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  1. Server: Voltz Player you are reporting's IGN: Nerf_Pyramid Your IGN: UED Infraction Committed: Bypass Date of Infraction:16/08/18 Summary: Just went off in chat Evidence of Infraction:
  2. Seems that it has been resolved well by titanic with another removal of laser drills!
  3. I went to a spacestation and sunk through the floor now whenever i reconnect there i crash. can you jail me for a few mins or tp me to spawn?
  4. I know you guys probably get this often but lately williamnorge has been causing the server to time out very frequently. I hear from other players and staff members it's due to his laser drill base. I'm aware that titanic has already tried to reduce the size of the base but this hasn't helped very much apparently. I've been on the server for 45 mins and it has already timed out 4 times, each timeout happens after he rejoins.
  5. Could you also please deleted the chunk that I'm in as i would still like to use that area. I can provide the co-ordinates to a staff member but obv dont want to post them here
  6. I made a dynamic tank that wasn't 4x4x4 but I guess it was still too small. If I could get a TP to spawn that would be much appreciated.
  7. Someone got me to go to their space station spawn now whenever i log in i crash please teleport me to spawn