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Found 143 results

  1. Answered

    Keep getting this error while trying to log in
  2. Answered

    I am stuck in a corrupted chunk, and I can't log on to fix it.
  3. Answered

    I tried doing this through discord but nobody responded so here I am I need jailed im in a crash loop at my space station pls and ty powerful_kim
  4. Answered

    please help me, every time i join, within 30 seconds my game crashes and it says "internal exception Connection reset by peer" and the only place I don't crash is jail.
  5. Answered

    I've lost my old rank from before the reset, I believe I had either Platinum, Elite or Legend. I should be able to produce some sort of a Paypal receipt if needed.
  6. Hi, i overflowed my inventory on voltz 2 using drives n stuff a while ago, i was told to post this here :D
  7. Answered

    I am trying to join the discord to get more info on ranks but every discord link that i use says i am banned or that it is invalid. i am coming back to the server after a look time (2+ years) and do not recall ever joining the discord or any reason for a ban.
  8. I'm stuck in a space station crash loop and probably need to be jailed. IGN: SuperSnack1 - Snack
  9. Answered

    The server i lost my rank on was the voltz1 server, my ingame name is fury_creeper and i made $30 of donations which if i remember correctly adds up to the Elite rank. on a side note my hours in the game seemed to have been reset is there a way to recover them? the only two names ive gone by were Rainbow__Dash and fury_creeper
  10. Answered

    I need my old paid rank and ingame rankup ranks, as I lost them after I changed my name. Old username was ShadowFlame999, changed it to Shiftend about a year ago. Had a paid rank and maxed out timer ranks.
  11. reEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEe Something's wrong with your SS fish, i need to be jailed ahagaihnnnn. ign - SuperSnack1
  12. Answered

    I'm stuck in a crash loop at someone's SS. I dunno what the fix is but apparently i gotta be jailed please fix ;-;. IGN: SuperSnack1
  13. It only started a short while ago but for some reason whenever i try and connect to the PVE ever it now gives me this error message "". I can connect to the lobby but beyond that I get this message. My internet connection is quite strong and I can play other games I just didn't know if this was a common thing?
  14. Answered

    Hey i lost my rank. my name is palagonna and i was supreme or noble. pls remeadial at this. Voltz 1
  15. Ign: Akilled Infinite crashing loop, plz jail. Resolved after serve restart
  16. Answered

    crashing when ever i log into the game, i left inside a ss and my in game name is _sanguinius
  17. Answered

    I changed my ign by palagonna to TheGodOfVoltz. I lost grade. ender chest and command chest. Pls change my names in the files. Thank you in advanve
  18. Answered

    alright so I log onto the server and I slap my me drives into my system and then the server fucking crashes and I come back and I don't have my ME drives anywhere, Is there anyway I could get them back?
  19. Answered

    hi I tried to upgrade my rank from Legend to Titan on the voltz shop but It says if I bought it before 04/04/2016 then I needed to post on the thread, but the thread is down a error page just shows up my name is Wolfie572 in the oblivion voltz server, can anyone help me, thx
  20. Answered

    i dont know what happened or if i got hacked but i got on to my regular account and my name was changed and my skin was changed and my rank was taken away and it made me restart, i was bloodguard and my name was coreyboy1820 and i cant remember if i donated or not but i thought i did. please help, i got on last night and thought it was the server restart and went with it for a little while till i realized my name was RealDima which was very very off, please help :/ fast.
  21. Answered

    IGN: Pvt_Sullivan Current Rank: Centurion Issue:I have played on the server for a while now, and have been through multiple resets. In one of those resets, not sure which one or how it happened, I lost 4 days of AR Rank time. Since then I have accumulated 2 days of in-game time on the server. Technically I should be a commander with 6 days, where I had 4 days and centurion, those got wiped, and I have re-accumulated 2 days through play (should have ~6 days and 7 hours, rank Commander). I hope I can have this time restored as losing 96 hours of play time (4days) is quite a lot of time, especially in respect to ranking up even more as time goes on. Below you will find a few screens shots attached. - Thanks,Pvt_Sullivan
  22. Made a 3x3x3 tank. The chunk's corrupted. People affected by it at the time: BinaryBacon, Epixxle, and possibly LeThatch Thanks
  23. Answered

    So i recently changed my name i would like my rank/perks move to "Reveling" proof <Fly><GOD/NICK> <GCTP> <General Rank> by the way the best proof i have for general rank is my staff application i used to have a screenshot but i wiped my PC also i had Infinite Homes but 123Ttianic Bought me it for my birthday so i don't have the receipt.
  24. my ign: bartardintheclub my issue is i cant log on the server and when i do i crash everytime but idk what i placed to make me crash so im just letting you know what happened. id really like to keep all my stuff just let me know if you could help at all anything would be gracious.
  25. I went to a spacestation and sunk through the floor now whenever i reconnect there i crash. can you jail me for a few mins or tp me to spawn?