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  1. Hi, As our donations processor failed to fix issues within their system we have moved to a new one. However, we were not able to import previous donation data so you will not be able to upgrade your rank if you purchased it before the 04/04/2016. If you are a victim of this issue please post below with: - Your username - Your rank - The server your rank is for
  2. BANNED ITEMS ON TEKKIT-LEGENDS While Voltz enjoys zero banned items, this is regrettably not so on the Legends servers, partly due to many different items which can cause issues, and some that we simply haven't been able to patch as of yet. PvE has more banned items than PvP because some of them can bypass player claims (and are not much use on a non-pvp server anyway). I am frequently asked which items are banned and why, so below is a list for your convenience (in alphabetical order): PvP Server All world anchors including carts and anchor sentinel - (Chunk Loading) Chunk Loader - (Chunk Loading) Harvest Goddess Band - (Lag) Hopper Upgrade - (Duping) Hyperkinetic lens - (Lag) (Bypasses Claims) Pneumatic Tube / Opaque Pneumatic Tube - (Crashing) Ring of Arcana - (Lag) Sequencer - (Lag) (Crashing) Spot Loader - (Chunk Loading) Timer - (Lag) (Crashing) Transposer - (Duping) PvE Server Advanced Breaker (module from Engineer's Toolbox) - (Bypasses Claims) All world anchors including carts and anchor sentinel - (Chunk Loading) Breaker (module from Engineer's Toolbox) - (Bypasses Claims) Catalytic Lens - (Bypasses Claims) Chunk Loader - (Chunk Loading) Destruction catalyst - (Bypasses Claims) Dynamite / Sticky Dynamite / Dyn-O-Mote - (Bypasses Claims) Flint Duster - (Bypasses Claims) Harvest Goddess Band - (Lag) Hopper Upgrade - (Duping) Hyperkinetic Lens - (Bypasses Claims) Industrial Dynamite - (Bypasses Claims) Lightning Red - (Bypasses Claims) Mining Laser - (Bypasses Claims) Mining turtles - (Bypasses Claims) Nova cataclysm - (Bypasses Claims) Nova catalyst - (Bypasses Claims) Nuke - (Bypasses Claims) Obsidian Wither Rifle - (Bypasses Claims) Pneumatic Tube / Opaque Pneumatic Tube - (Crashing) Quarry - (Bypasses Claims) Rainmaker - (Annoyance) Ring of Arcana - (Lag) Sequencer - (Lag) (Crashing) Spot Loader - (Chunk Loading) Sunray - (Bypasses Claims) Teleport tether - (Chunk Loading) (aka Dynamite from IC2) - (Bypasses Claims) Timer - (Lag) (Crashing) Transposer - (Duping) (Creative Only items are banned aswell - obviously) Please bear in mind that while the list above may look pretty big, Tekkit-Legends has a LOT of items in it (much more than voltz does), and some of the above listed items are unobtainable, or not much use in non-pvp situations anyway. We are constantly working on limiting the number of banned items on each server, but these things take time (something that we don't all have much of these days), and can be difficult. If you find an item that ISN'T listed above, which: bypasses claims, crashes or lags the server, can be used to dupe or grief, or causes any other issue - please report it to myself or other Tekkit staff. Possession of any of the above items can result in bans (temporary or permanent, depending on the severity). Failure to report somone who owns or distributes banned items is punishable as well. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact me in PMs or through our Discord Server. Cheers
  3. Notice

    Here is a list of ALL of our current servers (updated): Discord: Tekkit Legends (PVE): Voltz: Voltz 2: Technic pack for Tekkit Legends (1.1.1): Technic pack for Volts 1.12.2:
  4. Updated and commonly-broken rules on Tekkit Legends This is a list of new/updated rules, and a reminder of some rules that are often forgotten or ignored on the Legends servers: This is only a small selection of the rules that apply. For a full list of rules please visit /Warp Rules ingame, and take a look at this forum article. 1. Bypassing item-bans will result in a permanent ban. This includes but isn't limited to Chunkloaders, World Anchors and the like. Please note that some normally banned items can be used in the Mineworld on the PvE server. 2. On PvE: Griefing a base/building that you do not own is not allowed, EVEN IF IT IS UNCLAIMED. Additionally claiming someone else's buildings is also considered griefing and will result in a large tempban 3. No excessively large or laggy EMC farms. This includes (but is not limited to) farms with a huge number of Energy Collectors or Macerators, or incorrectly built farms which cause items to drop onto the ground. Whether a base or farm is too large/laggy will be determined by a JrAdmin or higher. Any base found to be excessively laggy etc, can be removed, downsized or disabled at staff's discretion. 4. In addition to the above it is now required that any one base should have less than 40 Macerators 30 'EMC Power-Flowers' 30 of any Teleport Pipes There will a 'grace period' of sorts after the update of these rules, to allow you time to remove any excessive numbers of these items. This is necessary to reduce lag 5. The use of Steam Turbines is prohibited 6. On PvP: No inappropriate or offensive faction names or descriptions. This is something we've been seeing more often, and will result in the faction being disbanded, or tempbans for repeat offenders. 7. The rules still apply when no staff are online - trolling etc when staff aren't around won't be tolerated. 8. Do not intentionally lag or crash the servers. This is completely unacceptable and if caught will result in a large tempban, or permban for repeat offenders. 9. On PvP; Gem Armour and Red Katars are not allowed to be used in the PvP Arenas 10. A $5000 reward (ingame cash, obviously) is now given for information about anyone using banned items (eg; chunk loaders) 11. If the server is crashing everything you log in please STOP logging in and let staff know so we can fix it. 12. On pvp, max of 4 quarries per person. They must be correctlt built and not spilling/dropping items. Thankyou for taking a moment to read this notice, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of our Tekkit-Legends staff. Staff can be contacted ingame, on Discord or TS, or through the forums. UPDATED 15/01/2019
  5. Notice

    If you find an issue with the website or just want to say how great it is, make a post in this topic . Once again thanks to @z1haze for creating this!
  6. Notice

    If you have an idea for a forum game and want to let us know, just post it here ~Oblivion