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  1. A factory can further be split up into two types of bases (If you want to) : ASSEMBLER BASE For AAing everything you need to except the things needed to make bombs, 1000+ assemblers two fulms. I don't personally put sm gens as it is already laggy enough. BOMB FACTORY For AAing everything needed to make bombs, (sulfur, am etc) same as the assembler base except it doesn't have to have as many assemblers. It should also have a MAC and liquicrafters setup to craft bombs. SM GEN BASE Instead of building sm gens in each of your bases I prefer to have one base with a ton of sm gens. It should have sm gens and just a fulm and a large cobble gen.
  2. Lets be real 5 people online at the most isn't very lively
  3. I do not play Legends but all the servers (Legends, Voltz) the modpacks as a whole have already died. It is not what it once was and it will never be the same.
  4. Game

    Banned for thinking im a western spy when in reality im a true slav. Ti si taj koj je spijun
  5. Game

    Banned for thinking thats a bad thing
  6. Game

    Banned for caring about faction politics
  7. Game

  8. Game

    Banned for replying to a inactive post
  9. Btw some might be outdated a tiny bit
  10. Good Idea
  11. Game

    Banned just because I wanted to be the 300th post on this topic.
  12. Log on for a bit everday for a week
  13. Game

    Banned for thinking everyone likes some weird japanese show about imaginary creatures in a fictional universe that would make no sense in reality.
  14. Game

    Banned for copying djs ban because you are the uncreative one