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  1. There is not easy way of seeing the rules of what you can and cant do on a space station. i looked on the forums and found no rules easily posted about the station rules. I built one and had a matrix with a kill mod in on it and didn't know until a chat-mod got angry that i had it up there. i ask what was wrong and he said it was me and told me that i couldn't have kill mod on a space station so i took it out and informed the mod of my change and thanked him/her for the information. before i could ask if i needed to give back the lost items in the chest above the matrix the mod had logged off the server. i don't mind that if our stuff was destroyed or raided i want the rules to be posted better so the next player like me that looks and just cant find the rules on what they can and cant do on a space station doesn't get temp banned for a few days. can you please make the rules more available to find? thank you for your amazing server and mod. i plan on donating again soon to this server because you have great players and good rules. nothing to unfair.