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    Banned standing up for titanic
  2. What Server are you applying for? Voltz What is your In Game Name? SaltFactoryInc What is your TeamSpeak Name? SaltFactoryInc(was lese100) What is your time zone? MST When are you available? mon-fri: 5pm to 12 am sat & sun: 12 pm to 8 pm What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable) Elite When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? (Answer in depth) I started playing minecraft during 1.5 and mainly played faction servers. I switched to voltz around the launch of 1.7.2 with some friends on a different server. I joined oblivion-networks a few years ago and played with some friends from the previous server. I recently came back to the server after taking about a year break. I have a couple hundred hours of experience in voltz and more than likely a couple thousand hours of normal minecraft experience. What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfill? I was helper on this server a year or so ago(was demoted after I stopped playing the modpack). I believe it was during the time defuse was staff on the server. During this time I moderated chat and helped newcomers build and understand the basic machines/ reactors in the modpack. I was also a builder on a previous server. I helped make their spawn and pvp arena. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) The main reason I'd like to be a helper is I'm a very experience player who would like to help users understand the modpack so they can enjoy it as much as I do. There has been times that I've tried to help people make reactors/strange matter generators over chat, but it's a bit to complicated to explain. I hope to become helper in order to more adequately help people in person rather than trying to explain it over /msg. Who are you? I'm a college student currently studying computer science. I'm a energetic person who like to have fun with friends, but can be serious and hard working when it's required. I work as a intern doing various with mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. I also do some minor editing and image creation in Photoshop and Sony Vegas. What is your Age? 19 What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strength: Fast learner, people person, Dedication, and respectfullness Weaknesses: organization, patience
  3. ik why its doing that lol i'm guessing however that its not suppose to extend all the way out to Z:10k
  4. no matter how far you are from spawn if one of your cords is bellow 1k you are unable to place a matrix. Guessing this has something to do with the plugin for the placing matrix's within 1k by 1k blocks. in the video I'm 10k blocks out and cannot place a matrix.
  5. Accepted

    1) Your in game name (IGN): SaltFactoryInc 2) When were you banned?: 12/30/2017 3) Why were you banned?: X-ray 4) Who banned you (if known)?: 123titanic 5) Why should we unban you?: I was banned wrongfully for x-ray. Was apparently looking through an obsidian roof of a matrix. since I was told by titanic "I can't give out video" I can't really explain everything. However, during this time I had recently launched 2 missiles at the structure and was looking for a holes in the structure. Was also just messing waiting to see if the matrix would shut off in case I had damaged whatever was inside since I had shot 2 rockets at it. I do have a mic and will gladly explain anything else that is in question. I'm an experienced player that has played probably a couple hundred hours on the server over a year ago and recently came back. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: voltz.oblivion-networks.com
  6. I recently changed my minecraft name from lese100 to SaltFactoryInc and wondered if i could get my elite rank back as well as my gctp and infinite homes purchases returned.