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  1. Hey To fix this issue do /sounds in-game. This will ask you to click on a link which will take you to one off oblivion networks posts and will show you instructions on how to fix this problem. I hope this helps you and if u haven't got skins do /skins and it will also take you to a post which will instruct you on how to fix the issue. ThankYou.
  2. Dont forget we have players from all around the world on different time zones who might be on loads but you wont see them
  3. Game

    Banned for calling milioman a true slav
  4. Game

  5. UED williams base has already been reduced in size to help reduce the lag problem But from what we can tell its not just his fault there is around 20+ people on at a time running things in there base and for all we know they could have huge bases causing lag so please can everyone stop blaming william... Yes his base was causing lag but its not just him and he has found away to help reduce the lag in his base so that other players can have a fair gaming exsperience Thankyou.
  6. If u havent already got a faction do /f create {Faction Name} Then go to a spot and do /f claim this will claim the land to your faction and the only way someone else can destroy your land then would be with missiles or over claiming it. Over claiming is where a opposing faction with more power than you do comes over and then they can claim the land cause if its just you in your faction you will have only 10 power and say they have 4 people they would have 40 meaning they can over claim your territory so id recommend getting some people you trust into your faction to bump up your power also make sure to build underground so then people cant physically see your base also make sure to do /sethome so u can get back but always rember if u claim a piece of land and somone flys over it it will tell them that hey have entered your land and they can also see it on /f map i hope this helped :)
  7. zatax you would have more success if you post this on the servers discord as there is more people on there and most of them are active. If you need i will add the link to oblivion networks discord https://discord.gg/uhbC3BB
  8. Game

    banned for being greedy because u wanted the 300th post
  9. Game

    banned for thinking we mixed Egypt with Pokemon only sand shrew falls into that category
  10. Game

    Banned for not being a Pokemon nerd
  11. Game

    Banned for having a cat meme picture thing listening to music
  12. Game

    Banned for being uncreative
  13. Game

    Banned for having 5 numbers in your name
  14. Game

    Banned for banning our lord
  15. Game

    Banned for thinking i had a choice. he threatened me with that tiny sword of his