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    1) Your in-game name (IGN): XahnDerWolf 2) When were you banned?: 5/15/2018 3) Why were you banned?: postings lyrics to song: Rock of Ages "Gunter gleiben glauchen globen" 4) Who banned you (if known)?: Casseve 5) Why should we unban you?: Ok, so it is a temporary ban, so there isn't a huge need for this to be lifted, its two days, whatever. Where I have an issue is getting banned for nothing. about an hour earlier to the ban I got a warning for excessive caps, (my fault I had caps lock accidentally turned on when I typed and maybe I should have gone back and re-typed it). Later on a bit, I needed 64k drives, a lot, and so asked for them in chat, got into a debate with some other about 64k drives and deep storage units, nothing to big, I said something (I forget what but I don't normally think to much about what I say when casually chatting). that got the 10min ban, I waited that out. finally after talking for 5 mins, one of my favorite songs came on Spotify "Rock of Ages" and I posted the first couple lyrics in chat, "Gunter gleiben glauchen globen", then got 30min ban for no reason, accoring to casseeve it wasn't english (which technically I guess it isn't but it is lyrics to an english song) which is where I have my hangup. now I felt that it was justfied to chat through the /f name command, to try to explain to Casseve that it isn't random, or another language, but that it is lyrics to an english song by Def Leppard. then the 2 day ban. 6) Picture of screen when logging in (required): 7) Server: Oblivion-Voltz