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Found 60 results

  1. What Server are you applying for? Voltz 1.12.2 What is your In-Game Name? Lux_Lemon What is your Discord Name and ID? Discord ID: 295571855497101312 Discord Username: Harvest#0987 What is your time zone? Where are you from? Time zone is Eastern Standard Time UTC-4. I'm from Ohio, United States of America When are you available? Weekdays 5 PM to 12 AM (If I'm not busy, ill be on all day [Between 11 AM and 12 AM] Weekends 1 PM to 1 AM What is your In Game Rank? StoneGuard When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? I've been playing Minecraft since 2012. I discovered Voltz (Original) around 2013 or 2014 then stopped in 2017 since school was becoming a bit more overwhelming. It has become easier over time, that's why I’m getting back into Minecraft and other games. What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? On various Garry's Mod Servers and various Minecraft servers Like JAC Gaming. I was a Chat mod for JAC, making sure people were in line (No Racism, harassment, or Death threats), then i found a good Admin opening on a DarkRP server on Garry’s Mod, sadly that job didn’t last very long due to other staff member being very rude and disrespectful. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? Recently, I’ve wanted to get back into my old job as a chat mod, but develop off of previous lessons to become a better staff member than I once was on other servers previously. Seeing a safe server makes me happy, but that's just a general statement. It’s more of being part of a new beginning, Voltz used to be my life when I was at JAC. I always helped people out when they needed something, and assisted Moderators (Before I was staff), showed that I was somewhat useful. Being a part of this growing server and helping it grow safely will not only make me happy, it will make users happy. If users are happy, they will share the server and grow. Those people will shar- You get the point. Overall, I would really enjoy returning back to an older interest as a staff member on a Modded Minecraft server. Who are you? I'm a 17 year old Sophomore in high school who is involved in Theater, Choir, Football, Swimming, and Community Kindness club. who loves engineering style games. I also enjoy engineering style games and management games like Kerbal Space Program, Space Engineers, Planet Coaster, and many other games. I enjoy hanging out with people, some say I’m “easy to get along with and talk to.” I had previous experience with JAC gaming for a small time then Moved on to Garry's Mod DarkRP server where staff were very rude and disrespectful, so I decided to focus more on school. I take everything I learn overall, and use it to capitalize on certain things, so I wouldn’t repeat the same problem over and over again. To me Failure is greater than success because you can learn so many things from it. What is your Age? 17 Years old What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strengths: Problem solving, Communication skills, Discord management skills, Discord bot skills, Tester capability, and Negotiation. Weaknesses: My ADHD, and other than that, there aren’t any because I work on improving them every time it’s possible. Additional Information Recently discovering Oblivion made me happy to call it my new home. I had grown up playing Voltz when I was 13. After a while it got old. I couldn't sit around and play the same game for hours on end. Seeing Voltz return updated and better, not only that but updated overall and not stuck on one version without new things, was excellent! I'm looking forward to being apart of this community. Whether it's taking care of server related issues or something else, You can count on me!
  2. Voltz 1.12.2 is now open! The giant update is FINALLY out. ip: Download the pack:
  3. Currently all of our servers are shut for maintenance. A major overhaul of the network is currently underway. For all updates and latest info please join our discord: Our servers: Voltz: Voltz 1.12.2: <- Major update soon!
  4. Rate the familiarity from the person posting before you. Ratings may go from 0 to 10. Have fun! Edit: I might have not read the sticky where it said to leave ideas in there.. Woops sorry!
  5. What Server are you applying for? Oblivion Volts 1.12.2 What is your In-Game Name? FappingRaptor What is your Discord Name and ID? FappingRaptor#7808 What is your time zone? Where are you from? Eastern European Summer Time GMT+3 Finland When are you available? Anytime really. Rolling in that NEET life at the moment What time can you dedicate to the server on week-days and week-ends Depends, I have an open schedule. What is your In Game Rank? (/ar check rank and donator rank if applicable) BloodGuard as of 22 sep 19 When did you first start playing Minecraft? When did you start playing modded packs and Voltz? Vanilla sometime in 2012 (1.2.5). Voltz sometime in 2014-2015 What experiences do you have moderating a community or game? (Answer in depth) I run a teamspeak server with 3 other admins on which i have been admin of for about 4 years. Used to be co-owner on a long dead minecraft vanilla server. ( 2 servers actually) Im always the "admin" in groups in almost every game. Have you ever been given a staff role on a server before, and if so, what did you have to fulfil? Admin on teamspeak (for my previous admin knowledge and I share payment for the server with the owner) Minecraft servers i mentioned earlier needed staff so I applied. Why should you be a Helper? Why do you want to be a Helper? (Answer in depth) I should be a helper because: I never raid in voltz I just build and explore. Im basically already a therapist IRL due to me being the go-to guy to talk about things and i'm always helping with whatever needs to be done. Absolutely LOVE to help others both in-game and IRL. Honest as can be. Alot of people are new to voltz and need help because explaining over chat what to do is sometime a pain and its much easier to show than to tell. Who are you? Jonatan is my real name. Regular guy from Finland that loves Movies & Shows and of course games. The long winter times and the darkness makes you sit inside a lot on the computer so I've not done much else than to play and lurk around the internet. Give us a little information on yourself Regular guy that goes to school / work, do whatever needs to be done and then get home and relax and chill with friends on whatever game we are playing at the time. Introverted Have ADHD that turned to ADD which makes me have harder times learning a lot of stuff at once. Dont like big groups, prefer it nice calm and slow. Not afraid to meet new people and talk about random stuff. I can speak 3 languages; English, Swedish, Finnish. of which Swedish is my main language but years of being on the internet has taught me English quite well. What is your Age? 21 What are your strengths and weaknesses? Strength: When i put my mind to something ill do it until its complete and i'm happy with it. Perfectionist. Weakness: I get bored very easily and have difficult to motivate myself at times. This is nothing to do with what mods / plugins you know and don't know or how good of a builder you are. We are asking what intellectual attributes you have and if you have any flaws in your personality (trust me, we all do) - you can list them via bullet points or write a paragraph or two -Distracted very easily. [ADD/ADHD] -Forget stuff -I love to help others ( it makes me feel good ) -I'm too honest for my own good... Additional Information (optional) Got suggested to apply for helper by "oritz" on voltz 1.12.2
  6. Hey Community, I have had multiple people ask me about rank transfers and if you can actually do them or not. To clear this up, rank transfers are available and if you are thinking about transferring your rank across servers you can do so by messaging oblivion first for the payment and then by contacting an OP manager to confirm the transfer. But please take note that rank transfers are NOT FREE there will be a small price of $20 and an extra $10 for your perks, and perks are only included if you purchase the rank transfer for $20. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks.
  7. Volts 1.12.2 Reloaded The classic Voltz you love but better! We've released an unofficial update to Voltz. Volts 1.12.2 Reloaded! A brand new voltz pack with the classic mods you love plus much more. All included with our very own Official PvP Raid/Grief Server! Some new mods include. ICBM Classic Tinkers Construct Extreme Reactors Applied Energistics 2 Open Computers All of this comes with a brand spanking new 1.12.2 server. BUT WAIT. We know what you’re thinking. 1.12.2 is a buggy mess with that horrible combat. BUT NOT OUR SERVER. We’ve gone out of our way to patch many of the bugs/glitches associated with 1.12.2 in addition to this we’ve also added Classic Combat for that rich minecraft experience that everyone misses. Download the modpack: Server Address: Check out the trailer!: Feel free to ask any questions below!
  8. We are Anarchy and were looking for new recruits. This could be you. As a growing faction, we're looking to expand and increase our power. We don't have many expectations for players to join except some bare minimum requirements. We offer benefits to the members of our faction that you wont find anywhere else. Some of these benefits could be: Vast knowledge for support. As you gain trust you get chances to have a say in what happens. We offer resources to members in need. Always accepting new players and can guide them through the early game. Our members get to participate in certain projects that were working on many other perks. We are currently only on Voltz 2.0 but hoping to expand out over the other servers in future. A few basic rules are in place, of course, to keep everybody happy. You must be 10 or above in order to join. You must have discord to join Don't be immature. Obviously, we accept joking around etc; but don't be constantly immature or silly. don't be directly disrespectful. this excludes "joking around" Receiving warnings/mutes from staff too often may result in being removed from the faction. You don't need to fill out an application as we accept anybody over the age of 10 However you will need to leave your ign/discord name in the comments of this post and an officer or above will private message you.
  9. Oblivion Networks Update 19/01/2019 Hello, Well this is going to be a fairly long post so here is what i'm going to be talking about: Operation Phoenix Reveal Voltz Update Tekkit Legends Update Celebratory Sale Giveaways! Staff team changes Special staff requests Operation Phoenix Reveal: Voltz 2.0 View the trailer here Voltz 2.0 is an updated version of Voltz using the same core mods such as ICBM and Atomic Science (Now called Nuclear Physics). It also uses updated versions of mods like Mekanism and Applied Energistics 2.It also introduces some new mods such as Big Reactors, Thermal Expansion, Open Modular Turrets, Extra Cells 2 and Extra Utilities. How do I get Voltz 2.0? Install the Technic Launcher Go to Modpacks Search Voltz 2.0 and install it or use There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. There are also new Donor perks on Voltz 2.0. Master+ Now has access to /warp DonorRoom which includes exclusive perks such as the ability to play slots. Noble+ now has access to /warp Noble which is an extended shop. Voltz 2.0 is a seperate server and Voltz will be staying open thus the ranks will not transfer. However if you wish to transfer your rank and perks you can for a fee. To Transfer your rank is costs $25, additionally you can transfer any extra eligible perks you have too for an extra $10. You can’t just transfer perks by themselves, the perk addon is only available as an addon to the rank transfer. Perks not eligible for transfer are: Basic God Tools Advanced God Tools Basic God Armour Advanced God Armour Basic ME Kit Advanced ME Kit Unlimited Homes We have patched many issues with 1.7.10 mods (i.e. trackers and quantum assemblers); However, there are still some issues, most notably with Nuclear Physics power generation. If you find an issue, please contact a staff member and we will start working on a patch for it. With respect to Nuclear Physics - In the meantime try out Big Reactors, they produce more power anyway. Voltz Update The PvP mine recently encountered some issues but these have been resolved and it has now been re-opened There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord anyone with OverLord+ will automatically inherit Brute’s kits and perks. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. Tekkit Legends Update On Tekkit Legends numerous items have recently been unbanned such as all items that bypass claims have been unbanned in the mine world only. The rainmaker has also been unbanned on both servers. Quarries limited to 4 per person, refer to pinned forum post. For more information on Legends bans please refer too Random TP has also been re enabled on Legends with a cooldown of 10 minutes, the ward wild builds have also been updated and there are now 4 warp wilds. Staff are needed! Tekkit legends is slightly short-staffed and we would love some new applicants. Apply on our forums to help the network, make friends in the staff team and learn more about Legends etc. There are also some new ranks on the server, There is a new donor rank called Brute that is priced at $150, this rank is in between WarLord and OverLord anyone with OverLord+ will automatically inherit Brute’s kits and perks. There are also two new AR Ranks Shaman and Celestial. Shaman is 100 days of playtime and Celestial is 150 days. The kits for both these ranks also come with OverLord. Celebratory Sale! To celebrate the all new updates and the release of Voltz 2.0 we will be putting a sale on all servers across the network so you can gear up to explore the new lands brought by the update. The sale won't last for long so act fast. Giveaway! We are giving 3 sets of 10 Event Keys to be eligible for this giveaway all you have to do is fulfill the following criteria: Sign up to our website which can be found at Like and follow our modpack which can be found here After you have done the above please comment below with your, Website and Technic username and you will be entered into the draw! The winner will be picked at random in a week from now! If you are reading this on discord please go to the website and comment your details in the comments section for the news post Staff Team Changes In this update we have also had changes to our staff team, some of the most noticeable changes are: Defuse has returned as an Operations Manager KillfalconGames has returned as an Operations Manager Exiled is now a Voltz 2.0 JrAdmin Fish1062 is now a Voltz 2.0 Moderator KvbUnited is now a Voltz Moderator The_Scout_999 is now a Tekkit Legends Moderator Congratulations to all of you on your promotions! Special Staff Requests The network is in need of the following type of staff members which will have a special role that is not in the general staff area: Builders - We are in need of builders to create amazing spawns and monuments for the ever growing network, as a builder you will work as part of a team creating any required buildings for all the servers. Event Coordinator - This rank involves creating events for the server in the build world, these events can be whatever you design. Developer - Whether it be web development or plugin development both are very important roles and as the network grows larger more will be required to create custom content to create enjoyable experiences for the players. If you are applying for Builder please follow the build application template and submit your application. Please do the same if you are applying for Developer, however if you are applying for Event Coordinator please DM Defuse#2618 on Discord. We are always looking for general staff roles on all our servers, apply on our website here.
  10. I was wondering if it would be possible to give the things I have bought in the store to a friend or to a random person. Im trying to quit gaming and Minecraft is one of the things im trying to cut down on. I just feel it would be a waste to have the things I bought in the store to sit and never be used. I was hoping there was a chance that I could give these things to another person. I just want someone to enjoy the kits and perks I bought instead of them never being used.
  11. Arctic Wolves Faction Recruitment Welcome to Arctic Wolves faction recruitment, we as a faction are growing rapidly and working on projects to become the best, most powerful faction on Oblivion Networks. We are persistently active and in collaboration with other powerful factions. We have our own Discord which you will be invited to if you get accepted. For our faction we have a ranking system. to start off you will just be a Recruit who will work with either a Builder or Manager. After some time, you will become a trusted member and get the Builder role, with this role, you will be allowed into some of our bases where you can help construct and improve them. After the Builder role you will get a specific Base to manage and your title will be created according to the base you control. If you decide to stay in the Faction long enough and are well trusted, you will be promoted to either a General Manager or Director. Directors get a say in what happens in and to the faction and what plans we have for the faction in the future, Managers are the ones who help direct Builders and other smaller Managers on what to do. Faction Recruitment Requirements: - You must be a StoneGuard or higher (If you know someone high up in my faction my may still apply). - You must be on at a minimum of twice a week (If you are taking time off just let me or a Director know and it will be fine). - You must have a basic knowledge of this Mod Pack (If you don't know a few things feel free to ask, we will be glad to help). - You must be a minimum age of 13 (Any disrespect or immaturity in game will result in you being immediately removed from the faction). - You can't break any in game rules, if you do it will result in you being removed from the faction. Recruitment Template What Is Your In Game Name? What Is Your Discord User Name? What Is Your Team Speak User Name? (Optional) What Is your Ar Rank and Time? How Old Are You? How Long and What Times Can You Commit To The Faction? What Time Zone are You In? What Are You Good At In Voltz? What Do You Want To Do In Our Faction? What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses? ========================================================================================= If or when you get accepted to our Faction, check your Private Messages, I will send you an Invitation to our Discord and Team Speak group.
  12. Now, as you are all aware, I was recently removed from staff, (Twice). My first staff removal (the Helper rank) should never have happened as Titanic didn't give me any warnings and was swift to demote me. Before you demote someone, you are supposed to give at least one warning and I didn't receive any and never should have been demoted but just warned. The second removal was my Event Coordinator role. This also should never have happened. I was demoted this time as I set a home at the build world. Seeing as my rank says 'Event coordinator' I assumed that I was eligible to enter the build world so I could create events without them being destroyed/damaged by any players. As soon as I was aware that I was not allowed a home there, I deleted it within 2 minutes and don't see the issue with what I done nor why I was demoted for this? I understand that recently I was aware of iSupernova's alt and I have been told that due to this I would have a very low chance of getting accepted back into staff. And I understand that it is not my position to do this but I overlooked him coming back as he was doing nothing bad for the server and only doing good. Having him play on the server stopped the casual routine of him trolling staff and other players and just made the server a better environment. In the future, I will report any thing that I know of that could be breaking the rules. If I get accepted back, I would be more that happy to keep the rest of the Staff Team aware of any alts or account that I am suspicious about and help out the community. Furthermore, I have spent a lot of effort and time on this server, helping people and helping create new things/ideas for the community, I have also been quite active on the forums and have checked it every other day and been posting quite a lot of ideas and comments. I also own quite a big faction and do try and accept new players into it so I can help them start and help them enjoy the server. I am also very active, (being online almost every day for the past few months). I also see that as of now, there are very few if any helpers online to welcome/help new people or to moderate chat if needed which can be a big issue and could draw new players away. I do apologise on how I have handled my Helper removal and have learnt a lot from it. If I would be accepted back, I would be glad to stick to the rules and be online frequently as I have been doing. I could also bring a few ideas I have to the server and help complete them. If you would like to talk further about this or have any more questions, please just call me/message me on Discord and if this is denied please say why so I can improve as a player. Thanks you for reading -----Kibbles-----
  13. Notice

    Here is a list of ALL of our current servers (updated): Discord: Tekkit Legends (PVE): Voltz: Voltz 2: Technic pack for Tekkit Legends (1.1.1): Technic pack for Volts 1.12.2:
  14. I think that we should advertise a Twitter, Facebook or any kind of social media that let's us share what we have done as a community and what is going on in the server. I think it would be a good idea to have a social media page as it would expand the community by showing people what our server is about, the events that are going on and could encourage people to come on if they see that build competitions and that if your build is in the top 3, it could be shared on that page or the website. This would allow for us to advertise more, get a stronger and more active community and also attract other people's attention to us. It could also allow for people to get in contact with us easier about ideas they have. These pages could be possibly run by either Jr or Sr Admins to ensure that they are kept up to date.
  15. The Ar Leader board in spawn is out of date and the names on it need changing, see attachments below.
  16. I think it would be a nice idea to have a Help box at the top of the website next to all the Home Forum News ect... The page could just be full of videos to help new people get to grips on how to play the game and how to start of. It could also contain videos that show people how to create items or structures in the game. This would be good as many new people come on, don't really know how to play the game and get raided very easily, this would mean that they have quite a high chance of just leaving the server and not coming back if they lose their entire base. The videos could be created by anyone and sent to the Manager or Oblivion to be checked to make sure they are alright to put on the website.
  17. It is now December and on the websites News page it only has the monthly top voters from February. Might make it better if you let more people know that if they get top voter of the month, they get $15 store coupon and keep on top of updating the website.
  18. The day was 12/1/18 at around 9:43PM I got on. I wanted to add on to the base so I did. At 11:00ish I went to the mines to get material (Apparently I was Tracked there). After I get my material I return home and start processing the materials. Me and my partner then experienced a server crash loop from a User named Sindre. Amidst those crashes I left the game Multiple times to do other things or wait until the server returned. At around 2:00 the crashes stopped and we were able to continue. I did not leave the base at all until I logged off at 4:35AM. Now please tell me, how does a track sustain through 12+ crashes and Many DC ReCs. The culprit was (Legend)KING(Something.. I cant remember) and his Crew. I have wittnesses who will testify in my favor. Thank you.
  19. ROUND 2: (24th November 2018) @ 22:00 GMT/ 16:00 CST / 17:00 EST / 00:00 EET Do you think you're the best pvper on the server? This is your opportunity to prove that! Every saturday(hopefully), I (and other staff) will be holding a giant server-wide battle. The battle will last 30 minutes and the last player alive wins the jackpot of money! This week the battle is being held at our new CUSTOM MADE ARENA!! "Ring of fire" made by @Mrkibbles and @Edgar The current jackpot total is: $3,400,000.00 (subject to increase) ~Please do /pay EdgarP01 <donation> to add to the pot!~ Of course to make things fair there will be a couple of rules: Always do what the staff tell you to do, their decision is final. Don't argue. Listen to the the broadcasts! It will be updating you on new rules and who's in or out. If you die, you are out. No lives ~ unless specified. If you keep coming back to the arena to kill people expect to be barred from the competition/prize. Leaving the arena/logging out will mean you're disqualified. Keep checking this post for updates. Where will this be? This event will be held at /warp arenas then at the "Custom arena 1". KeepInventory is enabled for this arena. Who can take part? Anyone!! However, we are not separating out skill levels. Therefore you will be up against the strongest people. Make a faction and team up to take the stronger players down! I don't want to fight, I just wanna watch! Sure, come along and watch. PM whoever is running the match to let them know ~ however that staff member will not ensure your safety. You can still die. RESULTS: Battle date Winner Winnings 16/11/2018 UnraidablebaseXD $3,400,000 24/11/2018 ? ? This post may be updated at any time. Last update 13:50 GMT 23/11/2018
  20. So I’m thinking of applying for builder and I’m not sure if they’re open?
  21. I cannot believe the pure disgusting misogyny and racism I encountered on this ******* server. The admin (Ljub) asked me some very personal question I told him I was a women and black. ***CENSORED FOR OBSCENE LANGUAGE*** THIS IS NOT THE END Lots of love Keith
  22. Mojang does not support the version of minecraft that Voltz uses (1.5.2). Therefore, everyone is set to the default "Steve" skin. This will rectify the issue. This method has been approved by the OBNW, therefore it does not violate any of our server rules. Here is how: 1. Download this skins mod, it was specifically made to combat this issue: Skin Patch 2. Open the technic launcher (make sure Voltz is not running) 3. Click on "Modpack Options" . 4. Click on "open" 5. Open "Coremods" 6. Move the "LumySkinPatch" to folder "coremods". Opening "LumySkinPatch" won't do anything. 7. Close the Technic Launcher. Then reopen it. Load Voltz. All skins should load as normal (not steve!) Any questions please reply below or PM me. Cheers. -Edgar
  23. Hello! Recently, my ban appeal was accepted. However, I tried to join and I still am unable to join. Do I just need to wait a little bit or is this an error? Thank you for your time!
  24. My connection to the server has collapsed since i had a corrupted Dynamic Tank Crash. Please fix that, I'm waiting excitedly to play again as well :) . Thank you in advance for all the managers!
  25. Answered

    My dynamic tank has corrupted. I can't connect into the server without crashing. Please fix that, thank you.