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  1. At first I had an idea for Arenas but now that I know we already have that the Idea shifted to battlegrounds. Please consider this post as a WIP Before I appeal for builder I first would like to have a well thought concept thats gotten approved, otherwise it wouldnt be worth the effort I think. What I want to do with this post is collect ideas and inspiration, and pointing out what kind of scripts we would need for this kind of project. so the one who writes these has a list of tasks to do, saves a lot of work. I would like to know who is responsible for this servers scripts. Some players agreed with me on the point that we could use some kind of battlegrounds map, so here is my 2 cents. BATTLEGROUNDS A map of large scale at least 200x200 to “battle the crap out of each other“ Where all kinds of weapons and explosives are allowed maybe you can even get them per objectives or produce them in the pre buildt base. Map resets of course Consisting of two overground and partially underground bases that have been build in a Command and Conquer Style (damn voltz shares so much similarities with that franchise) This can be achieved by copying landscape with world edit and then building the base The map should be warfare oriented and offer strategical diversity. Like pointed out in my previous post. With blink drive shortcuts, power armor accesible areas and railguns on hills to shoot at players from far away. POSSIBLE OBJECTIVES King of the Hill Capture the flag Gather resources Deathmatch If I think about the scripting aspect I would say the Deathmatch mode should be the easiest to achieve, just set a spawnpoint for participants and a point counter for each team. Win condition would be a certain amount of points. But that would add the need of a qeue for the map because you can just add points to your counter if there are enough players. If we say have a gather resources mode then the Objective would be to collect and produce a certain amount of them and put them in a box. Whichever team gets these first wins, would provoke fights over resources. But adds the need of a script that prevents you from bringing the resources right away into the map without blocking your power armor tho. Thats it for now, more in a couple hours, and of course this is still a WIP
  2. Thread can be closed due to double post
  3. Because the Idea shifted from Arenas to battlegrounds im going to open a new post where we can pont out this idea.
  4. Server side implementation would be oblivions job then anyway, and I think he knows how to code some little scripts. Lets say there is multiple dimensions, overworld, mines, nether, end, arenas ect. It shouldnt be too hard to make another dimension or to build that map in an already existing one. I tinkered around in creative mode and found out that you can build buildings super fast with MFFS projectors, so that process is shortened exponential. The only really time consuming thing should not be the building of two bases but the landscapes
  5. I can definately see what you meant with the arenas. Theyre really good! I will focus on the large scale Battleground alittle more. maybe a CnC Style battle map sounds nice
  6. Oh thanks for the info about warp arenas Actually never been there and havent seen it yet. I will look inside when I get home, maybe i can get more inspiration from it. So you say that mineable Ores in this case would be a bad idea? If it would be like a preset field like in the actual mines it wont matter right? I see that if we have multiple rooms with approximately 5 ore fields it would indeed be too much free resource. so What if we add a Rule that if you leave an arena map you cant enter it until it resets. Wouldnt this encourage players to stay in the map longer to get the maximum amount of Ores with the balanced downside of being vulnerable? Maybe a chat announcement whenever a player enters the arena would be a good idea as well.
  7. Okay I think I have the clearest Envision for a project ever since. I have a spleen for concept making so here it is: Through the lack of a real PvP Arena I thought of fusing the two elements of the pvp and the mine together in a map thats actually pleasing in strategical diversity and has objectives that are worth to fight for. Map 1 Rules: No power Armor No invis No S Mines No Rocket Launcher reset Timer 30 minutes Is an underground tunnel system with ores and roots and multiple biome-like rooms. Every room is a spawnpoint for certain resources and offers good places to hide and seek your enemies. Map 2 Power Armor Allowed No Invis Reset Timer 30 minutes This Map offers very wide and Open Areas that you can just access with a power Armor. On some peak spots will stand railguns with ammo to shoot at certain Ore Spots players usually visit. This way is ensured that mining is still dangerous because you wont really see if someone is there. At certain Walls there are holes or windows where you can use the Blink Drive to cross a wall or change a Room over a good distance to avoid attacks. The Ore Spots will be large enough to let players stay there for a little while, because every Ore Spot has different oresets like redstone and Lapis together. Map 3 Duel Map Time Limit 10 min A Map for a very limited amount of players which can be entered like a qeue with a script. Playerlimit 10 This makes Clan Battles Possible which alone sounds really awesome. In here should be the really good shit thats already refined to the great quantitys like full blocks. The Map size is not very wide and the map has an Arena like touch to it. Fazit This way pvp and mining are both attractive to the players because of the following reasons. Whenever someone gets killed in the Arena it can attract players because they see in chat and they know youre vulnerable at mining places This other idea was that this is meant as as voltz play and battlegrounds that are going to be used because the players need the recources. Badaboom Maybe you could add your addition of supposed ups and downs to this Idea. That would be my joy When this get approved of you guys I would start appealing for Builder and start doing it and even considering taking co helpers for this project
  8. Would be interesting to know if you can AA wither skulls, I know farming them with a grinder is a much faster way but then you have to find a wither skeleton first
  9. So gals and guys, I dedicated myself a little to money generation the last days and here is what i found out. The following tutorial works fine under the condition that you know how to set up an AA factory, not the simplest task for beginners but I try to explain how I do it. I found out that you can sell 256 reinforced concrete (4 Stacks) at the shop for 1k$. Reinforced Concrete is made of concrete thats combined with Obsidian wich makes the hardened Concrete, wich you then can upgrade to the final product with steel. You can AA the ingredients for Reinforced concrete not directly but you can bypass it a little bit. First you need a combiner that can make Obsidian for you, because were going to AA Obsidian Ingot. After that you need AAs that produce the before called Obby ingots, Steel and normal concrete (yes the first stage can be AAed), put them together in an autocrafting ME and have fun on your AFK belt. With just a small setup i can generate up to 10k in an hour. This is amazingly easy to exponetial expand and so is the opportunity to generate money. Okay i blooped a secret that most players wont tell you but someone (me) had to tell you guys xD
  10. Whoah xD I just meant that there is too much Money thats never really used. All these things that you can buy can be recreated by AAs. If not you could AA the resources. So no need for money
  11. Okay thats actually a good point.
  12. Hello people of Voltz Oblivion. I can not say this enough, this server is awesome. But every medal has two sides. Downside to our market and economy system is that players can have so much money that they dont know what to do with it. I think its great to be able to buy a complete Base when u have nothing exept money, but when does that happen? Players with much money (like 100k and more) tend to have multiple bases and they just never use their money when they can produce it for nothing else than strange matter. Another downside is that you can generate money if you know how it works. So the only players that use and need the money are the newbies or everyone else after a reset. Money flows from the newbies to the ones that sell items, and doesnt go back to the ones that could use it way more than the ones that have it I think we should have kind of a more realistic economy system. One where money equals power and where you can buy special services with money like an garantueed Op enchantment. Or a serverwide contest of the players who have the most money. The richest players should get privilegues the others dont have like controllong something. Players should feel like their money is working for them. Exept for the newer players the economy is just not practical in my humble opinion
  13. Wow many ideas, Thanks for your contribution
  14. Hey guys now that im Titan and can have 6 sethomes I wanted to talk about how to use them eficciently with a concept. I know of the advances in splitting up your belongings. If one base gets raided they wont automatically make you poor. Uses of Sethomes TRACKING BASE A tracking base is a base in which you only need some energy and a T1 launch platform with a homing missile on it. Why not doing this in your own base? Because if you want to track someone you cant relog before teleporting, so you need a base that you can loose anytime, to keep the cost low. You just teleport there and use the tracker on the homing missle to get their coords. LASER DRILL BASE Well well, there have been quite some bases that caused even some ruckus on the forums, owners should be proud xD Laser drills generate ores and need a huge amount of power, if applied right a base with around hundreds of laser drills can bring the server to its knees. You never need to visit the mines again tho. KILL MATRIX WEB (Credits to Jacwest) This idea was presented to me in a conversation with Jacwest almost a Year Ago. The strategy is that you make a web of kill matrixs to hide where your base really is. This is very expensive tho but the defense it brings is top notch. Step one, use your waypoints on the minimap to make an imaginary circle around your base. Every point on the minimap should be a matrix of great size to cover the Area. Step two, make more circles of matrix around the waypoints you already, have. If the matrix web gets found other players can start looking for your base but never find it because its totally surrounded in multiple matrixes. They first need to destroy every single outpost of your web. This tactic makes it more obvious where the base is and at the same time you get almost unraidable. Do you have more unique ideas how to use multiple sethomes?
  15. Accepted

    Okay everything settled, I would like to have veryfication that you got the payment if thats possible :)