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Found 8 results

  1. Volts 1.12.2 Reloaded The classic Voltz you love but better! We've released an unofficial update to Voltz. Volts 1.12.2 Reloaded! A brand new voltz pack with the classic mods you love plus much more. All included with our very own Official PvP Raid/Grief Server! Some new mods include. ICBM Classic Tinkers Construct Extreme Reactors Applied Energistics 2 Open Computers All of this comes with a brand spanking new 1.12.2 server. BUT WAIT. We know what you’re thinking. 1.12.2 is a buggy mess with that horrible combat. BUT NOT OUR SERVER. We’ve gone out of our way to patch many of the bugs/glitches associated with 1.12.2 in addition to this we’ve also added Classic Combat for that rich minecraft experience that everyone misses. Download the modpack: Server Address: Check out the trailer!: Feel free to ask any questions below!
  2. It is with deep regret that we must announce the closure of our OBNW Legends-PvP Server The Legends-PvE server will remain open This closure has been forced by a lack of players on the server, and the transfer of the server website to the box. I would like to personally thank anyone who was a part of our legends pvp community, apologise for the inconvenience, and invite you to continue the fun on our PvE server ( In due time, the lobby sever will be closed as well FAQ What if I still want to fight people? You will be able to! Construction is under way on brand new pvp arenas on pve! What about my donor stuff? If you owned a donor rank or perk on PvP, you can have it transferred to our PvE server. Simply reply below with your In-Game name, Rank/Perk, and (if you have it) any proof. Reply to this topic with your In-game name and your donor rank/kit/perk What about my ranks and AR time? We are also willing to transfer AutoRank times and ranks BUT you must supply unedited proof of your rank (such as a screenshot of your "/ar check" or you talking ingame). We apologise for this being necessary, but I no longer have the ability to check our records for your AR times. Screenshots must be UN-EDITED, UN-CROPPED Attempted forgery may get you banned Reply to this topic with your In-game name, your rank & time, your evidence, and the date the screenshot was taken (look at the image file's name) Do I get to keep my money (/bal)? The exact same thing applies to your balance: if you are able to prove what you had on PvP with a screenshot, we can transfer your balance. Screenshots must be UN-EDITED, UN-CROPPED Attempted forgery may get you banned Reply to this topic with your In-game name, your balance, your evidence and the date the screenshot was taken (look at the image file's name) Will I get my items and EMC back? Unfortunately no, we will not be transferring any player data, items, emc amounts, transmutation tables, sethomes or the like Can I become staff? Go for it! Apply in our Staff Applications section here on the forums ENQUIRIES If you have any questions or concerns, you can reply to this topic below and either myself or an Op Manager will respond Alternatively you can PM me on the forums or chat on our discord server If I am unavailable and you need urgent help, contact any Legends PvE staff or Op Managers
  3. Oblivion Networks Update 19/01/2019 Hello, Well this is going to be a fairly long post so here is what i'm going to be talking about: Operation Phoenix Reveal Voltz Update Tekkit Legends Update Celebratory Sale Giveaways! Staff team changes Special staff requests Operation Phoenix Reveal: Voltz 2.0 View the trailer here Voltz 2.0 is an updated version of Voltz using the same core mods such as ICBM and Atomic Science (Now called Nuclear Physics). It also uses updated versions of mods like Mekanism and Applied Energistics 2.It also introduces some new mods such as Big Reactors, Thermal Expansion, Open Modular Turrets, Extra Cells 2 and Extra Utilities. How do I get Voltz 2.0? Install the Technic Launcher Go to Modpacks Search Voltz 2.0 and install it or use There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. There are also new Donor perks on Voltz 2.0. Master+ Now has access to /warp DonorRoom which includes exclusive perks such as the ability to play slots. Noble+ now has access to /warp Noble which is an extended shop. Voltz 2.0 is a seperate server and Voltz will be staying open thus the ranks will not transfer. However if you wish to transfer your rank and perks you can for a fee. To Transfer your rank is costs $25, additionally you can transfer any extra eligible perks you have too for an extra $10. You can’t just transfer perks by themselves, the perk addon is only available as an addon to the rank transfer. Perks not eligible for transfer are: Basic God Tools Advanced God Tools Basic God Armour Advanced God Armour Basic ME Kit Advanced ME Kit Unlimited Homes We have patched many issues with 1.7.10 mods (i.e. trackers and quantum assemblers); However, there are still some issues, most notably with Nuclear Physics power generation. If you find an issue, please contact a staff member and we will start working on a patch for it. With respect to Nuclear Physics - In the meantime try out Big Reactors, they produce more power anyway. Voltz Update The PvP mine recently encountered some issues but these have been resolved and it has now been re-opened There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord anyone with OverLord+ will automatically inherit Brute’s kits and perks. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. Tekkit Legends Update On Tekkit Legends numerous items have recently been unbanned such as all items that bypass claims have been unbanned in the mine world only. The rainmaker has also been unbanned on both servers. Quarries limited to 4 per person, refer to pinned forum post. For more information on Legends bans please refer too Random TP has also been re enabled on Legends with a cooldown of 10 minutes, the ward wild builds have also been updated and there are now 4 warp wilds. Staff are needed! Tekkit legends is slightly short-staffed and we would love some new applicants. Apply on our forums to help the network, make friends in the staff team and learn more about Legends etc. There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord anyone with OverLord+ will automatically inherit Brute’s kits and perks. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. Celebratory Sale! To celebrate the all new updates and the release of Voltz 2.0 we will be putting a sale on all servers across the network so you can gear up to explore the new lands brought by the update. The sale won't last for long so act fast. Giveaway! We are giving 3 sets of 10 Event Keys to be eligible for this giveaway all you have to do is fulfill the following criteria: Sign up to our website which can be found at Like and follow our modpack which can be found here After you have done the above please comment below with your, Website and Technic username and you will be entered into the draw! The winner will be picked at random in a week from now! If you are reading this on discord please go to the website and comment your details in the comments section for the news post Staff Team Changes In this update we have also had changes to our staff team, some of the most noticeable changes are: Defuse has returned as an Operations Manager KillfalconGames has returned as an Operations Manager Exiled is now a Voltz 2.0 JrAdmin Fish1062 is now a Voltz 2.0 Moderator KvbUnited is now a Voltz Moderator The_Scout_999 is now a Tekkit Legends Moderator Congratulations to all of you on your promotions! Special Staff Requests The network is in need of the following type of staff members which will have a special role that is not in the general staff area: Builders - We are in need of builders to create amazing spawns and monuments for the ever growing network, as a builder you will work as part of a team creating any required buildings for all the servers. Event Coordinator - This rank involves creating events for the server in the build world, these events can be whatever you design. Developer - Whether it be web development or plugin development both are very important roles and as the network grows larger more will be required to create custom content to create enjoyable experiences for the players. If you are applying for Builder please follow the build application template and submit your application. Please do the same if you are applying for Developer, however if you are applying for Event Coordinator please DM Defuse#2618 on Discord. We are always looking for general staff roles on all our servers, apply on our website here.
  4. Hey everyone, here is a quick guide to colours you can use ingame! OBNW has the "Essentials" bukkit plugin therefore allowing players to use many fancy colours in Minecraft! You can use these in /f title or to add colour to signs! By using this symbol "§" you can apply the same colours to books. Here is a list of codes for available colours: &0 BLACK &1 DARK BLUE &2 DARK GREEN &3 DARK AQUA &4 DARK RED &5 DARK PURPLE &6 GOLD &7 GRAY &8 DARK GRAY &9 INDIGO &A GREEN &B AQUA &C RED &D PINK &E YELLOW &F WHITE &M STRIKE THROUGH &N UNDERLINED &L BOLD &K RANDOM &O ITALIC Take note: Some signs will become blank if placed on certain tiles - prevents duping glitches etc The use of "&k" in /f title isn't a great idea, can be horrid for faction members to look at. If you try to use these in chat, nothing will happen. All players have the same colour, apart from Staff. These colours will work with /nick (however only JrAdmins+ can apply colours) You cannot admin colours however (&0 and &4) All of the codes can be used like brackets eg /f title EdgarP01 &d&kdj&k&e&lLeader&l&d&kdj&k&e How to change the colour in books: Hope this helps! Enjoy. EdgarP01
  5. Mojang does not support the version of minecraft that Voltz uses (1.5.2). Therefore, everyone is set to the default "Steve" skin. This will rectify the issue. This method has been approved by the OBNW, therefore it does not violate any of our server rules. Here is how: 1. Download this skins mod, it was specifically made to combat this issue: Skin Patch 2. Open the technic launcher (make sure Voltz is not running) 3. Click on "Modpack Options" . 4. Click on "open" 5. Open "Coremods" 6. Move the "LumySkinPatch" to folder "coremods". Opening "LumySkinPatch" won't do anything. 7. Close the Technic Launcher. Then reopen it. Load Voltz. All skins should load as normal (not steve!) Any questions please reply below or PM me. Cheers. -Edgar
  6. Important

    Due to a recent decision by Mojang they decided to shut down the Legacy API servers for older versions of Minecraft. With this shutdown they shut down skins and the download of vanilla sounds for the mod pack. In this post, you will find a files that includes the missing sounds for the mod pack, download these files and then go to your %appdata% > .technic > .voltz And then place the files in the folder called "resources" and it will restore your sounds! Note: If you already have files inside of your resources file please delete yours and then replace it with the ones below.
  7. Dynamic Tanks Its seems that many players still have trouble avoiding Dynamic-Tank crash-loops on Voltz, so I'm posting this to try and help you avoid them. When building Dynamic tanks, please build them so that they are larger than a MINIMUM of 4x4x4 blocks on the inside (6x6x6 on the outside). Preferably build them much larger than this - the bigger the better to an extent. Also: avoid letting items or mobs drop into a tank, or use it to contain Galacticraft liquids (such as Oil) This, while not making you immune to Dynamic Tank crashes, will greatly help you avoid them. If you DO experience a Dynamic Tank crash loop, please report it on the forums under the correct topic, for staff to help you out. When making a post be sure to list your in-game name and home name (if you have multiple). DO NOT go back to the base where the tank is located unless senior-staff tell you it is safe to do so. By following these steps you will usually avoid any problems, making life easier for yourself and for the staff If you have any questions feel free to reply to this topic below, and I or someone else will help you out. Thanks - DJ
  8. Important

    Rules In-Game Rules Chat Offences (Applies to Discord too): Spamming: Sending too many and/or repeating the same message in chat in a short period of time or command spam. Caps: Sending messages with an excessive amount of capital letters. No Asking Items From Staff: We do not do refunds or give any items. Respect All Players And Staff: Treat others how you would like to be treated. General Rudeness: Being intentionally rude to other players or staff using derogatory words/phrases. Hackusation: Accusing another player in chat of hacking. Chat Trolling: Saying things in chat that are misleading to players and/or are intended to cause confusion. Mini-Modding: Non-staff players trying to enforce the rules on players, or try to tell the staff how they are supposed to do their jobs. Only applies when staff are online. Protesting: Arguing with players in chat constantly or attempting to argue any sort of punishment that a staff member has made. Advertising: Sending a link in chat which directs players to non Oblivion-Networks related content or directing players to another server. Bypassing Chat Filter: Purposely trying to send a message in chat which is a blocked word/phrase. Finding Loopholes In The Rules: Use common sense, don't be a smart ass. Discussing Distasteful Topics / Jokes: Keep chat clean. Arguing In Chat: It's childish. Impersonating Officials: If you are caught impersonating any staff member, you will be banned. English Only: Our servers are made for the US, UK and other English speaking countries primarily so please respect that. General Offences: Map Exploiting: Abusing the map to get a substantial advantage over others. Bug Exploiting: Abusing a bug/glitch in the game intentionally to give yourself an advantage. Game Griefing: PvP logging, creating corrupted chunks, breaking bedrock and other things stated in game. Scamming Staff: Raiding or killing a staff member whilst you have requested help from them. Scamming Scout's and Grunt's: Raiding, griefing or scamming a scout or grunt No Refund Policy: We do not refund items lost from server issues, glitches or the like. Donors may contact high staff if they lose their perks or rank. We do not refund timed ranks lower than General+. Client Mod Offences: Client Mods: The use of any modifications which are not approved. Hacking: The use of any sort of hack or hacked client. Approved mods: Optifine 5Zig PVP mod Too Many Items Any minimap that does not show players/entities. (Unmodded REI's minimap) Shaders Mods Capes Mods Better Animations/Player Animations Mod Blocks3D Mod Not Enough Items Better Sprint Mod InGame info mod WAILA Donor Rules: 1. No giving away /enchanted items for free. 2. No offensive, inappropriate or racist nicknames. 3. No impersonating staff. 4. No Long Nicknames (Over 16 Characters). 5. No nicknames such as: 'Admin - OP - Owner', generally anything staff related may result in a ban. Galacticraft Rules: 1. No building outside a 5000 block radius of the spawn point. 2. You must be able to move two blocks in ALL DIRECTIONS once you enter the space station without being harmed for 5 seconds. 3. Matrix's ARE ALLOWED to affect you but NOT kill you, this rule is only in affect for defensive purposes. Forum Rules General Rules: No advertising. No micro-posting (1 word posts - or gifs / emoticons with no text). No cursing/swearing/disrespecting players. Do not try to moderate the forums, leave it to the staff. No asking for likes (or tacos) in your post. No double-posting(edit your original post). No necro-posting (posting on threads which haven't been commented on in over a week) No excessive bumping (more than once per thread). No post boosting (posting irrelevant content or repeating information previously stated in the thread). No posting on nuisance threads. Off-Topic: General rules apply here Micro-posting allowed on forum games only. Giveaway Rules: General rules apply here. Do not create fake giveaways. No asking for likes. No advertising your /server/website/YouTube channel. Do not set a requirement for the giveaway to end other than a date. Do not run multiple giveaways at the same time, instead compile them into one thread. All giveaways should be created in the off-topic section. Reports: General rules apply here. Do not comment on threads you are not directly involved in. Do not post report evidence which is older than 2 weeks. Do not post a report without evidence. Do not post a report without using the correct format. Punishments Rule Punishment Chat Offenses First offense will result in a warning. Second offense will result in a 5 minute mute. Continuous offenses will result in the following mute time: 5 minutes -> 10 minutes -> 30 minutes -> 1 hour -> 2 hour -> 1 day temp ban. However. Advertising will result in an immediate PERMANENT BAN. General Offenses Depends on the rule broken. Average punishments will be between a one day, and permanent ban. (One day for minor map exploiting, permanent for duping). Client Mod Offences All Client Mod Offences will result in a permanent ban. Donor Rules Breaking the Donor Rules will start with a warning, and if you do not comply, the misused command will be removed from you. Galacticraft Rules Breaking any Galacticraft rules will result in your Space Station dimension to be deleted. Forum Rules Breaking any forum rule will cause you to receive different amount of warning points depending on the severity of the rule broken. Receiving five warning points will result in a one week forum ban, receiving eight warning points will result in a one month forum ban, and receiving eleven warning points will result in a permanent ban.