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  1. Game

    Banned for not knowing when to punish and having to always ask other staff. AKA not actually knowing how to staff.
  2. Accepted

    Server: Voltz Player you are reporting's IGN: Casseve Your IGN: CanadianSlugger Infraction Committed: Muted me unfairly Date of Infraction: 08 Mar 18 Summary: Muted me for commenting on how many players her faction had online. I joined and Isa said about how we had 5 members online, in which casseve replied something along the lines of wow, you guys are inactive. I replied "Cause Infernum (her faction) is so active". When she relogged, I commented, "Infernum has one player on!" Then told her to come raid me. and was muted. While the mute was only 10 minutes, and will have long expired before this is finished, it is the fact that she abused the mute because she didnt want to hear what I had to say. I broke 0 rules, yet was muted with 0 warning (Unless you say that her saying "Stop" was a warning, which it clearly was not.) She didnt like her faction being called weak, which is a totally voltz faction warfare thing to do and is not against the rules to entice them to attack you. I didnt insult her, spam her, bypass filter, nothing. Just tried baiting her into attacking our faction as its voltz, and voltz without someone attacking you is not fun. Evidence of Infraction:
  3. Game

    It was misleading because titanic had banned Mas
  4. Game

    Get rekt
  5. Game

    Banned for kissing a**, and being a brown noser
  6. No where here is he arguing with staff, step off your high horse buddy. Calm down. And on topic, we don't need a reset, just because you've gotten so rich your bored. Find something else to do, build big bases, try and make an unraidable surface base, etc. The world is in fine condition.
  7. Denied

    Let me start with my apologies, did not notice there was a format. Here is a second go of it. Report format: Server: Voltz Player you are reporting's IGN: 123Titanic Your IGN: CanadianSlugger Infraction Committed: Abused both rank and commands. Tried forcing me to change my faction name (123sailboat) due to his dislike for it, while it did not break the rules. I informed him, it did not break the rules, and while it was intended as a meme, I stood my ground due to him trying to use his rank to pressure me, This then proceeded to get me temp banned. The name did not include and impersonation, nor foul language. Date of Infraction: 31-Dec-17 Summary: I made the fac name 123sailboat as a meme, but when I was officially warned, I proceeded to state the name was in no way breaking rules, and therefore I was about to be pressured into it due to his rank. He then kicked me. I proceeded to tell him that it was abuse and id screenshot it next time, which obviously made him irritated and he banned me. Both instances are abuse, as he just disliked my faction name. Evidence of Infraction: Pic of ban (Reset my voltz, lost the other photos :( )
  8. Denied

    Ban Appeal: 1) Your in game name (IGN): CanadianSlugger 2) When were you banned?: Today, around 3 or 4 pm EST. 3) Why were you banned?: For not changing my faction name. 4) Who banned you (if known)?: 123Titanic 5) Why should we unban you?: Because the faction name did not break any rules, 123titanic just disliked it and abused his powers to attempt to make me change it. Ive already made a post on this, but the name was "123sailboat" in no way is there any foul language, and no one would mistake me as staff by looking at my faction name. Titanic just disliked it and abused his power as a senior staff member to attempt to make me change it. I stood my ground to prove a point. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): Attached below. 7) Server: Voltz