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  1. Hello I would like to post about Tragicbunny01 and how he was using mod powers to not die at PVP mine. Tragicbunny01 started a fight with me in PVP mine. I was Destroying him. He then turned PVPmine into a safe zone. sorry for posting in wrong area. I tried to move this thread but cannot.
  2. Its been a Very long time since reset (7-8 months.) I have heard other players wanting to reset world too. It would be awesome if we could just reset the world on new years. Please Thumbs Up if you would like to reset Voltz.
  3. Yes i have explained that people who pay do have an advantage. Please read the first post. If you don't believe me then ask Raiden. IsaNova if you have no new points on this issue please give other people a chance to weigh in on this.
  4. 1st point. You know it dose not have to be 20$ it can be 100$ or 1000$ (please use your imagination) 2nd point. People pay to be able to raid other people with ease. why not have people pay to have a place to build safely? 3rd point. it gives /gctp more of a reason to actually exist because all space stations get raided (as i have pointed out earlier.) Thinking on it more, it dose not give players that much of an advantage after a reset if they cant build oxygen gear before going up. You would have to have a base established first before going up there. Also if a player complains about getting raided all the time you could tell them to buy the space station. The best part is that they might actually buy it and increase server profit.
  5. I was thinking of how to improve upon the purchase of /gctp. I think that most people don't want to buy command because they know they will get raided. Why buy something that you are not going to use? To find a space station that has a base all you have to do is have the commands /gctp and unlimited homes. you go to each world and set a home. At any time you go through your /home's like ss1,ss2, ss3, ss4, ss5, etc and eventually if someone has made a /home there the space will be loaded and you can /home. Now that you know someone is at that space station and its all over. To stop that problem what if you could buy a space station with a password. Now you can build in peace and only have to worry about the people who you told the password to. i would pay 20$ for that. It would be awesome to have a Personal place that you could invite your friends to. You could also basically force people to buy /gctp command if they buy a personal space station
  6. Accepted

    Report format: Server: Voltz Player you are reporting's IGN: mrr4bbit Your IGN:milkman66669 Infraction Committed:Reading my /msg and faction messages to benefit himself Date of Infraction:5-15 Summary: The first time he trolled me was when i was recruiting new people into the faction. MrR4bbit was saying in public chat about how im /msg new people and recruiting them. The second time he was reading my /msg to a friend of mine infiltrating a faction. basically when he read our /msg to each other he knew my infiltrator was listing in on there faction ally chat and well that pissed off mrr4bbit. so he blew up my infiltrators base. mrr4bbit would have never known about the spy if he hadn't been reading our /msg. I don't know if moderators are aloud to read everyone factions chat also all the time. Evidence of Infraction: Pictures +============================================================+ Please use this format to report any player that is breaking the rules. Always make sure to provide necessary evidence when doing so. Failure to abide will result in an automatic deny of your report. Remember to NEVER post cropped screenshots, you are allowed to hide your minimap coords, but you must not crop it. Commenting on a Report: Do not post in Player Reports that you have nothing to do with. Being involved counts as having more proof or adding new information on the specific incident (Picture, video, new information to check). Each post on any ban appeal that doesn't relate to you will earn you 1 warning point! If you get 7 warnings, from posting in either player reports or ban appeals, your account will be wiped of all posts and you will be temporarily forum banned.
  7. is there going to be any changes to the new reset map?
  8. so April 5th is when reset is going to happen? is it going to be like Friday morning or is it going to happen between Friday and Saturday?
  9. Ok there is a vote going on in discord about resetting the voltz map. if reset happens what time would it occur? would it occur on the 28th or at another date?
  10. Game

    Math wiz. The girls that are worth it go for big brains. Would you rather be teleported to the dark ages any one item of your choosing. (You have to be able to carry it) Or be teleported to the renaissance with nothing
  11. There is a poll going on Oblivion network discord and so far it looks like April 28th or Friday. The chaos will be soon.
  12. When i was working on mass producing iron golem farms i was experementing with mffs away from my base and that ate alot of energy for just for i golem farm. Another place you could use it is when helping noobs set up bases. I have had times when my fission reactor needed to be restarted and needed energy. I would pay 5$ for a /charge. Even if it had a cool down of a min or 2.
  13. I completely agree with you Tom. I also don't mind rebuilding from scratch. That's half the fun of voltz.
  14. thanks for the offer though kequo
  15. i have finally built a successful one. It just dosent produce alot of iron for the time. so i decided to mffs custome copy the design and now im trying to mass produce the designs so that i get atleast 30 iron a min