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  1. Server: Voltz Player you are reporting's IGN: MohammadAbuBakar Your IGN: Blacky1 Infraction Committed: Insulting multiple players, including racism. Date of Infraction: 06/01/2018 Summary: Mohammad would comment on chatmessages like "This password is hard to crack" he said "I'll crack your spine instead." When confronted about his behaviour, he started insulting other players with messages like "Blacky, I'll be your master, as a white man anyways.." Which I don't particularly find insulting myself but just racist. Thanks in advance for taking a look at this. Evidence of Infraction:
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    Better late than never; Username: Blacky1 Rank: Master Server: Voltz Haven't been on for a while so I didn't see this post ...
  3. Accepted

    I would like the report the following incident: What: Tracking of Scouts Involved Users: spartanjack116, alfieG663 & Ihaz_The_Mighty When: 27.12.2017 approx. 2:20pm (MET) Description: spartanjack116 invited / lured Scouts alfieG663 & Ihaz_The_Mighty into his base. Then he tracked both of the scouts and when confronted about it, he wanted to play it off as an "accident." Thanks in advance. Rgrds. Blacky1