duos. Not too much people, but enough to support each other. Mob farms, you might have heard of them. If you've had enough of voting, selling osmium pickaxes on the market, and begging, you need mob farms. What do they do? They get you wither skeleton heads, which if you have a stack of, you can trade it in for 1.6k, which for someone like you, can get you tons of materials. For a tutorial go look at TheTennisOne's video on mob farms and how to sell them on OBNW. So now you've set up your first basic base, and know how to make sure you keep it. Stay tuned for Part 2! See ya noobs. ~Nova
  9. Acc Isa's No.1 wrong way round LOL
  10. Ok so I don't get why filtering words in faction chat should be a thing. If the faction you are joining trusts you to not offend tons of people in the faction, why are there filters in place? And if you can't stand what the person that is swearing is saying, why not just kick them? I'm not saying disable anything on global chat, as I do understand there are quite a lot of younger players, but I find it quite unnecessary that filter is still enabled in faction chat, where (normally) people trust you, and you are friends with them. A lot of people just bypass on faction chat anyway and as far as I know, the no swearing rule is only on global chat. I would like to see filter on faction chat disabled, although I would understand if this can't be done. Thank you for your time :p
  11. Game

    Banned for building an office there
  12. Game

    Banned for assuming that titanic has had absents on tekkit legends
  13. What Server are you applying for? Oblivion Voltz What is your In-Game Name? iSupernova. My /nick is: Nova What is your TeamSpeak Name? Xeno PS: I have had a week :p I uninstalled it but now reinstalled it What is your time zone? Greenwich Mean Time (+0 hours). I live in Central UK. When are you available? What time can you dedicate to the server on weekdays and weekends In holidays, I can dedicate most of my time, however on school days, I might be available from 7pm GMT onwards. On Saturday I can dedicate most of my time, if I'm not away from home. On Sunday, I will most likely not be on. What is your In-Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable) Default groups Currently, my donor rank is Titan, and at the time of this post, I am a General (9 days, 3 hours and 35 minutes). This along with my previous usernames such as BokoyotheGreat who again was a General before my ban which reset everything a long time ago, and when I was called Xenonautical, which again I was at the rank of Commander, would amount to me being a King right now. When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth) All information will be checked I don't exactly remember when I FIRST joined Minecraft, although I do believe it is somewhere around 2013 when I made my first account. I lost that first account and created a second account, BokoyotheGreat, around 2015. I have changed my username many times since then, and I don't remember all of my previous usernames, although here are some: BokoyoTheGreat, Xenonautical, DaFallenLucifer, iSupernova (current) What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill? I was an Admin on a Tekkit Server, when that was still big, around 3 years ago. When I was an admin, my job was to moderate the chat and ban or kick anybody who went against the rules at least 3 times when being warned twice. I had this job for around 5 months till the server shut down. I joined Voltz around the start of 2015 (I think). I was also Helper on this server when Defuse was still around but I got demoted for some mysterious reason/ no reason and I was quite gutted because I felt I did my job quite well, trelloing everything that people did and etc. Even if there was a reason, I believe that I have matured enough to learn from past mistakes and move on. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) Please answer thoroughly I want to be a helper because I believe that the server needs experienced people who can help newer players develop their base, and I honestly do want to help the OBNW community as much as possible. I already do help players in-game, although most don't believe that I'll actually help them and just raid them, hopefully, when they see that I'm a helper, they can trust me more. I should be a helper because I am a dedicated player, who loves playing OBNW Voltz. I honestly don't play any other server anymore really. It's probably because I love the Voltz modpack and I want to help other people with it, especially because I know that Voltz can be a bit complicated and hard to grasp for newer players, and I want to be there to help them with that. I also know that there are a lot of trolls, who wish to cause unrest in a server, and other staff might not always be there, so I could deal with them. Who are you? Give us a little information about yourself See my introduction: What is your Age 17 years old What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is nothing to do with what mods/plugins you know and don't know or how good of a builder you are. We are asking what intellectual attributes you have and if you have any flaws in your personality (trust me, we all do) - you can list them via bullet points or write a paragraph or two Strengths: - I am fairly nice, but only if you are too - I would consider myself fairly academically intelligent - Recently, I think more people like me - I am good at Voltz and am willing to help anybody who needs it Weaknesses: - I am not socially intelligent at all. (This means I have a hard time under pressure from other people, like a really hard time) - I can be quite stubborn if somebody attacks either people with black ethnicity or members of the LGBTQ+ community. This is because I have 1 super close friend irl that is black, and another super close friend irl who is gay. I will start a flame war with the attacker. - <Leading on from not being socially intelligent> I suffer from quite a few mental disorders, both genetically and environmentally. I do have a therapist that I go to every week, but if you wish to know exactly which disorders I have, I can disclose them in private. Additional Information (optional) I hope you take my application into consideration and I mean it :P
  14. Nah, #8, brudda.
  15. Heya everyone, My name is Supreme Leader Admiral General iSupernova the III, or Nova for short. For those who want to know my real name. It's Boris :>. I'm not exactly new here <spoilers :p> but I'd thought I'd write this because I'm bored and alone :D. I think sharing some informational data with everyone might help you guys understand me more lol. Ok, Begin! A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... well not really, just a long time ago, I joined as BokoyotheGreat, if you guys remember that account post below lol, I highly doubt anybody WOULD remember me, but there's a chance. This was while Defuse was O-Manager, and Killfalcon was still around. I was not liked, I shall confess. I hope I'm liked *a bit* more now rofl. All I remember was that I teamed this player called fyrefriendlyfox and some kid called Striker. Turns out Striker betrayed us, and it was annoying, I mean, you don't know how much a fully functioning base was to me, as a StoneGuard. Then fyrefriendlyfox (Ben) disappeared without a trace, I only saw him once again, when I was unbanned, but we'll get onto that. With no Ben, I thought I was going to leave. One thing kept me from it, I met covans09 :D, my second teammate, (P.S. This was long before he was staff), I remember he was a BloodGuard then he got Titan rank. Anyways, we teamed and made this nice ff base. Then, I became a Helper, I was a Helper for a week before I raided this Supreme guy's base. The Supreme was good friends with Defuse, and then I was demoted because 'too many people filed a report' which was obviously the Supreme. Anyways after that, I created a Discord server called DDoS Party (now nonexistent) and the server thought I was directing it toward them. I was perm-banned. About a year later, I was unbanned and everything was different. Everybody I knew was gone, and replaced with new people. A new staff team. Everything was different. I decided to have a New Start (~n: To forget everything about your old life on the server). But I never really got rid of the annoying factor. I joined SinkingShipInc, and a few weeks later, I really annoyed 123titanic and I was kicked from the faction. After then everybody kind of hated me, and it was then I learnt humility and left for 3-4 months. I came back as iSupernova (improved model :P). Since then I have rebuilt trust with many people. Then I joined casseve, on her ventures, and joined Kemono Industries, and this is where I am now. :P Sorry if this was a bit of a sad story, it certainly seemed like that. Anyways, onwards to happier things. Personal Life (filtered alot but the real thing) Hey, my name is Boris Petkov, and I'm a sixth-former who is studying Biology and Anatomy. People have asked me about hobbies: Snowboarding! I love snowboarding, doing 1080s, double flips and cheat gainers. In fact, any extreme sport: I'm an adrenaline junkie, which probably explains why I never left after getting raided. I feed on the rush. I have skydived, and I want to BASE jump once I'm 18 :D, I parkour (freerun) and have surfed some bigass waves. I also act, in all sorts of plays. I act everywhere and anywhere. I have quite politically incorrect humor, and tend to offend people who aren't used to me irl. :P Also, I DO have friends *ahem* rofl. There really isn't much else to say really. Friends on the server: Ah yes, friends on the server. Let's list 'em 1. Casseve 2. KvbUnited (IsaNova) 3. Jaarad 4. 123titanic 5. DJT183 although he's never on anymore *sad face* 6. Anarchy (we did have a bit of a fallout though) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok, so we've done the story, the personal life. What else? Ah yes. If you want to ask me any questions? Post below, I'll try reply. ~Nova