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    Banned for being uncreative
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    Banned for having 5 numbers in your name
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    Banned for banning our lord
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    Banned for thinking i had a choice. he threatened me with that tiny sword of his
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    banned for thinking your allowed to post
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    Banned for thinking he couldn't come up with anything else
  7. What Server are you applying for? : Voltz oblivion network What is your In Game Name? : Jacwest What is your TeamSpeak Name? : Jacwest What is your time zone? : UTC London When are you available? All days of the week including bank holidays e.t.c What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends : i can play mostly everyday for about 3-5 hours on weekdays. at the weekend i can play 4-8 hours depending on if family are over as i often go to breakfast with my Nan as i dont see her much. What is your In Game Rank? BloodGuard with 2 days 23 hours When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and PixelMon? : I started playing minecraft when it came out on the Xbox. so about 4 years ago now i originally got into it because my friend and i had just finished playing terraria and was looking for a similar game and stumbled on to it then. about a year later i brought it for the computer to play hypixel and the hive mini games but sadly i overplayed it so much i grew bored of it and started searching for something new and then was told about the Technic launcher so decided to explore the mod packs. i soon came a cross pixelmon and thought id try it even though im not a big fan of Pokemon (I've had bad experiences. mainly when i broke my ds because it overheated after 12 hours of constant use) but i loved it. i met a few people who id catch shinnies with and fight the gyms with who suggested for me to join them on voltz so i toke there advice and downloaded it. it was like a dream come true a fun building game with wars and bombs in everything a 11 year old would want. i played solo for a month then joined a server called ultimate voltz craft which i grew attached to its friendly staff and antimatter holes. so i decided to join a faction called mobious where we grew huge and mighty untill we got raided :( turns out we were insided. this led me to a huge break for a year until i came back to play tekkit with my new friend at school who had suggested it but he got bored after a few hours of playing so i thought id try out voltz again where i rejoined oblivion network where im now building up hoping to become un raidable and thats where im at now. What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) : On the server i mentioned before i applied for helper and managed to get accepted a week a week after and i was tasked to help 20 people to be officially have a tag that said helper and withing 2 and a half hours i was deemed Helper. After about 2 months i was wondering that maybe i could help people with more advanced issues e.g m.e systems and helping with reactors and that but know one queit trusted a helper as they were still allowed to raid so it got me thinking about applying for trial admin which was a week with admin commands to see how i reacted to having that much responsibility after the week ended i was given the title Admin buti had a bumby ride before i got there i had aslo been demoted in this time to. when i was helper i was acused of letting people track me and telepoting to people in need of help but the person who made the alagation was found to be lying and i was reinstated as trial admin. it was quiet scary tbh as i had just reached my goal of helping 100 people and then to have that happen but in the end i got admin and i was so happy. Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfil? : As my role of admin i was tasked with a lot of stuff as we diddnt have chat mods and there was only me and one over admin so i had to warn people about swearing. spam and over languages also i had to deal with dupers who seemed to find every way possible to make life hell but it was rewarding to make the server better so it was worth it. also i had once been given the /op power as the owner was away for 1a week and couldn't get on so walst i had that i was trusted to kinda run the server but i had to keep hackers at bay and warn people about reporting hackers as people would just try get someone banned because they diddnt like them which is not acceptable so i had to ban one person in this time because he was using xray to find bases. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) : i would like to be helper because i miss the feeling of accomplishment when ive successfully helped someone. i think i should be helper beacause i can be on when others cant because of my timezone and because i have in depth knowladge of voltz as this would be my third year playing it. also id like to be helper because it gives the game meaning for me. i hate it when you get someone in need of help but theres no staff on and people in chat just say the wrong thing on purpose to annoy the person in need of help. it burns me that i can no longer be relied on to help others as its like a whole other meaning to the game i get to build and have fun as well as helping others build and have fun. Please answer thoroughly Who are you? Give us a little information on yourself : Im definitely what you would consider a gamer/nerd i love games and i love to have fun. i currently in year 10 at my school which is the second to last year (Thank god) i excel in maths and science but am not very good in English. im 5 foot 8 and taller than my mum. also im one of those people who will say there right until proven wrong which a lot of people dont like. i like to prove my point and to make is shown that i do know what im doing. i play Xbox as well and enjoy watching football allso i like to have to sometimes play jokes on people to lighten up the mood as im not a person who likes to be in a bad atmosphere because 2 people have beef so i would always try to resolve the issue without any needs of action. What is your Age? I am now 15 and i was born on the 13/01/2003 or 01/13/2003 What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths 1. i have a great sense of humour 2. im funny in all category. 3. im kind and caring. 4. I will never back down from a challenge 5. Nothing will get me down Weaknesses 1. Sometime when having a laugh i may seem rude with out knowing which i will apologise for 2. i can only speak English 3. i can come across as annoying 4. Sometimes you'll wish i never existed 5. i get carried away to much 6. I talk to much Extra Information : If you see a random . somewhere in a sentence its meant to be a comma but my keyboard is broken so thats why sorry apart from that thats all and thank you for reading my application and i will respect your decision whatever might be and will work hard to fix my flaws :)
  8. Game

    Banned for not liking dancing steves it diddnt make sense because i might of only red tothe bottem of page 1 and made it for that :(
  9. Game

    for thinking your a savage by saying savage
  10. Accepted

    1) Your in game name (IGN): My Ign is Jacwest 2) When were you banned?: Im not sure of the specific date but was some time in 2015 or 2016 3) Why were you banned?: I was banned because i was putting a url link to my friends server i realise why i got banned because of this and im sorry for disrespecting the server rules 4) Who banned you (if known)?: i cant remeber the name but it was a admin 5) Why should we unban you?: Because i would like to show you that im not just a random person who just wants to advertise i would like to be un banned so i can play with my new friend keegansb. i only just got him of vanilla lol hes a great friend who id love to play voltz with and your server is just what we where looking for and i understand that i broke 1 of your rules and i am extreamly sorry for my iggnorance and i would like 1 last chance and also i was hoping in a couple of weeks to a month to maybe apply for helper or something similar to that. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: was voltz oblivion also i would just like to say im sorry for the spam ban appeals i diddnt mean it to be annoying or rude i was just correcting my mistakes and apologisese for the inconvenience thank you for reading my ban appeal oh also my keyboard is kinda broken so if you see a random fullstop i meant it to be a comma thankyou
  11. Denied

    Hello im putting in this ban appeal as i would just like to play. I cant remember the reason because it was a couple of years ago but im asking to be un banned as ive just come back to voltz and you guys are the only popular server there so i was just wondering as its been a couple of years please may i be allowed a second chance. i cant remember anything about my ban so sorry about not being able to fill any of those requirements and my ign is jacwest